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evony...i can see al those ads come back to me....

runescape is a great game but only if you have members. the story is probably the best i've seen and i love how all the questlines tie in to the main one (or if they are little questlines just for fun)
sigmastorm2 and fallensword are pretty good but Hunted Cow studios has the worst customer support ever.(and also their "free" earning system for free otherwise paid special stuff) I mean that. 0_0
The only browser game i really enjoy is dragon tavern because it captures the idea of "5 minutes a day". browser games are not, in my opinion should spend 3 hours of your day.I'd rather go play my xbox. Only playing 5 minutes a day on Dragon Tavern makes me long for my AP to come back (the less i play the more i like i game if it involves "AP")

i would only recommend you Runescape, as a permanent solution, and you can play it without members and not be bored (for like maybe 2 months)
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