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The rain was pouring so heavily that Fahte could've sworn she was back on The Isle of Storms. Frowning to herself, she finished tidying up the worn leather couches and pillows that adorned the lounge of the tiny cottage. Satisfied, she hurried towards her room, passing the old fireplace where a timepiece sat skulking atop the wooden mantle. It was well into the night; and certainly well past the start of her shift at the tavern.

It couldn't be helped, she sighed. Lately, old mother Rosettia seemed to have become more frail than ever. Fahte had never bothered to ask her age for she had always appeared strong and independent. She had been living alone after all before their chance encounter a few short years back. Perhaps, her time was coming?

Shaking herself off such morbid thoughts she cursed the dreary storm for putting such things into her mind. Quickly slipping into her barsmaid dress, she turned towards the polished silver mirror infront of her tiny dresser an inspected herself. Twin orbs of silver flecked darkness stared back at her. Her almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones were framed by ringlets of fiery red hair. With her slightly pointed ears, a passing glance would've mistaken her for an elf. Although, if she knew rightly, she was not.

Quickly, she smoothed the creases on her dress and carefully pinned her hair into a ponytail which she left to rest over a shoulder. Grabbing her pouch, she headed out the room and towards the front door. Doffing on a cloak, Fahte took a deep breath before stepping out into the the stormy darkness.

Keeping both hands on the sides of her hood to hold it in place, she strode through the darkness. The rain had all but extinguished most of the torches out and only the occasional flash of thunder lit her way. Despite that, the girl hummed to herself, deftly skipping over puddles here and there, and ducked under creeping branches as though she had her route memorized. Finally, the looming brick walls of the tavern came into view, the ground around it lit by the streaming brightness which shone out its windows like treasure chest. The raucous merrymaking of the tavern patrons could be heard even above the rumbling thunder and pattering droplets. Picturing the drunken and sweaty men, she dreaded another night of furtive pinches and slaps on her behind; but she had been in worse. Besides, she was beginning to love her life, her job. The other tavern staff were friendly to say the least. Well, at least most of them.

By the time Fahte decided that it was a better idea to step inside, the bucketloads of water were beginning to seep through parts of her oiled cloak. Gliding round to the backdoor, she wrapped her hands on the handle and pushed. A blast of different aromas greeted her as she stepped into the kitchen, doing her best not to look guilty at being late. Just as she lowered her hood, the taproom door opened and the familiar golden hair came into view.

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