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He called me.. Hun?

Sirenna allowed her eyes to slowly travel down the length of the man, measuring him for his worth and debating whether or not he could afford her time. Tossing a shimmer of golden hair over her shoulders, the woman leaned against the worn counter and studied her nails.

She didn?t sit.

?Well, what is it that you have to tell me?? She spoke languidly, turning her face towards the center of the room. Though her body continued to face his, the barmaid now sported a look of boredom upon her face. She wasn?t impressed with the foolhardy men who spent their drunken days dreaming of unattainable fame, wealth or power.

While it was part of her job to lend these big talkers her ear while serving them drinks, Sirenna wasn?t about to waste another moment on this patron if there were looser pockets in the vicinity tonight? not on another dead-end.

?Information will cost you,? She added in a low voice, finally turning back to regard the stranger with her blue eyes.
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