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Blood dripped from the edge of her blade, but the girl paid no heed as she listlessly made her way through the carnage strewn about the ground. Heads were separated from torsos, holes punctured through their stomachs, and limbs bent in acute angles that made it seem as if the dead was reaching out for help.

It was silent, save for the cries of the crows circling overhead. The wind passed through swiftly, whirling the scent of rotten meat around the girl and stirring up the ribbons of torn cloth around her body. It fell back to reveal translucent skin, where blue veins were faint beneath itís surface, unpulsing. The face was the same one she was born with, but only now it held large eyes that were heavy lidded with boredom. Qtchi bent to pick up a hefty bag of gold and tore some rings off the dead men, not bothering to remove the fingers. It was another good haul, but she felt as hollow as the empty eye sockets that stared blindly up at her.

It was then she stood on the road, staring east to where town was and debating whether she should simply sleep here for the night. Where once there was a hub to return to, it was no more then wooden boards and empty seats in crumbled place that was once a tavern. The lack of life was so depressing that even the necromancer found it hard to stay the day. Where she could once feed off the energy of the place, she now felt it was the opposite, where her energy felt depleted every time she returned...

Nonetheless, her latest kills had satiated her and her loot bag was full. If anything, it was time to make a quick stop to see what she could get. Perhaps there'd be familiar faces this time.
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