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"No, no, no! Never leave the safety of your companions, mate! You would have been eaten in no time!"
"But sir..."
"No buts! Keep the formation, unless I tell you otherwise!"
"Yes, sir."
"Now, again! Shieldwall! Form a line! Run like hell!"
This drilling had been going on for days, as I trained his newly gained men from some random folks from the street into a respectable fighting force. It was only a squadron, some 8 men, but I certainly made sure each of them got standard issue armour and armament. Vito, my second in command, was surprised to see how fast his companions of crime
were adapting to stiff discipline.
"Aye, mate. Your fellows are better than I expected. Soon we will be able to go for the Skyclaw Mountains", I grinned.
Vito was shocked. "What?"
"Skyclaw Mountains. No better place for us to train some real battle!" I heckled happily and then turned his attention to the newly-made squadron.
"What the hell did I just see! Wield your blade!"
"Sir, I dropped the spear!"
"Exactly! If you drop your spear, wield the sword!"
"But you said that spear is our main..."
"...weapon, yes", I cut him short, "but it doesn't mean you should danger your fellows by picking it up!"
"Yes, sir."
"That's the spirit, mate!"
I ordered Vito and Johnnie to take place on the right flank of newly formed shieldwall. "Blades on the right, otherwise the spearmen would have hectic time, should some hostiles flank you." I took my position on the far right and picked up the banner. It was green with a silver wolf's head. Yelling some more orders the troops started to move accordingly.

In the evening I was happy as ever. At the Dragon Tavern I pulled up a Skyclaw Mountain map and showed it to Johnnie and Vito.
"Aye, mates. Tomorrow we will visit the goblins up there..."

Ought to be continued.

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