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Axel had a habit of daydreaming...Somewhere only Dragons knew a place they flew, A realm in the mind a shard of the bard, singing songs, casting spells.. he blinked... he looked and heard the lady speaking, he digested everthing she told her, he even nodded and smiled with anticipation, yet he couldn't shift his mind of an image in his head, a translucant mask almost infront of his eyes... he blinked... turned his head and smiled at Sirenna, laughed... he snapped his eyes shut and smiled again, he could almost see himself in an outer body experience, he wrestled this imagination of his and stared at the woman until he came back to reality, and in reality he didn't quite know how long he was out of reality but he pulled it off as best he could in the usually manner continuing his conversation with the barmaid... "Yes, umm yes, that is going to be um, yes GREAT I mean, you know of somebody who can assist me find this route?...

"I have some coin left over from a gamble. I'll meet him straight away if that's okay?" He smiled and winced. He looked like a kid almost stuck in an adult body. She smiled.
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