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Default Sub Locations and their Bosses Guidebook

Skyclaw Ridge Mountains:

Fiendish Caverns (1-4) 34
Zegerton, Seer of Thule (Melee, Solo, Physical, Wards) 1
Julja the Summoner (Hybrid, Group, Magic, Evasion)
Old Baron Varigol the Confused (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor) 1
Fangsy, Prime Imp of Thuule (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Armor) 2
Bilegut, Choadling of Thuule (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)

Muckmols Cave (2-6) 40
Rumblepants the Ogre (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 1
Muckmol, Goblin Chieftain (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Armor) 1
Coggenflipper, Gruntsap Engineer(Ranged, Solo, Physical, Evasion) 2
One Toof, Prize Mutant (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 2
Hurginugi, Vile Staff Shaman (Ranged,Solo,Magic,Wards) 1

Underground Glacier (4-8) 36
Lasher, Cyrosaur Queen (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Armor) 2
Jouvenile Remorahz (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor) 1
Frozen Ferook, Shiverblood Warlord(Melee, Group, Physical, Wards) 3
Sir Provad, Black Knight Revenant (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Wards) 3
Berg, Shiverblood Cyromancer (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 1

Den of the Wretched(5-9) 25
Immido, Tombcrawler Assassin(Melee, Solo, Stealth, Wards)
Voolimadro, Troll Warlock(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 1
The Lump (Hybrid, Mostrosity, Physical, Armor)
Jobaka the Animator (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor)
Dagarik, Wraith Lord of Graves (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards) 1

Abandoned Lab (7-11) 120
Thuon, Vassassi Mage Hunter (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Evasion) 7
Thoi, Vasassi Huntmaster (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 2
Tumox, Cerebrine Baron (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Evasion) 8
The Diabolical Contraption (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 8
Beltrax the Conjuror (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Wards) 2

Boss Frequency: 22.5% (27/120)

Mysterious Fortress(8-12) 77
Slitherfork, Snakelord (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 1
Chief Three Horns (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 4
Snickerdust, Deep Pixie Ring Leader (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 1
Ulu, Devourer of Limbs (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Armor) 1
The Emerald Serpent (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Evasion)

Broken Gateway (10-14) 81
Wartol, Gromka Bossman (Melee, Group, Physical, Wards) 2
Boorz, Ash Dwarf Slaver(Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Evasion) 6
Fire Sponge Overlord(Ranged, Monst, Magic, Armour) 7
Tklix Thklax, Mantoid Slave Queen (Melee, Monst, Physical, Armour) 3
Big Barrik, Gromka Bruiser (Melee, Solo, Physical, Evasion) 3

Spawning Pools(11-15)
Futamoo, Octoprat Overthinker(Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
Kelplasher, Aquatari Queen (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Massive Zoinkfish Swarm (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Noisy Nev, Ironhead Ogre Warlord (Melee, Monst, Physical, Armour)
Mintarrek, Grand Silver Hydra, (Hybrid, Monst, Physical, Armour)

Halls of Bu(13-17) 96
Tratek, Bus Champion(Melee, Solo, Physical, Wards) 3
Ironhoof, Rhinex Master at Arms(Melee, Monst, Physical, Armour) 1
Valsa, Bu Chant Leader (Ranged, Group, Magic, Wards) 4
El Waheem, Madrei Blademaster (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 3
Lady of Mazes (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Wards) 6

Sludge Pits(15-19) 64
The Grand Pudding (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards) 2
Fudge of Judgement(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Armor) 2

Hellish Rift (16-20) 138
Ashbeard, Dwarven Magma Lord (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 2
Lord Bonfire, Demon Baron (Melee, Monstroosity, Physical, Wards) 8
Gigantic Emberscale Drake (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor) 4
Remmej, Infernal Beastmaster 3
Fireseed Queen(Melee, Group, Physical, Armor) 3

Boss Frequency: 14.5% (20/138)

Shattered Highlands:

Hanging Stones (1-3)
Groof the Goblin Hermit (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion)
Tut-Tut the Brave, Tasloi Hero (Hybrid, Group, Stealth, Evasion)
One Ear Abrin, Bandit Lord (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor)
Zethii of the Dunerass Merchants (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Armor)
Ghostly Lynch Mob (Melee, Group, Physical, Wards)

Ruins of Al-Bantaal (2-5)
Punja the Whip, Goblin Slaver (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Snoutbuster, Orc Belta Boy (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor)
Big Fist, Oafkin Mercenary Boss (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor)
Yubber, Orc Butcher and Doctor (Melee, Solo, Physical, Evasion)
Xorrgrin of the 3rd Circle (Ranged, Group, Magic, Wards)

Temple of Xaivann (4-7) 9
Shackled Demonic Whisperer (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 1
Cassina of the Chains, Moon Elf Banshee (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Veena, Xaivann Cult Leader (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor)
Ojothim, Mouthpiece of Xaivann(Hybrid, Group, Magic, Evasion)
Psi Echo of Xaivann (Melee, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards) 1

Ruins of Al-Balvol (6-9) 33
Tuff Nog the Blue Skin, Ogre Bossman (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Wards)
Fardohaun the Wolf, Orc Chieftain (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Armor) 1
Murkleod, Scourge of the Highlands(Melee,Solo, Armor, Physical) 3
Qurg of the Mist, Orc Illusionist (Ranged, Group, Magic, Evasion) 1
Nameless Orcish Sniper (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 1

Silverghoul Burrow (8-11)16
Julthame the Accursed (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Evasion)
Gorelicker, Silverghoul Chokemaster (Melee, Solo, Stealth, EVasion) 1
The Grub Wall (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor)
Braddroc the Half Ghoul (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Armor)
Celma, Witch of Five Warts (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)

