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It seems that the Doc and Mick are bonding. They visited the Manchester Christmas market today staying much longer than they planned partaking of a liquid lunch: principally, a ‘glaas of Cham’ at ‘firteen paands a pop’ in Selfridges, whilst waiting for Kerry, Docs daughter, to finish her shopping. They did manage to purchase some farmhouse produce but the temptation of a six course meal for 20 quid was impossible to refuse. “I ‘ad dem ‘gargantuan beans in ‘erbs an’ chilli, priceless!, mussels in sawse aoli, pipin’ ‘ot salad wiv feta crumbled awl ova, ‘oney covered smoked gammon, willies pears wiv blueberry drizzle, an’ a nob of the best stilton in the world washed daan wiv a 1963 Quinta du Noval, it was awl buoot!” The planned morning excursion had turned into a day of feasting and drinking, they both had returned grinning posturing brashly boasting about what a good time they’d had in Manchester.
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