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?There you are!? Her imperious voice called out across the distance, as Sirenna breezed through the door and caught sight of the girl huddled underneath her drenched cloak. Ignoring the rainwater still sluicing off Fahte?s shoulders, the barmaid turned and buried her head in the linen closet, searching for a clean rag to use.

?You better hurry out there,?
She said, her voice muffled, as she pulled out what she needed and stepped back into view. ?It?s been sooo busy tonight. Bruce will kill you if I told him you were late. Oh! There?s a man out there, er... waiting. Could you go deal with that for me?? She asked very sweetly, turning to give Fahte a glance of her wide, innocent eyes.

She held up an empty bowl in her free hand and smiled charmingly. ?I promise I?m right behind you? he needed hot water??

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