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Default Predominate Dark - Lucas May

Sorry 'bout this folks, especially to Ashen. The Van Martyr story might have been going okay, but I saw there was no real way to end it. This story I wrote ages ago, and technically isn't Dragon Tavern, but at the same time it's a really good origin story for any character. It has a lot of spelling mistakes, because it was about three years ago I actually wrote it.

So, enjoy the story, and again, sorry about Van Martyr.

Predominate Dark

The wind blowing, the sun setting, the shadows lengthening and disappearing. As night comes, so does a storm. Will knew that he had been told this, but the sheep where to precious to be lost, to precious to be abandoned.
So when Will had found the sheep missing, he had gone to search for it. The sheep where easy to follow. Though the land on which the sheep grazed was covered in short grass, other fields nearby had been left alone for many years, and the grass had been left uncut for many, many years.
Most people would not come near his fathers land.
They said it was mad, being on the land so close to the Red Hills. The Hills had been abandoned long ago. No one knew the reason; many say they are haunted, others say murder took place there. Whatever the reason it was, no one would dare go near the hills.
Though there have been countless stories, Will had been there many times in search of missing sheep. He was not scared of the hills, but he has never denied that they were completely barren of life.
As he wandered home, memories of his first visits to the hills slowly came back.
It was the first day of a new spring, and the sun was shining. The bees hovered around the flowers in the garden. Will was with his father. He was ten, he thought, it seemed so long ago, it was hard to think that it had only been four years.
His father, Jon, was there by his side, as they checked on the sheep.
It wasn't long when his father raised his head.
"It seems we're missing some sheep lad," he said,"I guess it was a sheep thief." he looked down to me", Come on lad, we may as well look to see if there are any tracks."
Will looked, there didn't seem to be any tracks, they started looking around just to be sure, when Will noticed a gap where the wood of the gate had rotted away just enough for a sheep to squeeze through. As he knelt down to examine the hole he noticed three things.
One was that there was blood on the wood. As he searched around the area, he found a trail of blood leading from nearby that went through the gate and out of the field.
The second thing he noticed , was that there was allot of rotten wood on both sides of the fence, meaning that the sheep were not going out by itself, but that something had come through, then killed and had taken a few.
The last thing he noticed was that their where several deep scratches in the wood. As he look closer he saw that there was blood in each of the scratches.
He jumped away. A wolf, Will thought, and by the size of the marks, a big one. There were no wolves that size around here, unless…
The Red Hills. The wind had a sudden chill to it as he peered at the inner valleys and heard the hollow winds of the Red Hills. Thoughts struck him. What was there, nobody knew, even his dad would shy away from such a dark, cursed place.
But no normal wolf could grow to such a size, and it not need be a wolf. They say strange things are in there. People working near there, farm hands from distant parts, who laughed at the myths of the place.
What they said after a few days and nights of minding the sheep was different. They said that shadows of unnatural size lurked through those hills, strange noises, and eerie lights.
But a sheep was a sheep, a valuable animal, and their family wasn't the richest of folk.
He called his dad over.
"We'll have to go in son, not far, but at least to see if we can find the sheep, or to… kill, whatever it is." He said. He looked down at my face. "Now, now, we shouldn't have to go far, not far at all."
I gripped my small knife. It was nothing much, a bronze blade, bone hilt, but it was sharp enough to cut meat.
I hoisted myself over the fence, the rotting wood nearly giving way under my weight.
"I should go around, I don't want to break the fence," hid father joked. Will didn't laugh. His mood was grim. It was a high possibility that his father's weight would make the fence break.
Will entered the long unkempt grass that surrounded the hills. His father would be round soon, but the hills seemed to be calling to him, coaxing him to enter the winding valleys. He stepped forward, no thought of the future, or how short this decision could make it.
The grass gave way to a narrow path of stone, which only had room for one person to walk. Though it was day time and the light still shone brightly enough, mismatch vines had blocked the light out, causing a chilly darkness. The darkness of the hills seemed to give way in front of him.
The walls were made of stone, originally man made, but slowly they had been worn down, and now they were lumpy, and cold to the touch. It meant that people had once been here, but apart from the odd strange hermit or murder story, no one had ever spoken of people, or at least intelligent beings, living here. Runes of writing had been carved at points along the walls, but the wear of the weather had also seen to it that these where now unreadable.
