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A day later, day five for the skyguard warrior who had entered the Dragons Tavern. He milled aimlessly around the tavern for an hour, drinking, and reading books that seemed to never have been read before. Although of course the book shelf was large enough to accomodate the many older and popular books aswell as several other unopened books. Occasionally an old sky mage would stare at him almost giving the impression that Axel was reading his books, waiting for a critique.

He was approached by a man behind the bar. "So fella, you think you are just going to sit down here, drinking your ale, served to you kindly by one of my bar fellows, and you aren't even going to pay for your room the other night?"

Axel looked up with a bit of despair. " No sir, I had merely forgotten." Of course this wasn't true, but he had completely forgotten about running out the tavern without paying. "So how much do I owe you?"

" Forty gold pieces " the Tavern manager said.

Axel had the money, but this had not cheered him up after forgetting clearly not to return to the Tavern , but had forgotten after losing his Sky Griffon. Much to his problems he had returned to the same tavern and stayed additional nights. *Note to self: Next time make character visit different tavern!!*

" the addition two nights, thats Sixty gold pieces in total, and the beer on the tab that would make Sixty two gold pieces, and the tab interest." The Dragons Taverns Owner exclaimed.

"So, how about we call it sixty five gold pieces" Axel said, leaning down to his pouch and retrieving a pouch, he opened the pouch, to his suprise the gold was still there and if it hadn't of been, then he could of only presumed that he would never been allowed back in the Tavern making future adventures quite impossible to return from.

"That will do" Said the Tavern owner, reaching out a hand to be quickly filled with a pouch that Axel had poured and put Sixty Five Gold Coins into.

"Well now that you are happy, I still have matters to address, the other day I lost my steed due to complications resulting from the entertainment of your staff" Axel told the Manager, "and now I must depart the Tavern for sometime to return to the City where I am employed in order to change my mountain goat steed into a much finer, rideable and respectable steed."

The noise of the tavern was quite loud, and with the shouts of several young fellows across the tavern the conversation between Axel and the manager was dimmed out in respect to more patrons entering the tavern. After some time the manager left the side of the skyguard and returned behind the bar to talk to one of his staff.
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