The Blasted Stone (10-13) 20
No Brows, Goblin Incinerator Mage (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 1
Nigret the Match, Spectral Goblin Saboteur (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
Snoozy Hoff, Spectral Dwarven Guard Captain (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor) 2
The Mechanostrosity (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 1
Big Ronk, Ogre Warboss (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor) 1

Ruins of Al-Boteel (12-15)
Sslavok, Razorhide Cheiftain (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor)
Trokksa the Gulper, Chugger Lizard (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical , Armor)
Scarscale Drake Matron (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)
Grrgalurg, Quesha Emissary (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Mossamin, Chameleon Assassin (Melee, Solo, Magic, Evasion)

Temple of Xaishann(13-16)
The Hooded Prophet (Ranged, Group, Magic, Evasion)
High Priest Rylean, Silverblood Planar Elf (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Erdami the Shackled, Silverblood Inquisitor (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Wards)
Prakk, Gremlin Gate Sneaker (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Evasion)
Massive Silverblood Serpent Queen (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)

Haunted Watchtower(15-18)
Enthann the Unworthy, Bound Necromancer (Magic, Wards, Group, Hybrid)
Blightbringer the Wight (Magic, Armor, Monstrosity, Melee)
The Prime Seedling (Magic, Evasion, Monstrosity, Ranged)
Crunk the Banished, Troll Grave Looter (Stealth, Evasion, Solo, Hybrid)
Captain Leovald of Everglade, Spectral Warden (Physical, Wards, Solo, Melee)

Glacial Cave(16-19) 19
Kraza the Hated, Oafkin Demonologist(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 2
Crazy Yarryk, Vook Clan Chief (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor) 1
Steepakno of the Ice, Vook Shaman (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Armor) 2
Glacial Stalker Beast (Melee, Monstrosity, Stealth, Evasion) 1

Ancient Dwarven Armory(17-20) 24
Ugradam the Relentless, Dwarven Sage Spectre(Hybid, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards) 2
Xatzashi the All Seeing, Beholder
The Grim Council, Orc Warlock Circle(Ranged, Group, Magic, Wards) 1
Tizek, Golin Hellhound Kennel Master(hybrid, Group, Magic, Evasion) 1
Gront the Almighty, Ogre King

Daggerspine Mountains:

Mothvale(10-13) 14
Valion, Hoppvale Magistrate Zombie (Hybrid,solo, magic, armor) 1
Lepidopterror, Mothman Overlord (melee, Monstrosity, Magic, Evasion) 1
The Megamoth (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Evasion)
Candlebane, Executioner Moth (Melee, Group, Stealth, Armor)

Grove of Nelff (11-15)
Thousand Maw Chaos Goo (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards)
Sun Slicer, Daisy of Doom (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Armor)
Steelfur, Alpha Wolf Mutant (melee, Group, Stealth, Evasion)
Lumberg, Stoutbark Ent Lord (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)
Neiff the Half Dead, Chaos Druid (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)

Keep of the Ruk(13-16) 13
Splitzky the Mild(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 1
Overseer Multonix of the Ruk (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor) 1
The Endless Spawning Goo Puddle (Melee, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards) 1

Silverweb Cavern(15-18?)
Ravenous Silverweb Hatchling Swarm (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Fangbreaker the Half Spider (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Wards)
Shethrow, Silverweb Queen( Melee, Monstrosity, Stealth, Armor)
Rumplewebskinner, Gnome Transmuter (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Immense Crystal Slimer (Melee, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor)

Trekan Raider Camp(16-20)
Caranoss, Trained Timber Wolf Alpha (Melee,Monstrosity,Physical,Evasion)
Tinzella of the Jewel Leaf (Ranged,Solo,Magic,Evasion)
Nugduh the Grump, Ancient Trekan Sage (Hybrid,Solo,Magic,Wards)
Brown Toe, Trekan Chieftain (Melee,Group,Physical,Armor)

The Twisted Oak (17-21)
Unstoppable Chattering Squirrel Horde (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Penelopez, Freyno Wasp Queen (Stealth, Armor, Monstrosity, Melee)
Dayhl, Druid Lord of the Golden Nut (Magic, Wards, Solo, Hybrid)
Corrupted Woodland Essence(Physical, Wards, Monstrosity, Hybrid)
Xenopholo the Unlearner, Oolbid Seer(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion)

The Forbidden Hall (19-23) 10
Master Yondishu of the Tengu (Hybrid, Monst, Magic, Armour)
Sensei Musashi the Golden (Physical, Wards, Solo, Melee) 1
Kinjo the Outcast, Tempest Ronin (Stealth, Evasion, Solo, Hybrid)
Cloud Talker, Dragon Serpent 1
The Three Monkey Spirits 1

Den of the Delvisha(21-25) 147
Hunt Lord Xockxock the Azure (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Armour) 7
Bone Maiden Cynthag, Ancient Seek Hag (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 8
Mehamat the Unholy, Half Fiend (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards) 5
HeartGouger the Spiked, Devilman (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards) 4
Krinkler and the Unwanted, Infernal Sprites(Hybrid, Group, Magic, Evasion) 5

Boss Frequency: 19.7% (29/147)

Bravaki Wastelands:

Glasstooth Pits (15-18) 38
Glasstooth Sandworm Queen 3
Pinox, Dimensional Worm Hunter(Hybrid, Solo. Physical, Evasion) 4
The Infestor Swarm 1
Sentient Skyshard Dripling(Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 1

Silverpalm Oasis(16-19)
Lolbek the Polluter(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion)

