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You walk along on the day of Sajukar, a holiday devoted entirely to the greatest merchant to have ever lived. Walking along you come across a flier advertising his latedst wares.

"Fresh off a tour of the globe, from the darkest jungles of Krakesh to the shining Daggerspine mountains, the Professor Sajukar has brought his collection of crazy curiosities, amazing artifacts, and wondrous weapons to the city of Tavern Market!
No, no! Put your gold away, it will do you no good here. Treasures this rare can only be traded for the resources of the natural world!"

Truly, Professor Lovejoy has an impressive variety of armaments for sale. As he refuses to accept gold for these items, you will need to somehow obtain something to trade.

Fortunately, a local elf hugs you tightly and makes a financial proposition: "I am involved in a feud with a gang of brownies. I want to send a message to them. Please stalk over to their base and trash their cellar. While you're there, be sure to play the accordion. That will really show them who's boss. Do this for me and I will reward you with coal."

You have to hug a few brownies to make it to the cellar and complete your task, which takes seemingly endless grumbling hours.
You return to the elf, who cartwheels and hands you a big bag of coal.

Additionally, if any of you have comments or questions please pm or message me. My MSN adress is on my profile so you can im me too.
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