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Old 11-20-2008, 01:43 AM
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Known as: Nelthrazar the Fallen.
Name: -
Approx. Age: 67
Class: Black Seer

Description & Equipment:
Nelthrazar is usually seen wearing a simple coarse grey hooded robe, tied at the waist by a black sash. A ceremonial dagger, it's blade long and curved hangs at his waist. Those who have seen his face will find that his eyes are covered by a black cloth. He has raven black hair streaked with white which falls to his shoulders. Once, his features had appeared to be that of a youthful man, about six feet in height, but now, they are sunken with lack of substantial food. As with most Black Seers, his power had increased over the years so much so that he had stopped ageing at the age of twenty seven; though, the lack of sustenance resulted in his current appearance. A silver cross shaped pendant hangs from his neck about two inches in length and an inch crossways. Runes run along it's surface.

Personality: Nelthrazar, unlike most Black Seers appear to be bitter rather than dark and sinister. He despises what he has become and views others who have not experienced hardship with a little scorn. Despite that, he usually has little to do with the lives of others; though, one could say that he searches for something in his life.

Background: Nelthrazar (obviously known by another name then) grew up in the harsh reality of the Deadlands. At the age of seven, the village where he lived was raided by a band of Lizardmen and trolls. The village defenders were overwhelmed before help could arrive. They were attacked while most of them still slumbered. Desperately his father fought to keep the invaders from killing his family. Being a former captain in the Deadland army, he managed to slay all the nearby foes but was not able to stop them from torching the house. He ran up to grab his son where he found his wife dead; she had used her body to shield Nel when a burning pillar of wood had fallen on them. Grabbing Nel, his father tried to carry him out of the house. However, as they reached the doorway, a fireball (probably cast by a troll shaman) exploded right in front of them. His father took the full brunt of it, while a flare caught Nel's face as he rode on his father's back. With the last of his strength, his father staggered out the door and set his son as far away from the burning building as possible.

When help arrived, they found a dead man and a crying child clinging to him. His eyes had been blinded by the fire...

A few years passed and the world sees Nelthrazar down a path no brighter, perhaps darker, than the one he came from. One of the members of the reinforcements who came to the aid of their village was a Black Seer known as Gorsatul the Dreaded, or Gorsa, among his fellow dark mages. Gorsa adopted Nel as his own. However, whatever the reason Gorsa did it, it sure wasn't with the intention of having a son. Being a very senior member of his trade, Gorsa had immense power as a Black Seer. Naturally, he imparted a portion of his knowledge to young Nel.

As he grew up, Nel learned more and more of the dark arts of being a Black Seer. One of the most feared people even within the Deadlands. He had a gift for magic but inside, he never really was one to follow these dark paths. Despite his conscience rebelling against him, Nel allowed himself to be immersed in the gruesome rituals and knowledge that Gorsa imparted to him. He learned to welcome the Voices that whispered in his mind. A pressence in every Black Seer, for it gave them immeasurable power. He embraced the twisted and dark principles taught him by his master. All these he did, until he became a very powerful force, rival even to Black Seers many years older than he. But, he had a weakness. Nel was blind.

On the night Nel was to turn eighteen, Gorsa took him to a Coven Moot: though black seers were essentially loners, once in a while they would gather together, and the leaders among them - usually the most powerful - would discuss the advancement of their general cause. This time there were no discussions. Forcefully, they tied Nel to a stone altar and began a summoning ritual. Through their combined power, they infused a powerful demon prince within the body of the young Seer. The torture was unbearable. But, Nel was strong.

A week after, Nel had finally wrested back control of his own mind and was allowed to walk free again, without supervision. However, a new world greeted Nel the first time he regained consciousness. Where his eyes had been, now only flaming green orbs could be seen within the charred sockets. Through this magical sight, Nel could see the near spirit part of the world. He saw the inherent energies which all things in the material plane gave off. However, such power had it's own dark side.

As Nel would find out later, he could not look at any other being straight in the eye or else, their souls would become locked to one another, only to be freed when either was absorbed into the other. The Coven had cursed him with a gift, the 'Eye of the Seer'. But whatever their reason for doing so, it was not to be accomplished, or maybe it was, one could never be certain. Such chaotically beautiful vision and power drove the young mage nearly mad. For unknown reasons he rebelled against them and turned away from his master. As a result, the Coven banished him and hence he became known as, Nelthrazar the Fallen.

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