Ancient Obsidian Keep(17-21) 39
Revenant of Ilsbith, Automaton Lord(Hybrid, Group, Physical, Wards) 3
Lord Blackshard, Obsidian Order Knight(Melee, Solo, Physical, Armour) 1
Lord Blackfire, Obsidian Order Battle Mage(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 2
Revenant of Nadeine, Clocksmasher(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 1
Illbith’s Warforge Automation (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)

Mirrorveil City (19-23) 108

Yetzergar the Fetid One (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Wards) 5
Umbrafang, Shadow Drake of Dread (Ranged, Monstrous, Magic, Armor) 6
Albezrae, Mistress of Nightmares (Melee, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 8
Ethemera, Lady of Buthuzi’s Court (Melee, Solo, Physical Armor) 4
Shadowy Mass of Doom (Melee, Group, Stealth, Evasion) 5

Boss Frequency: 25.9% (28/108)

Lost Canyon(21-25) 31
The Monolith (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 1
Chromatanium Tyvel Orb (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor) 2
Choofoo, Dream Elemental Prince (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards) 2
Erdanni, Dreamwalker of Carnage (Melee, Solo, Physical, Evasion)
Dreamwalker of Gore (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Armor)

Earthblood Gouger Fields (23-27) 126
The Mechanomole (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 6
Isasha the Vortex, Freeborn Djinn (Melee, Solo, Magic, Wards) 10
Dazaam the Choker, Freeborn Djinn (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 4
Turgigigluur, Claw Lord of the Wastes (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor) 6
Fleshbolter, Dredgeclaw Birther (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 2

Boss Frequency: 22.2% (28/126)

Crystaline Bridge Network (24-28) 10
Endless Crystal Statue Army (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor)
Gargantuan Two Headed Basillisk (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor)
Rix of 1000 Teeth, Troll Render (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 1
The Crystal Sentinel (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 1

Highborn Hold (27-30] 12
Jintei the Breaker, Ozuka Ogre Guard Captain (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Stealth, Armor)
Psi Singer Helexa (Ranged, Group, Magic, Wards)
Gigantic Two-Headed Bronze Drake (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor)
Sword Prince Cerovid, Yedrethi Highborn (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion) 2
High Sculptor Nalanxid, Yedrethi Stonecrafter (Melee, Group, Physical, Wards) 1


Fae Circle (15-18) 48
Sir Archibald the Smitten (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armour) 2
The Tide of Giggles, Brownie Horde (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Evasion) 2
The Singing Circle of Mushrooms (Ranged, Group, Magic, Wards) 4

Silver Stagg Grove (16-19) 43
Agnesta, Guffberry Leader(Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Armour) 1
Broken Antler, Druid Hierophant (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 2
Wild Typhoon Riot (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion) 3

Giant Cocoon (18-21) 35
Capilano, the Grand Honey Queen (Physical, Evasion, Group, Hybrid) 2
Prime Thought of the One Mind (Magic, Armor, Group, Hybrid) 2
Gargantuan Hiveling Thing (Physical, Armor, Monstrosity, Melee) 3
Tunnelcrawler the Decapitator (Melee, Monstrosity, Stealth, Armor) 1
The Endless Glowhive Swarm (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion) 1

Alabaster Tower (20-23) 36
High Summoner Pennistia the Betrayed (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Wards) 2
Archmage Elatimus the Fallen (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 4
Grand Librarian Traemilius (Melee, Solo, Magic, Wards) 3

Temple of the Handmaiden(21-24)
Ellon the Devourer(Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Wards)
Gefrallin(Hybrid, Group, Magic, Armor)
Mysterious Hedrosphere(Ranged, Monstrous, Magic, Evasion)
Mr. Fussypants, Gremline Catpurse(Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
Dathalz, Oblivion Wraith Escapee (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)

Ironroot Pond (23-26)
Pond Dweller Spawning Pod (Hybrid, Group, Phys, Armour)
Rootshine of the Mirrorwood Ent, (Hybrid, Monst, Magic, Wards)
Skulking Tiggerninny the Nixie(Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
Harruden of the Howling Elm, Owlkin Lord(Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
Old Skybranch, Ironroot Ancient(Melee, Monstrous, Magic, Armor)

Gloomvale Castle (25-28)
Doctor Lebak, Bloodhound Animator (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Armor)
Darkfang, Gloom Wolf Den Mother (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor)
Von Sarovik, Vampire Lord of Gloomvale (Melee, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Jessabeth the Forsaken Nosferatu (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Wards)

Anceint Cave (27-30) 169
Thraxus the Jade, Dragon of Stangwood(hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor) 7
The Gruu(Melee, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 5
Tuntor of the Core, Shadow Dwarf(Hybrid, Melee, Magic, Armour) 6
Deathfeeder, Cave Orc Warlord(Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Armour) 6
Rufaedrus of the 7th Circle(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 5

Boss Frequency: 17.2% (29/169)


Betrayer Point (20-23) 28
Balthimon, Forsaken Hero of Ravenwatch (Melee, Solo, Physical, Wards)
Iorix the Instigator, Banished Cabal Agent (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 3
Othellix, Summoner Traitor of Ravenwatch (Solo, Ranged, Magic, Wards) 2
Melia, Succubus of the Banished Cabal (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Wards) 1
Corrupted Spirit Raven Flock (Melee, Monstrosity, Magic, Evasion) 1

Beseiged Dockyard (21-24) 80
Slavemaster Skarriji, Gnorl Chief (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion) 3
Oathless Otto, Pirate Necromancer(Hybrid, Group, Magic, Evasion) 3
Firstmate Ludwig of the 5 Sails(Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor) 3
Half-Eye, Monstrous Undead Squid 1
Patty Sandson, Pirate Wench of the 5 Sails(Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 2

