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((Yay, first comment!))

"Charge!" I yelled and followed my own orders, while the men pushed themselves onward yelling furiously. It was only a band of some 30 goblins, but good training nevertheless. My men used their shields admirably to cover each other, and Vito made sure to remain in the right flank. He was pure thunder when he got that blade swinging, that was for certain.

Eventually the last goblins were dissipated, and I ordered the men to look for some loot. Finally one of them brings in a money pouch.
"Here, sir. I found it on the goblin master."
I took it and peeked inside. Goblin trade markers, should be worth some coin back in the Tavern. I tossed them into a large loot sack and started to throw some corpses down the ridge after examining them. Finally I was satisfied. "Men, move back to tavern!"
"Aye!" Loud shout emerged and we started marching back their own tracks. It was a long trip, but necessary. Nowhere else they could sell their loot to the highest bidder as easily as in Dragon Tavern. Maybe the Treasury would buy off some of the more exotic items...

In the evening we had to split the money. It was a huge pile of gold, gained through weeks of fighting, looting and harnessing. Men looked at it hungrily, but they were stopped by Vito and Johnnie. "No one touches them if captain doesn't tell us to do so", was Vito's counter argument.
"Aye, thanks for that", I said and divided the pile into two. "I take this pile and you share that pile. Understood?"
Counter-arguments rose immediately, yells of unfairness and even some threats. I lowered my head and sighed. "What now?!"
"Man, you get so much! We want it all shared, not just half! There's like over ten of us!" It was true, new men had joined the band after the news of their deeds had started to spread.
I slammed my fist into the table, literally, and roared: "And with what am I supposed to feed and equip you!?"
Silence fell, and I regained my patience. "The money goes fully to get you lot new armours. Did you folk really think I would keep it? No sirs, I'm happy with my salary in the army."
After a few minutes of uneasy silence one of the men said: "it sounds fair."
"I think so too. Now, shall I divide this money into equal parts, or can I go to sleep?" I smiled wearily. They were in my command, but they weren't my men yet. The process would take months, even years.
The spokesman cleared his throat and walked forward. "No, sir."
"I'd like to see that all used on our equipment."
Murmuring and wondering looks were given to him, but nobody started to counter-argue. I accidentally batted my eyelids. "What?"
"Yes, use it all. It goes into better use that way. Just give us our normal salary and use the rest to buy us some gear."
"Why not? The money goes to waste if we just spend it on girls and booze. I'd like to see tomorrow too, right guys?" spokesman turned to look his companions for support. Eventually they all nodded and said agreements.
I hope my face was stoic, but actually I was jubilant. The men showed good sense and trust in me. It touched.
"Aye, I shall do that. With this you will be using tower-shields and horses in no time."
"Yes, horses. You shall become cavalry. I am a cavalry-captain in the army, didn't I tell you?"
With that, I pushed the gold back into a huge sack and went for some traders, leaving my men wondering.
Maybe the process wouldn't be so long after all...

Ought to be continued.

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