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Old 06-04-2009, 07:03 PM
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Default Elemental: War of Magic, any others coming?

Of course we all are smarter and have better imaginations than the regular run of the mill gamers (so we don't need no stinking graphics)... but this game looks like it has a chance of being amazing....

Not to mention it will have a world/map editor so hopefully some of the very creative people on here, will be able to build a complete Dragon Tavern map.....

It still is months away..so don't get too excited.... but if you are a fan of Civ 4, and Dragon Tavern... this might turn out to be the best game ever....

I'll put the link to games page for anyone that hasn't seen it yet... it has a great Dev Journal......


So what other RPG'ish games are people looking forward to?

I don't own a console but I have been watching quite a bit of the E3 stuff online...for some reason games that are not out yet always seem better than games already released... always...
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