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Default Mill, Meadowbrook Warmaster

Things calming down in Meadowbrook I decided to take my leave I had been hoarding for years now. Eventually, after several bar-fights, wenches, drinks and gambling, I had ended up in Dragon Tavern. Meadowbrook army had had enough of me. At least until the next unrest or battle.

The Dragon Tavern is legendary for being the hotspot for adventuring folk, so I fit in with my armour quite nicely. I floated from table to table, listening the stories of snotnoses and scarred veterans alike and having a jolly good time. Indeed, this was something very different from the grey routine in Meadowbrook.
One conversation, of two men, struck me in particular:
"...then the captain yelled us to charge, but he was roasted long before we could even raise our spears I tell ya!"
"Nooo, seriously?" thinner man asked and looked a little sceptic.
"Ho, you can't even imagine the smell! So, now we are without a captain and ended up in here."
"Yea, right. You untrained louts couldn't even squish an deer, let alone a dragon!" thin man leered.
"Excuse me", I barged in and took a seat, "but I heard you fellows don't have a leader?"
"And who the horna are you?", I-am-a-veteran man asked squinting his eyes.
"Mill Wilkinson, War Master of the Meadowbrook army and apparently looking for you lot."
"Hey, hey, hey! I swear she said to be over fifteen..." thinner man objected and started to flee, but I grabbed him by the arm.
"Oh, good heavens, no. I meant that I am a leader without some boys, and you are some boys without a leader."
"I'm not with that guy", thinner objected again. "There is fame and glory", I persuaded.
"Na-a. Not interested in that."
"I can get that easily. Why do you even want me with you?"
"First, I like your style of obtaining things. Second, I want my purse back."
"Oh, that. There you go", thinner said and threw me my rune-labeled purse containing my several week's wages.
"How about women?"
"Yes, women. Ever heard? Graces of the earth, opposite gender, men gawking after them..."
"Yes yes yes. What about them?"
"Adventurer is the one who gets the ladies."
"I'm in. What are we to do?"
"Well, first of all, we ought to have you, you and your friends some modest equipment. Then we are to find some good spot to train some tactics..."

Ought to be continued.

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