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Default The Unofficial Dragon Tavern Map

If you can't see the image, just click on the red x and it will bring you to the image upload site I used, which should work.

To the west, wedged between the two mountain ranges, are the Skyclaws. The mountains to the north are the Ashpeaks. To the east is both Ajendra and Vitheka, as well as the Dreadmarsh, which is currently unmarked because I haven't explored it. It will be updated in the future. The Shattered Highlands seperate the two. The large yellow bit is the Bravaki Wastelands, and to the south of that is the Stangwood, which eventually bleeds into the Krakesh Rainforest. The Rainforest takes up the entirety of the eastern peninsula. To the north of the Ashpeaks you can see a hump of cleared land; this is the Blight, mentioned in the description for the Ashpeaks.

Other areas will receive closeups as I finish exploring them.

Terra, the world of Dragon Tavern:

Ajendran Empire and Vitheka:

Shattered Highlands:

The Temple of Xaivann was founded first, created in seclusion when the cult was still growing. Xaishann's temple, however, was created later when the cult was more or less accepted in Talmea. As such, the Temple of Xaishann is located in Talmor City. The Blasted Stone was founded in Talmor City in an attempt to counteract this.


Because of the sheer number of locations in the Ridge and the limited amount of space the Ridge had on the map, I decided not to map them out individually. The Ridge is, presumably, a hot zone containing a very, very thick concentration of monsters, compared to the more spread out areas like the Bravaki Wastes or the Stangwood.

Bravaki Wastelands

The rebel stronghold in Bravaki is not in the game proper, it's an area unique to my personal stories. Exactly what these rebels are and what they're rebelling against won't be revealed until sometime in Darkness Falls, but overall they're irrelevant to the rest of Bravaki and thus easily ignored.

EDIT: The images have been removed because they don't work for me anyway, and I'm only allowed to have four.

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