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(Three months has passed since the previous view on the life of Mill Wilkinson and his greenhorn men.)

I am somewhat pleased with the methods I have taken in training these men. Practical practice in practice, as general Demethos said. Infantry tactics were a must, as the Skyclaw mountains tend to turn rugged and unsuitable for cavalry actions. I still had every intention of training these mercenaries into a infantry-cavalry, a combination not seen since the days of Darios the Great.

They train as hard as any men, I have to admit. Some men have troubles with their horses, but step by step they start to trust each other. Few of them have some background in the cavalry or nomadic practices, so I have given orders for them to help the ones not so talented.
Altough sometimes I have second thoughts about cavalry training...

"And then a wedge!" I shouted and couched my spear. Men formed up almost acceptably into a spearhead, but Johnnie had his spear the wrong way around, the tip pointing behind him. Luckily Vito slapped him on the helmet and they managed to turn it around.
We didn't have horses, because I wanted to teach them the formations before they started to mess with the reins and probably strangle themselves with them.
"Loose formation!" I instructed and waited. This was the easiest part for now. Later on they would do it in a pattern, not just a band of folks gathered loosely together.
"Pause!" I have to correct myself, this was the easiest formation.

Another three months has passed, and now I had regained my confidence in my men. Training in the Skyclaws and open fields of Dragon Tavern certainly has paid its debt back with high interest rates. The men were stiffer, better equipped and, most important of all, better disciplined than the gathering of bums I had met three quarters before.
"Men ready for inspection, sir", Vito said and held the banner high up in the air. He had got his self-respect back, and it was obvious that he was a sergeant in times immemorial. "Thank you, sergeant", I replied and nodded in approvement. They weren't at the level of a Meadowbrook regular yet, but any mercenary band would have sold their mother for this level of discipline.
"Very good, men, very good. I see you have gotten some backbone!"
The fellows smiled proudly. They had every right to do so.
"And tomorrow we leave for Daggerspine!"
"Excuse me?" Johnnie, my third in command and "resource gatherer", asked curiously. He still had some issues with face-to-face combat, but managed to handle them in a tight spot.
I patted the money pouch at my side. "This needs a filler, and Daggerspine needs some folks to do cleanse the area for pioneer civilians. I have been asked by the Meadowbrook High Command to offer my services there, but they didn't mention how. I suppose you lot wouldn't mind a little expedition?"
"NO SIR!" my company roared as a one voice, and I felt my cheeks blushing a little bit. My company.

Ought to be continued.

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