Gnomish Smuggler Den (23-26) 20
Cargor the Toothless, Crypt Keeper(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Bentnose, Guttergnome Emissary(Ranged, Group, Stealth, Evasion)
Crookedbrow, Guttergnome Bossman (Hybrid, Group, Stealth, Armour) 4
Grumbleguts, Guttergnome Quartermaster (Melee, Group, Physical, Armour) 2
Insane Deacon of Aloma (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)

Sandy Beggar (24-27) 61
Veana, Banished Aquatari Princess(Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Armor) 3
Stolen Cloud, River Mercenary Shaman (Magic, Armor, Monstrosity, Ranged) 2
Captain Rugar the Penniless (Physical, Evasion, Group, Melee) 1
Thrifty Yvette, Sandy Beggars Bursar, Humanoid (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 1
Scupper Jolez, Outlaw Pyromancer (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 2

The Rancid Roamer (27-30) 119
Bazarthenon, Gate Keeper of the High Seas (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 4
Flake Beard, Dwarven Pyre Fiend Whipmaster (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Evasion) 3
The Crank, Abomination Goliath( Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 3
Chipp Skullz, Navigator and Wind Seer (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 8
Vermoth the Scourge, Skeletal Pirate Captain(Melee, Group, Physical, Wards) 4

Boss Frequency: 18.4% (22/119)

Ramirezs Turf (29-32) 120
Pablo, Thieves Guild Arch Mage(hybrid, group, magic, wards) 2
Domingo Two Blades, Master Swashbuckler(melee, solo, physical, evasion) 3
Grinning Gomez, Thieves guild Fence(melee, solo, stealth, evasion) 3
Ramirez, Thieves Guild Master(Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 5
The Essence of Malcontent(Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards) 5

Boss Frequency: 15.0% (18/120)

The Long Whisker (31-34)
Crooked Ear, Weaselkin Alchemist
Blackfur the Sniff, Ferretkin Assassin
Captain Whiskerhook, Ratkin Pirate
Reezak the Mutator, Stotekin(Stoatkin) Doctor
Dundarga the Architect, Beaverkin Gnorl (Physical, Armor, Group, Hybrid)

Ravenwatch Keep(32-35) 157
Swirling Shuul Entity Vortex(Hybrid, Monstrosuty, Magic, Wards) 3
Lord Eclemenston, Cabal Father(Melee, Group, Magic, Armor) 5
Sir Dalendra, Soulchained Ravenguard Lord(Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Wards) 8
Tutakanis of Five Sigils(Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 9
Nadienna the Seductress(Ranged, Group, Magic, Evasion) 6

Boss Frequency: 19.7% (31/157)

Krakesh Rainforest:

TOAD Distribution:
Melee 40%, Hybrid 32.5%, Ranged 27.5%
Solo 45%, Monstrosity 35%, Group 20%
Magic 37.5%, Physical 32.5%, Stealth 30%
Armor 37.5%, Evasion 35%, Wards 27.5%

Junka Steam Vents (25-28) 58
Badrakei, Steam Elemental(Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 1
Dread Pincer of the Jukna Scavengers (Melee, Solo, Physical, Evasion) 5
Skreechi, Legendary Jukna Beast (Ranged, Monst, Magic, Armour) 3
Longfeather, Indigo Bluff Steam Glider (Hybrid, Monst, Magic, Evasion) 4
The Mud Collective (Melee, Group, Physical, Wards) 2

Wintubii Hunting Grounds(27-30) 35
Mojos Band of Yeeko Monkeys (Melee, Group, Stealth, Evasion) 1
Tootsiitub, Wintubii Grand Eater (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 1
The Wumpus (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 1
Zotis of the Hunt, Wintubii Shaman (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Wards) 1
Ravenous Carlyle, Bonedust Lord (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards) 1

Arocdian Ruins (29-32) 155
Quintus and Fervex, Two Headed Gargoyle(Melee, Monst, Physical, Wards) 3
Pinkbelly the Undergrubb Treasure Hunter(Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 5
The Three Silent Rethegg Sentinels(Hybrid, Group, Magic, Armour) 7
Immense Ghostfang Ankheg Queen(Ranged, Monst, Physical, Armour) 6
Ganjaar, Rakshasa Firstborn(Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 3

Boss Frequency: 15.5% (24/155)

The Hidden Library(31-33) 145
The Silent Warden (Melee, Monstrosity, Stealth, Armor) 5
Vuzal Nofta of the Oolbid, Grand Seeker (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Evasion) 3
Mokkora the Librarian(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 8
Well Trained Thaurite Response Militia(Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion) 7
Yahle, Insomnia Lord (Melee, Solo, Magic, Armor) 6

Boss Frequency: 20.0% (29/145)

Emerald Waterfall (32-36) 103
Urtrakack, Deepfall Tangle Globe (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Armor) 3
Serpent of the Emerald Sleeper(Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Evasion) 3
Temerek Reedup, Yibyib Warchief (Melee, Solo, Physical, Evasion) 6
Jadewing, Nixie Hydromancer (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 2
Tael of the Yibyib, Ritual Leader (Hybrid, Group, Magic, Wards) 4

Boss Frequency: 17.5% (18/103)

Dreamvoid Tunnels (34-37) 251
The Formless One, Master of the Light Benders(Melee, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 6
Orbship 82 of the Tyvel Science Corps (Hybrid, Group, Magic, Armor) 8
Massive Void Worm Spawner (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 11
Lord Trepidius of the Voidmare (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor) 9
Frightstalker, Voidmare Fungus (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 8

Boss Frequency: 16.7% (42/251)

