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Axel opened up a stained parchment and looked bewildered at what he was reading. He looked up towards his adventuring party consisting of a nice even number and began to read a loud.

"For warned Obslodox,
My name is Jane, high inquisitor of Badger Falls, journeyman bard to the elven children and pursuer of good deeds. Whilst the sub-tropic storm approached for our festival, we celebrated with the elven children, and for two days the cheering lasted, until one of the badger kin fell down and gasped 'For I am sick'.
We took the badger to last owls point, to see the sage Owl Beard, and he flew off but before doing so warned us of a terrible illness. He said the elven children would be without affliction but the last Badger will fall.

We looked to our dieties for help and prayed; the illustrious all seeing toad, and the compassionate mole could not stop the next badger falling to illness. After the storm passed, the festival ended, and more badger fell. The next day, the badgers began to recover at great speed but with anger in their eyes. It was an awful day, they could not be controlled as they tried to attack the elven children and our community. We called the badger soldiers to protect us, and what the high races call a civil war broke out.

Numbers of our soldiers fell and were inflicted, we soon had to evacuate the elven children, and on this day, the sage Owl Beard returned with news from the Elven elders that we should hide the children away from our setts and onto barrows heath. We did so, in fear of our rabid kin.

With the elven children hidden, our grand cete, slowly fell, I scribbled and documented as best as I could, and fled as a coward might, only to seek shelter from the brutal massacres. But after two days of travelling I too became sick, and now I fear the worst is about to begin.

May the grand cete live on for its proud stories, and not for its notorius fall.
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