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DAY TWO in the Big Dragon Tavern

Axel leaned over slightly at the table. Poised the copper piece in between thumb and finger and bounced it off the table towards the tankard. It bounced in.

"Wow great" He said sarcasticly to himself.

The Dragons Tavern was relatively quiet for this time of morning, obviously people had gone off into the wilderness on the outskirts for the morning adventure or were fast asleep recovering from whatever ale was leaking from the taps the night before. There were a few butch silent figures on the opposite side of the Tavern, they seemed to be haggling, or gambling. Axel stood up from the stool and approached the book shelf. Mostly evidence of magic and little dirt or rust which was evident of a warrior, but Axel was interested in books, so he had a butchers at the spines.

"Don't judge a book by its Cover" By the midget merlin.

"If you've got nothing nice to say then don't say it, an idiots guide on how to defeat necromancers" By Curdles Curdle Bear.

Axel rubbed his frow, as he knew a title of a book yet couldn't remember its name. He sat back down at his seat. He looked into his backpack at a collection of gems he had won after defeating an Ettin.

"Now if Ettins knew how to spend this instead of carry it around like an elephant I am sure they would be looking prettier" Axel murmered to himself. He examined the red jewel in his hand and put it back in his backpack.

He took out a small box, rectangular with runes enscripted onto it layer. He pressed one of the runes and a small sound came out of the box.

"Hey! That's pretty entertaining" and he pressed a different rune this time a different sound like a drum came from the box.

He continued to press runes, make melodies, and entertain himself for the next twenty minutes before getting up and moving from his place with his gear out the door and to the market.
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