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Old 06-06-2010, 08:44 AM
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Default Beautiful Nightmare [RP]

It was as if a hundred gods had found one way or another to push their petty insecurities upon their children, throwing storm after storm in an attempt to downplay their petty tragedies. Whether or not the gods had succeeded in their bullying nobody could tell, for the unremitting fusillade was either a sign that they had yet to satisfy their egos or that they had grown too fond of tormenting their children.

It is within this forsaken world that you, my friend, have the misfortune of being born, for only within the embrace of others that those already cursed find solace, and what better way to purge the interminable torment than through the primal dance? It is from that dance that you were spawned, from that selfish matrimony that came to pass the new arrival, to suffer the slings and arrows of your own fate rather than to remain within the blissful solitude of nonexistence. Perhaps that was why they called it a sin.

Now the echoes of reality haunt you in every waking moment. Even asleep, few can dream so well as to keep the needles and daggers at bay. But now is your chance, child, to thrive instead of suffer. To find purpose, meaning. It is not given to you by an apathetic god; it is a truth that you must discover yourself. The question, of course, is whether or not you are bold enough to want it. Will you live your life in the safety of ignorance, or stand in the illuminating rays of knowledge, knowing full well that they could drive you into madness?

This is your choice.
This is your beautiful nightmare.
Memento Mori
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