Lycannia(36-39) 143
Devil Snout of the Boar Totem (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Evasion) 5
Smokefang of the Lizard Totem (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 4
Virynx of the Panther Totem (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 3
Hobbs of the Tiger Totem (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor) 4
Galvanis of the Shadows (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards) 4

Boss Frequency: 14.0% (20/143)

Numedra Ziggurat(39-40) 237
Krinjer, Supreme Mirrorsteel Lynx (Melee,Monstrosity,Magic,Armor) 5
Blademistress Fujinna, Alpha Numedra (Hybrid,Solo,Physical,Evasion) 13
Ibnids Toughtuft Gremlin Saboteur Crew (Melee,Group,Stealth,Evasion) 11
The Henneth Crystal Overlord (Hybrid,Monstrosity,Physical,Armor) 7
Mind Watcher Grathem, Alpha Numedra (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 4

Boss Frequency:16.9% (40/237)


Fork Tongue Clutch (25-28) 103
Ulfadric the Daggertail Emissary(Ranged, Group, Stealth, Evasion) 6
Yadizzro of the Tongue, Lord Illusionist(Ranged, Solo,Magic, Ward) 3
Little Silnid, Swamp Hydra Behemoth(Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 3
Grand Stalker Veesh(Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 4
Clutchmother Sssa-ssha(Hybrid, Group, Physical, Armor) 3

Boss Frequency: 18.4% (19/103)

Temple of Decay (27-30) 8
Festering Duggor, Lord Knight of Pestilence (Melee, Solo, Physical, Wards)

The Vile Keep (29-32) 108
Brasstail of the Troglodyte Outcasts(Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 3
The Endlessly Divisible Blob(Hybrid, Group, Stealth, Wards) 1
Grinnin Gygaks the Offensive(Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards) 4
The Hypno Chunk(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 5
Slimy Tendriculos(Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards) 4

Boss Frequency: 15.7% (17/108)

Sledge Den (31-34) 147
King Sledgenose of the Den(Melee, Group, Physical, Armor) 4
Gnasher the Hungry(Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Evasion) 8
The Catoblepas,(Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor) 3
Gate Ruiner Xukxul, Troll Necromancer(Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Wards) 2
Murky Wallop of the Old Troll Ways (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Armor) 4

Boss Frequency: 14.3% (21/147)

Earthmaw (33-36) 141
Huge Skitterbug Queen (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion) 3
Skruff the Cave Skroof Chieftain (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion) 7
Quetalos the Maw Bound, Skeletal Dragon (Hybrid, Monst, Magic, Wards) 8
Reinbarro the Insane, Portal Mage (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 3
Skugg, Assassin of the Swamp Skroof (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Armour) 6

Boss Frequency: 19.1% (27/141)

Quetalos Perch(35-38) 106
Vezkiha the Razormaw Drake Matron (Hybrid, Monstr, Magic, Armor) 5
Huntmaster Tessish of the Razormaw (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 3
Imperator Ironscale of the Legion (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Armor) 6
Trickster Nixik of the Yellowtongue (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Wards) 6
The Relentless Spirit Hunters (Ranged, Groups, Magic, Evasion) 3

Boss Frequency: 21.7% (23/106)

The Pondering Stone (37-39) 95
Elder Dangreddon, Muck Father (Melee, Monstrosity, Stealth, Wards) 4
Elder Roathandrul of the Stone (Melee, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards) 8
The Stone Giant Pilgrimage (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Armor) 2
Mantoid Kzxxykshi the Reclaimer (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
Elder Grumbarridom the Usurpur (Hybrid, Monst, Physical, Armor) 1

Oblivion Rift (38-40) 154
Heredron, Lich of the Banished Council (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 6
The 13th Legion of Gravestorm(Melee, Group, Physical, Armor) 5
Rethellus Soulbane of the Fallen Reavers(Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 2
The Shadowlands Council Spectres (Hybrid, Group, Magic, Wards) 11
Dark Lord Netheron, Knight Fiend (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 4

Boss Frequency: 18.2% (28/154)

The Underworld:

TOAD for Underworld:
Melee 37.5%, Ranged 32.5%, Hybrid 30%
Monstrosity 35%, Group 32.5%, Solo 32.5%
Magic 42.5%, Physical 35%, Stealth 22.5%
Wards 40%, Armor 35%, Evasion 25%

Crypt of Nieva (35-38) 187
Five Mouth Fenster, Vixx Demon (Hybrid, Monst, Stealth, Evasion) 6
Devenus the Eternal (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 4
Old King Nieva, Grand Mummy (Melee, Group, Mag, Wards) 10
The Royal Mummy Legion (Melee, Group, Mag, Wards) 3
Gigantic Rubyshell Scarab (Melee, Monst, Physical, Armour) 8

Boss Frequency: 16.6% (31/187)

Oretta Mine (37-40) 239
Grand Purple Stalk Chaga (Melee, Group, Stealth, Wards) 8
Shiitake the Mushling Barbarian (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 16
Revenant Foreman Jakko (Ranged, Solo, Physical, Wards) 6
Maitake, Lord of the Wrethi (Hybrid. Group, Magic, Evasion) 9
Reishi the Outcast (Ranged,Monstrosity,Magic,Armor) 6

Boss Frequency: 18.8% (45/239)

Gortunga Vault (39-42) 285
Tinkywink, Lord of Annoyance (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 18
Fiscal the Great, Gnome Banker King (Melee, Solo, Physical, Wards) 14
Master Sprocket, Head Engineer (Hybrid, Group, Magic, Armor) 10
Board of Trustees (Ranged, Group, Magic, Wards) 7
Huge Vault Mechano-Mace (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 12

