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Smile The Raging Rooster event is happening!


"It had to happen sooner or later... the crimes against poultry could not go unanswered any longer! From the far realm come the Raging Roosters, hell bent on destroying the land as revenge for all the delicious cooking their chicken based brethren have bestowed upon us. They're angry, they're scratchy, they peck like the devil, and they're here! Legend has it that for several days, the alignment of moons, stars and several unlucky numbers have allowed them to use their schnitzel based sorcery to open up portals into this realm. and they're sending their biggest, baddest body building roosters to battle."

Lunar New Year

For a short time, Dragon Tavern celebrates Year of the Rooster! There's special monsters, loot and XP rewards to be had, so jump back in and have even more fun than usual.

Happy Adventuring,

- The DT Team

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