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Think I've figured out what is going on here... there appears to be an arbitary cut-off point for when lethality can work.

Basically, if my final success chance is 35% or greater, I get an instant kill on any roll of 15 or less. If final success is below 35%, I get nothing.

Just tested this on 500 action points worth of exploring and it 100% adhered to the above (had to drop exploration down to cautious to have any chance of ever hitting 35% success ).

Unfortunately, as I need to be on normal exploration to get regular credits - which means success chance is always below 30% (-4% is my best so far, and yes, you can win with a negative chance) - all those ultimate points put into lethality were a complete waste of time and effort

As the screen shots above indicate, I am in a "Vein Popping Psychotic Rage" now

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