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Old 05-03-2009, 08:44 PM
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Default Invercargill March

This is kind of an appeal to Americans (in particular but not limited to)

Found out that 'Invercargill March' is a huge hit with American High School bands and even US Military Bands, and yet, our very own council doesn't feel anyone would be interested in a special celebration for the centenary of the when this piece of music was commisioned, even though it will be played for President Barack Obama at this years 4th of July festivities

Ok, time to get to the appeal: talk to your officials (either local high schools' band leaders, or senators or who-have-you) and organise a petition to give this occasion it's due

Maybe even come on over yourself and see the city the March is named after (Invercargill may be small, but it is a beautifully laid-out city in a beautiful part of the country)

{Linky to the article}
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