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"Uh, Kitsune." Kitsune said, shaking Kunoichi's hand.

"Hey, your name's eastern like mine!" Kunoichi said. "That makes three of us!"

"Three?" Kitsune asked.

"Yeah, counting Sakura. She's my big sis. She's been here forever!" Kunoichi said.

"But, I thought the training only lasts a year." Kitsune said.

"It does," said Kunoichi, "If you take all the right courses. But if you're crazy a taken a million extras like Sakura did, then it takes longer."

"Extra courses?" Kitsune asked.

"Yeah, she told me all about 'em in her letters home last year," said Kunoichi, "Weird weapons like hammers or throwing knives, and a bunch of extra languages. Talmean, Lunai, even Ancient Vithekan. When're you ever going to have to communicate with someone who only speaks Ancient Vithekan?"

"Maybe if you ever go to Vitheka?" Kitsune asked.

"Nah, they speak Skyclaw there. Everyone speaks Skyclaw." Kunoichi said. "I hear even some of the goblins speak it up in the Ashpeaks, since the demons know it but they don't know goblinese."

Kitsune smiled. The girl was relentlessly cheeful, and it was infectious. She was starting to feel better about this place already. "Hey," Kitsune said, looking behind her, "Where'd the man go?"

"Father Borik? He left a while ago. He does that a lot, disappearing. You get used to it." said Kunoichi.

"Huh," Kitsune said. What was she supposed to do now? It was night time, maybe she was just supposed to go to sleep. That reminded her that she was still in her prison clothes. "So, which bed is mine?" she asked.

"That one!" Kunoichi said, pointing. Kitsune walked over to the bed with her pack and drew the curtains around it, and began changing out of her prison clothes. "Y'know," Kunoichi said, "Borik said that we haven't had a room full of girls for four years, so I guess it's sort of a good thing that Sakura's stuck around for so long." Kitsune heard the door opening. "Hey, Sakura, Kali! We were just talking about you!" Kunoichi said. "Well, not you, Kali."

"Talking with whom?" Sakura asked. Her voice sounded a lot older than Kunoichi's.

"The new girl. Her name's Kit...Uh...Kitsuke?" Kunoichi said, uncertain.

"Kitsune," Kitsune corrected, emerging from behind the curtain in her new tunic and trousers, and tossing her old clothes in her wardrobe.

"What's that in your hand?" Sakura asked.

Kitsune clenched her right hand into a fist. "Nothing," she said, not sure if that qualified as a lie. She wasn't holding anything, but the red gem was quite literally in her hand.

"No, I saw something, a gem of some kind. Why don't you want me to see it?" Sakura asked. "They're allowed, if that's what you're worried about."

"It's really nothing, you must've just imagined it." Kitsune said. What would a bunch of girls training to hunt witches think of their new room mate having a gem embedded in her palm, a pretty obvious sign of witchcraft? Sure, technically she was cursed and not a witch at all, but would they believe that? And when they started asking questions, she couldn't tell them that she'd been sent her by an Agent who was also a Warlock who had imprisoned her family and was threatening to kill them if she didn't cooperate. Not only was it almost unbelievable, if she was believed, word would get out, and Mason would kill all her family. He'd probably be able to retain his position as an Agent, too. That 'position' was built on loyal goons and knowing everyone's dark secrets, so none of it would go away if he had to change his name and go to a different town.

"What're you hiding?" Kali asked, halfway accusing her already. Kitsune already didn't like her.

"I'm hiding nothing. Leave me alone." Kitsune said.

"What's so special about this jewel that none of the rest of us can see it?" Kali asked nastily.

"Kali," Sakura said, "If she doesn't want to show it to us, we can't make her...Even if it is a little odd."

"More like suspicious," Kali said, "She's hiding something from us. What if she's a spy?"

"A spy?!" Kitsune said incredulously. "You can't possibly believe that!"

Sakura said "It's not exactly impossible. Knowing how we're trained would tell the heretics how we operate. Knowing how we operate would help them counter us."

"Exactly!" Kali said, "Now show us what's in your hand or you're guilty."

"There's nothing in my hand!" Kitsune said. "Kunoichi, help me out, here!" she said, looking to her new friend for help.

"I don't know," Kunoichi said, looking confused. "I mean, you don't act like a spy...But a spy wouldn't act like a spy, would she? I just don't know..."

"Kunoichi! Come on!" Kitsune said.

"Show us!" Kali said, grabbing at her hand. Kitsune pulled it away and backed towards the balcony.

"Kali," Sakura said, "She's innocent until proven guilty, and you have no right to make her show us whatever she's got." Kali glared at Sakura, but said nothing.

Kitsune walked out the curtain to outside. She hated Mason. Not only was it his fault that she was here instead of at home with her family, he'd also managed to screw up the one friend she'd managed to make.
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