Boss Frequency: 21.4% (61/285)

The Forsaken Tomb (41-44) 161
Lord Vladimitri of the Dawnless Land (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Wards) 6
Unquenchables (Melee, Group, Physical, Wards) 3
Lazarus of the Eternal Night (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 6
Big Flakes, Husker Spawning Puddle (Hybrid, Stealth, Group, Armor) 6
Bloodfang, Nosferatu Drake Queen (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 6

Boss Frequency: 16.8% (27/161)

Kratzalus City (42-45) 474
Okathale, High Lord Illithid Warlock (ranged, group, magic, evasion) 14
Captain Ubleburble of the Octoprat Mercenaries (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 11
Mind Lord Peilzabar, the Greater Aboleth (Hybrid, Group, Magic, Armor) 17
Kwaarg the Octoprat Assassin (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 16
Szentlin, Gorrt Fiend Brood Mother(Melee, Monstrosity, Stealth, Wards) 15

Boss Frequency: 15.4% (73/474)

The Endless Dig (43-46) 337
Grilled George, Autoforeman Golem (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physcial, Armor) 14
Omniworm the Unstoppable (Melee, Monstrosity, Physcial, Armor) 5
The Deep Shell Crystal Barrier Spiker (Ranged, Monstrosity, Stealth, Wards) 16
Scatterbrain, Rocktuft Gremlin Archmage (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 8
Thugnug, Skroof Promised Land Prophet (Ranged, Group, Magic, Wards) 7

Boss Frequency: 14.8% (50/337)

Temple of Filth (45-48) 678
Uncle Fester, High Priest of Filth (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 30
The Avatar of Filth(Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards) 30
Scabalicious (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Armor) 23
The Puss Factory (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Evasion) 25
The Iggy Thing (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards) 23

Boss Frequency: 19.3% (132/678)

Shadowmaw Lair(47-50) 740
Kranker, Grand Alchemist (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 22
Renjav the Half Orc, Wyrm Claw Chieftain (Melee, Solo, Physical, Evasion) 35
The Bone Claw, Elite Orc Shock Troopers (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor) 27
Bremphaed the Necrolite (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 29
Shadowmaw, Eternal Dracolich(Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor) 28

Boss Frequency: 19.1% (141/740)

Ashpeak Mountains

TOAD for Ashpeak Mountains
Tactics: Melee 40%, Ranged 32.5%, Hybrid 27.5%
Organization: Monstrosity 45%, Solo 32.5%, Group 22.5%
Attack: Physical 42.5%, Magic 40%, Stealth 17.5%
Defense: Armor 40%, Evasion 35%, Wards 25%

Blightwatch Ridge (35-38) 414
Criziz the Tower, Bug Caller Giant (Melee, Monst, Physical, Armour) 12
Skulking Dread of the Blight (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 15
The Living Firestone Rift (Ranged, Solo, Mag, Wards) 16
Big Smusher, Blight Orc Artillery (Ranged, Monst, Magic, Armour) 16
Logredash of the Blight (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Wards) 20

Boss Frequency: 19.1% (79/414)

Mines of Grumbar (37-40) 223
Vengeful Spirits of the Dwarven Council (Ranged, Group, Stealth, Wards) 11
Ashbeard Logbar, Son of Grumbar (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor) 13
Nilzik the Gatekeeper, Archmage (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 7
Ask Dwarf Oathbound Honor Guard (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor) 6
Dekadris the Overfiend, Sherrok Demon (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards) 8

Boss Frequency: 20.2% (45/223)

Cinderwood (39-42) 119
Lug and Zug of the Titanwood Ettin (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Evasion) 4
Starsteel Shredder Golem (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 3
Horrusk the Charred, Zombie Centaur Chief (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor) 6
Raging Cinderwood Stump of the Ent (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor) 1
Matchstick Mikk, Leprachaun Pyromanic (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 4

Boss Frequency: 15.1% (18/119)

The Handrid Crater (41-44) 223
Ojik Thande of the Five Eye Watch, Tezzuti Sage (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards) 6
Grittiz of the Kerekkal, Spymaster (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Stealth, Wards) 10
Bulbous Spikeshell Cicada Queen (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Armor) 5
Enormous Handrid Bajillopede Beast (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 8
Damaged Prime Reconstuctor of the Handrid(Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 9

Boss Frequency: 17.0% (38/223)

Elantian Halls (43-46) 306

Prince Taukazeem, Grand Elanti Speaker (Melee, Solo, Physical, Evasion) 9
The Living Flame (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards) 13
Nigekeem the Child, Conduit of Lies (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion) 10
Wishmaster Bulkazesh of the Hidden Sanctum (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Evasion) 12
Royal Elephant Ground Shaker (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 5

Boss Frequency: 16.0% (49/306)

Molten Foundry (45-48) 710
Forgemaster Jiffy, Firegiant Craftsman(Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Evasion) 34
The Magma Sentinel(Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 29
Gannex the Forge, Riith Foundry Lord (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Armor) 31
Swooping Riith Lava Knights(Hybrid, Grou10p, Physical, Evasion) 28
Ozinnix of the Molten Court, Elemental Sage( Ranged, Monstr. Magic. Wards) 20

Boss Frequency: 20.0% (142/711)

Infernal Spire(47-50) 752
Duke Xellosh of the Infernal Court(Ranged, Monst, Magic, Wards) 24
Rembatheron of the Ash Titan Council (Hybrid, Monst, Magic, Armour) 33
Yedkennalish, Fiend of the Bottomless Pit (Melee, Monst, Phy, Evasion) 28
Saylvesh the Tooth Grinder (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Armor) 31
Byrnneon, Lord of the Gromka (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor) 18

