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Default Start with a bang


They rose from within and slipped through the barricade; angry, heated words that made no sense to anyone standing beyond the door. One voice seemed distinctly louder, and higher pitched, than the other, but overall the situation seemed like little less than a battleground; and a rather vivacious one at that. Along with the unremitting melody of angry voices was the occasional drumbeat of splintering wood and bone hitting against the walls before the softer, calmer voice quickly voiced a series of unintelligible words, ending with a deep, guttural sound that the other had repeated about a dozen times in the previous half a minute, yet this one spoke with a silky elegance and a deep power that only came with harsh discipline. The resulting orb of energy pulsed as it launched itself from his fingers and into his female companion, causing her body to fly straight out of the door, taking the wooden frame with her as girl and door smashed into a man who seemed to have been waiting outside it.

Necronas walked up to his companion, now lying on the floor above the remains of a wooden door and a man below it. He moved with a smooth eloquence, his jet-black silk robes rippling against his pale frame and snow-white hair, and spoke in a voice that at once echoed cold, solemn wisdom and a fiery will that burned like the sun. He was neither in a rush nor moving slowly, and his speech echoed the same calm mediation. "And that, my dear, is why you don't fuck with me unless I'm fucking you too." he said, extending a hand to lift her back up, his eyes twinkling playfully as he gave a wry smile. The play on words was definitely not lost here. What was lost, however, seemed to be the poor adventurer stuck below the female and the crumpled remains of the door.
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