It would not have mattered really any way, His mother and father were poorly educated, and had taught Will all they knew , which was not much.
The wind made a strange howling noise as it blew through the hills, like a wounded animal. As he turned a corner, he spotted at the far end a small tree, where a little scrap of fleece had come off. As he ventured closer, he saw that the wool was also stained with dark blood; there was also a kind of corrosive drool. Whatever it was, it was not any type of animal he had heard of.
He stumbled through those tunnels for ages, occasionally seeing a piece of fleece that would help him find his way. Streaks of blood occasionally could be seen, with the same corrosive drool.
His father would probably be following at a gentle pace, and he had probably gone farther than they had meant to. Will already knew that the sheep were dead, but something drew him forward, a burning vengeance maybe, but he could not think.
As he came into a clearing he decided to rest, he sat on a stone and reached into a small pouch on his belt. Will withdrew his hand, holding a piece of bread that his mother had given him and his father. As he munched on the bread, he started to calm down, the animal instincts disappearing, able to think at last. For what seemed like eternity he had walked. Looking around, he became accustomed to his surroundings.
He was in a small clearing, less than ten metres across, it had a small chill to it. The vines were in some places broken, and a faint light shone through. It must be close to night time, he must have been walking for over three hours.
A sudden realisation came over him, his face began to change. He did not know where he was, didn't know his way back, and was coming to the end of a hunt to find a vicious, sheep killing beast.
As he turned around to run, he noticed a small cave at the far end of the clearing. It was pitch black inside, but something kept nagging at Will. As his eyes became accustomed to the light, he began to see an area of darkness blacker then the rest. It moved.
The beast came forward. It was a mass of muscle and fur, deformed, with a ridge of spikes along it's spine that arched backwards. A low growl started, and echoed through the passageways, bouncing off the smooth, bumpy surface of the walls. Will stood still, somehow hypnotised by the slit-like, red eyes of the Beast.
In some ways it resembled a wolf, but it had somehow been changed, maybe by sorcery, but that did not make it seem any better. Sorcery was a force to be feared, and the beast seemed to generate the power.
Will slowly started to back away from the wolf like beast hoping the Beast would be full from it's meal of sheep, but he doubted it. He slid off the rock slowly, and edged towards the wall of the clearing. He stopped as he noticed the cold, reassuring rock wall.
Will started to edge across the wall, but as he started, the Beast let out a blood chilling howl. Will was scared, frightened, but strangely entranced. The howl was indeed blood chilling, but somehow, a low, mournful song seemed to double the frightening howl.
As entranced as he was, Will did not realise the sound had stopped, replaced by the same, low growl. The Beast arched its back, the last remaining sunset catching the spikes, giving it a dark, gold shade. The growl stopped, and Will came to his senses, but the Beast had already started the leap that would end the short life of William Assern.
The beast was so concentrated on Will that it failed to spot the other person edging along the wall. As the Beast began to leap, the other human leapt. Will put up his arm to protect himself, though he knew it was as fragile as a twig to the Beast. Because of his arm, all that Will knew of the proceedings was through sound, and all there was was the sound of something wet and furry hitting the floor hard, and a small yelp. As he lowered his arm he saw that the Beast had been knocked down, it's dark fur slowly being covered in a dark, black liquid that was probably the Beast's Blood.
He looked up, into the face of his father, puffing silently. Will looked down to his hand, which held a long knife, with the Beasts black blood three quarters of the way down the hilt.
Will looked back up, into his fathers face. His father had caught his breath, and was staring silently around the clearing. As he did, his eyes picked up the dirty, wool of the sheep, a cloud of flies gathering around the sheep. His father turned around, staring at Will. They stayed like that, in the dark and silence. The moment seemed to go on for hours for Will, but must have only taken seconds.
"Let's go home" said his father, finally breaking the silence.
But things had changed since then, they had returned and been given something between a punishment and a heroes welcome. That had been four years ago, and his face had changed, his brown hair now sat around his face in a dark frame. His rosy, youthful face had hardened, but still seemed cheerful.
Years of hard farm work and staying out keeping the sheep had given him a long patience, and the ability for his mind to wonder on most menial, but necessary, tasks.