Boss Frequency: 17.8% (134/752)

Mount Sedrid Volcano(47-50) 994
Hogaddur of the Sleeping Core (Melee, Monst, Magic, Wards) 37
Tethek the Ashen Dreamer (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion) 33
Lava Beetle Queen and Entourage (Hybrid, Group, Stealth, Evasion) 44
Volkanis the Incinerator, Ember Dragon Lord (Hybrid, Monst, Magic, Armor) 31
Baksala the Tyrant, Brimstone Legion King (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor) 37

Boss Frequency: 18.3% (182/994)

The Blight

Salivating Goblin Hordes of Madness,Goblinoid (Hybrid Group Physical Evasion)
Mehrendoth, Chimera Warp Titan Seer Giantkin (Melee Monstrosity Magic Wards)
Immense Living Sinkhole elemental (Ranged Monstrosity Physical Wards)
The Coiled One, Giant Cotanna Serpentdragonkin (Melee Monstrosity Stealth Armor)
Tasha of the Whip, Rockpool Troll Bitch goblinoid (Hybrid Monstrosity Physical Armor)
Kredenthoth, Dragonsworn Supreme Warlock Goblinoid
(Ranged Solo Magic Wards)
Knuckledragger the Ancient Giantkin (Melee Monstrosity Physical Armor)
Skull Alchemist Jearento the Twisted Goblinoid
(Ranged Solo Magic Wards)
Frostwing, Greater Ivoryscale Dragon Wyrm Dragonkin (Hybrid Group Physical Wards)
Traxusaul, Lord Shadowfiend of Hyria Undead
(Hybrid Monstrosity Magic Evasion)
Soul Claimer, Undead Giant Vulture Undead
Ranged Monstrosity Stealth Evasion)
Vorpal Skyrift Tentacle Abomination Outworlder
(Hybrid Monstrosity Physical Evasion)
Vaash, Captain of Dragonsworn Goblinoid (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor)
Salvatashus, Drakari Wun-Tai Mage Prince Dragon kin (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Armor)
Rotten Bastard Ruthgar, Legion Quartermaster Undead (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)
Yardnell the Grump, Wasteland Giant King giant kin (Melee, Monstrosity, magic, Armor)
The Avatar of Gore goo (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards)
Viron the Great Wyrm Emberscale Dragon Dragon kin (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor)
Zuule, Banished Necromancer of the Unfoldo Undead (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Unstoppable Brightshard Pillar Construct (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards)

Burrows of Gruum 32
The Endless Goblinoid Brawl Goblinoid (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Kreshnayl, Mistress of Venom Goblinoid (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
The Hallowed, Shyne Blade Keepers Goblinoid (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Uraxine, Midnight Tusk Sorceress Goblinoid (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion)
Last Word Laxx, Ogre King Giant kin (Melee, Monst, Physical, Armor)

The Forgotten Citadel 8
Brianna, Witch of the Ebon Throne Fae (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion)
The Relentless Wall of Teeth Construct (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion)
The Nameless Reaper Undead (Melee, Solo, Magic, Evasion)
Wavroun, Rotweb Clan Conduit Goblinoid (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Armor)

The Shattered City 22
Faceless Convent Inner Circle Undead (Hybrid, Group, Stealth, Evasion)
The Final Gate Deathknight Order undead (Melee, Group, Magic, Armor) 1
Apophretis of Ibissa, Golden Scarab Prince Undead (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Wards) 1
Zombie Baron Xorgreen of Foul march Undead (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Armor) 1

Scale Peak 15
Tiamaxus, Chromatic Dragon Overlord, Dragonkin (Hybrid, Monst, Magic, Armor)
Emissary Sundra of the Starglider Tribe Dragon kin (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)

Sea of Smoke
Lurking Lazorgor of the Tarfoot Giants Giant kin (Ranged, Monst, Stealth, Evasion)

Uncle Festerer, Plague bug Extraordinaire insectoid (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor)
Churnout Prime, Tixon Gizmoid Hatchery Construct (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Gazarr the Genius, Brain Blob Over mind Goo (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Evasion)
Lucious Ludia the Ender, Happywood Nymph Fae (Melee, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Adjudicator Xonn, Mecharook Jail Keeper Construct (Ranges, Solo, Stealth, Armor)
The Ultimate Mark Eh Ting Machine Construct (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards)
Grunzz the Banished, Bloodhorn Gromka Demon Demon (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards)
Glazedeir the Bold, Last Nokevari King Humanoid (Melee, Solo, Magic, Armor)
Squeaking Apocalypse Raptor Mice Nest Beast (Melee, Group. Stealth, Evasion)
Stonewing, Mossak Gargoyle Over watcher [i[ construct [/i] (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Wards)
Big Chomper, Noblonian Termite Devourer Insect (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor)
Thuonji Ten Maws, Nagroddi Otyug Overseer goo (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor)
Frostknife, Spider Queen of the Snow fang Beast (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Wards)
Dreamcrushers, Scendar Unitar Warlocks fae (Ranged, Group, Magic, Wards)
Endless Army of Chog Detonator Bugs Insect (Ranged, Group, Magic, Armor)
Heston Seus, Damderte Ape Alpha Beast (Melee, Monst, Physical, Evasion)
Deadbeak, Last of the Do-Do Slayer birds Beast (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
Theene the Filthy, Black Skull Oracle Undead (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Wards)

Eternal Hive
Fu Yu, Tackloid Mantoid Sensei Insect (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
The Gorger, Ancient Wraith moth undead (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Wards)
Queen Vazzara of the Glumwing Insect (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Evasion)

Minimidias, King of Grumpletuft Rainbow fae (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)

