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Default Telethos: A City Besieged [Alternate World]

As it seems like the original thread by Shedek has been idling, much like the others too, it came to me that I would like to continue on from where it left of. It would be more of a story rather than a RP as only two or so people will be writing it. A collaborated work I'd say. I apologize in advance if it seems that we're stealing Shedek's material, I just thought that it was a good ground to write a story. I'd be more than happy to erase all traces of the story if it displeases the original creator. I hope it'll turn out well... And yeah, it's a RP, feel free to send me a PM if you want to join (I'm trying to keep the numbers small though, =P do hope you'll forgive me if this happens to offend). Same rules apply as for the original thread. No superhuman characters haha...

EDIT: Also, I must add that all RPers who want to join this thread must try and make their characters as DT realistic as possible. This is to avoid messing up the storyline.
(i.e No clerics or paladins from the mountain kingdoms, mercenaries bla bla... Sry, about the trouble, I'm just being selfish )
Additionally, if you have the time, please read The Unofficial Dragon Tavern Timeline it's good to give you a rough picture of things, though I will not base the storyline entirely on it. (Credits to Ashen)

Map of Telethos and surrounding area
Telethos City Layout

Telethos Prologue - Thread by Shedek.

Relevant Side-notes:

Story Appendices
Hypocrictical Rantings: Not everything applies to current situation
All instantly Gmodable NPCs speech are highlighted in LemonChiffon ^.^
Glossary of Names

Telthos a City Besieged is Now a Closed RP. Entry by invitation only. Hope the rest of you will enjoy how it's developing =)

Character Profiles: Lysiris Farandir & Iridris Farandir

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