Through those years he and his family had lost many sheep, and some had started to wander over to the Red Hills, now that the Beast was dead. Will started taking longer and longer trips into the Red Hills. The sheep never went to the resting place of the Beast, but they often wandered near it, for what reason was unknown.
Will kept moving further and further into the labyrinth that was the Red Hills. Guided by nothing but the occasional, echoing bleat. He was good at finding sheep, and Will had long ago been able to do it automatically.
As he wandered trailed over and over through the the dark, hallowed grounds, how people of the next village, a town called Berrock, some dozen kilometre's away. Will never went there, but his father did, and occasionally a travelling merchant , or a man wishing to buy sheep or grain, would bring news to and from the town.
News had reached many of the towns around the area, the Reds Hills being as they were, that a boy called William was not afraid to venture in to the dark shadows.
People thought to be a witch would be burnt at the stake. But even a witch would shy away from the dark death trap. The people of Berrock found no hope that they would beat him.
A darkness surrounded him they said. A power of pure sorcery, a power to be feared and untouched. All trade with the farm had either ceased or been extremely good.
A sudden and unexpected turn quickly brought him to his sense's. Dark as it was, he could still recognise the corridor. A strand of wool, dark and rotted, hanging from a lank branch. A streak of darkness on the ground marked where blood had once made a crimson streak.
A corridor, a corridor he had been down before. He had never been sure of weathe he would return to here, or if he would want to continue if he was here. He had never wanted to get here, this far. He had said he would never go down this track again. But how, he thought, how had he reached here...
He ran along the dark valleys, fleeing as if pursued by a shade of great malice. The sounds of dark storm clouds, the sound of the battles of the gods, raged above as he ran. The vine covered paths blocked out the torrents of rain, but a cold sweat had already drenched Will.
As he ran, his assurance had continued to increase. All the negative emotions had slowly grown in their dark intent, as he remembered them. How he remembered them, a memory he had never wished to remember.
Fear first. A flood of hopelessness next. Then anger.
As his anger rose in him, he broke out into the clearing. Everything he saw was as he remembered, only effected by the ravages of time. The same familiar surroundings, the rock where he first sat, the deep claw marks of the Beast.
A dark heap of bones, the stench of death, a pool of rancid liquid surrounding. He walked over to the bones. The same familiar structure confronted him as before. The long spine, the long, wolf like skull. Something like a mix of sadness and shame took over his body, and he collapsed. He stared around.
And there was the cave...
Will moved towards the dark opening. The darkness was... enticing, promises of power, a dark whisper, echoed from it's endless tombs. He forced himself onwards, first dragging, then slowly getting up and walking.
A rush of air forced Will backwards. What little light that remained was blocked out, utter silence reigned. A darkness, no mere lack of light but pure sorcery, egulfed him. He thrashed against the darkness. He felt the shadowy hands against him, dragging at him, changing him.
All emotions left him, positive and negative. It was like someone had put a blanket over his mind and soul. A darkness filled him, and with every breath he took it grew. His eyes had changed. He now had crimson eyes, the color of blood.
The caves entrance slowly closed over him. All sense had disappeared from Will. He wanted to be there, in the cave, wanted to breath in it's dank and musty air. He wanted the darkness, he begged for it, but a foreboding kept him from running through the cave.
Will lost his footing, and fell down. A rush of air followed his descent. A flash of recognition, like some sign off hope, crossed his face, then was lost forever.
He collided into a wall, then slowly slid onto the floor. As he slid down, the left side of his face, and his left hand, scraped along against the wall. Deep gouges drew dark blood, nearly black in the absence of light.
Will had lost himself, he was an empty shell, a pool of hatred and malice. Something made his hand move, an instinct, or soething more ancient. As the empty body lurched forward, a glow could be seen from the other end of the passage, just around the corner.
What was once Will rounded the corner. A purple glow, not bright, but enough to see by engulfed the tunnel. What was there was something terrible, something awful. A Pool of darkness, a mass of negative emotions, dark intent, the inner evil of all.
A shadow, a reflection of a soul, moved along the wall, and following lurched the empty shell.
Here was infinity. The end, the beginning.
At the end of an era, a small boy, the last and first, walked forward, and dived into infinity.
A new era was born.

In utter darkness, in the absence of light, in the centre of the world, the last and first, a spawn of darkness rose from the depths. And it's name was Assern.
The Dragon Tavern does not condone binge drinking, smoking, midgets, candy water or people who where waistcoats.

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