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Default A long overdue return to the once inhabited Realm

[OOC] Yes it has been many years since we've posted anything worth mentioning in this corner of the forums, but hopefully that will change in the near future...


A cataclysmic event of unknown origin destroyed much of what we once new as the realm surrounding the great Dragon Tavern. Lives were lost forever in the chaos, and for some...memories of adventures, great wealth, heroes, villains, and a band of brothers (and sisters) were forgotten among the slow-burning embers of the past. Thick ebony smoke blanketed the sky, plummeting the realm into complete darkness for what seemed to be ages.

As hope continued to fall into the inevitable downward spiral, strong coastal winds from the East began to sweep across the land, pushing away the creeping smog, and allowing the forgotten sun to cast it's warm rays upon the desecration below it. As time was allowed to pass, the land began to restore itself, and the inhabitants who once kept hidden, resurfaced and began to rebuild that which was lost to time and the harsh elements.

Messenger birds were released into the sky again, allowing the winds to carry them throughout the land, delivering the news to any who would listen for their echoing call.

A single unfurled sheet of weathered parchment was found laying along the rocky path you are currently travelling...

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