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Default Hunger Calls...

Through the tavern chatter, the young necromancer stayed motionless in her seat. Her pale fingers were curled around the heavy goblet of Dragonsbreath,¹ her face expressionless and pale as ever. The Warmaster sat across from her, his voice booming over the gentle murmurings of others, but doing naught to roust her from her reverie.

Qtchi was hungry.

A shudder went through her small frame, as the lass slowly lifted her lashes, revealing clear crystal orbs that turned abruptly towards the counter. It wasn’t the server that caught her attention - though the young girl could sense the waves of disapproval, rolling off the woman’s shoulders at great lengths.

…hunger honed in on the familiar scent that filled the air - one the lass was familiar with and tasted more then once in her existence. Blood.

Her fingers tightened around the goblet, the liquid sloshing violently over the edge and staining the table. Fluidly, the lass rose to her feet, noiselessly brushing past the Warmaster to get a closer look at the spectacle. Having changed from her drenched clothing, the lass now strode with easy confidence and made no move for the sword hanging in its scabbard at her belt. Her face was almost passive, her skin chalky-white, and her long black hair, its glossy locks enfolded by a headband studded with discreet opalescent gems. Only her eyes belied her child-like appearance…

…with a slight gleam of hunger, she stopped a pace behind a foreign traveler and peered over his shoulders to get a glimpse of the fallen victim.

¹Dragonsbreath: This potent ale is served hot, mainly due to the fact that it never gets cold. Ever. Therefore, making it a perfect drink for Qtchi.

²ltm3673: What several others had mentioned, is true. God-Modding is when you make character say or do something that the original writer had not approved of. This includes miraculously making Qtchi appear sitting in a table, when I was going to write her doing something else instead… When in doubt, please refer to my original RP Guide. It is in this forums and FREE reading for anyone.
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