Valley of Thunder
Wyvash, Verakon Triceraton Chieftain Beast (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Evasion)
Unstoppable Velociraptor Pack Beast (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Zero One, Central Processor Sentinel Construct (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)

Well of Wobbles
Slime Covered Elite Adventuring Party humanoid (Hybrid, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Fap-Fap the Bling, Psycher Mold Goo (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Armor)

Special Bosses
Motherplucker, Turkey Archmage (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Evasion)
Gobbler the Ancient (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor)
From the great Turkey Invasion of 2008

Evil Santy Claws(Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)
Four Ghosts of Festivus(melee, Group, Magic, Wards)
Mrs Claws’ Sister (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Grynch the Spoiler(Melee, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor)
Frostilicus the Snow Elemental (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)
Sparklepants the Tinsel Dragon (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor)
From Winter Festivus 2008

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So, here's the deal:

This is everywhere I've been personally in the last week or so... I'm well aware it's not complete, yet. I have 4 characters in the high 30s, 1 in the mid 20s, and I've been playing with 2 HC guys just started, mostly to work on this info.

The main locations are in Red, the sub-locations in Green, and the bosses are regular.

I'll be updating as I find new stuff... if you'd like to help compile the data, post screen shots of the section and/or boss that's missing, or you think is incorrect. and I'll add it (I'm only gonna update based on screen shots, to ensure accuracy)

You'll note one sub location, the Lost Canyon, I'm not clear on... I listed it differently in my notes, so I'm not 100% sure if there's a 2nd are call the Lost caverns, I made a mistake, or something changed.

This post will also serve as a log of any updates made, so you can see if anything's changes since last you looked.

Guidebook Change log
10/10/08: Original post
10/11/08: Added Info from DarkGwyddion, and most of the info from Ekztal and Dark Visor
10/12/08: Finished adding info posted on 10/10, added a few items I found myself.
10/13/08: Updated info contributed by Denny_the_Wench, DarkGwyddion, and Firehorse, as well as today's discoveries. So far, we've got 63 Sub-Locations and 138 bosses listed.
10/15/08: Added 1 sub Location and several bosses I came across
10/16/08 Added 2 new sub locations and 6 or 7 bosses (thanks to Demona and Marizineus
10/22/08: Added 1 new sub loc and several bosses (Forsaken Tomb and Kratzalus City, mostly)
10/29/08: Added inform from Ekztal (from Daggerspine) and my guys (Elantian Hall and Endless Dig)... the current tally is 71 Sub Locations and 187 Bosses.
10/31/08 Big update, thanks to three great posts full of info!
11/3/08: Updated all the posts, and some of my stuff... there are now 73 Sublocations and 243 Bosses.
11/4/08: Several most posts updated.. added "Boss Frequency" for the couple areas I've had over 100 explorations worth of data. That's in blue . Let me know what you think
11/5/08: Today's info updated... also added an are description, to see how they look on here. I think they need to be a color, to set them off, but otherwise I like it, any thoughts, feel free to give your opinion.
11/7/08: A few more bits added. I've been grabbing stuff off 'recent happenings' for the stats, that seems to be working pretty well.
11/10/08: Weekend posts updated, as well as some stats of my own. Next Update will likely not be untill next week, as I'll be out of town.
11/20/08: Blight stuff added, as well as all the updates from last week.
11/25/08: Updated stuff from Dark Gwyddion, as well as my own adventures. I think we have all the sub locations now (11 in Skyclaw and Shattered Highlands, and 8 each in all the others) though I suspect there may be an extra 1 in Ashpeak and the Underworld... 86 in all. Sticking with the fact that there seems to be 5 bosses per location, we have 80 bosses left to record, plus whoever my lurk in as yet discovered sub-locations.
12/2/08: added all 5 bosses from Quetlos Perch (yeah, me!) and the other bits posts since last week.
12/12/08: Lots more stats added, as well as info posted since last update
12/18/08: Updated a couple posts, and my stuff from my new character.
12/25/08: Big update... added Glacial Cave bosses, stuff from Dark Gwyddion's posts, and the Festivus Bosses so far!
12/31/08: Updated a bunch of stats, and a couple bosses... I believe we have 47 bosses left to discover. Next Update (or soon anyway) I'll post TOAD summaries for Krakesh and The Underworld (both of which we have all the bosses)
1/7/09: Added a few Ravenwatch bosses, and the TOAD summary for the Underworld
1/15/09: Update with the first Primordia stuff!
1/17/09: Little update.. added the stuff posted by DG and Vagrant.
1/25/09: Bunch of Primodia stuff, and a bit from the blight added.

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I'm not sure why you need screencaps for this sort of information, but here. From Keep of the Ruk, in the Daggerspine Range, is Splitzky the Mild, Ruk Prophet (TOAD: Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)

Proud supporter of the Steel Empire.

Chosen (unwillingly)
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... Screen caps are just to ensure accuracy, I'd had to see a useful thread degenerate into a typo nitpick fest, you know?

Thanks for the contribution
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Here are mine so far, some repeats, no screenshots, the info was collected using my DT Client v0.7 so I assure the info is 100% correct. You can add to your list or not, it doesn't matter.

Sslavok, Razorhide Chieftain
Level(s): 15,14
Race: Beast
TOAD: (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor)
Location: Ruins of Al'Boteel

The Monolith
Level(s): 25
Race: Construct
TOAD: (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)
Location: Lost Canyon

The Mechanomole
Level(s): 27,25
Race: Construct
TOAD: (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)
Location: Earthblood Gouger Fields

Ethemera, Lady of Buthuzi's Court
Level(s): 23
Race: Demon
TOAD: (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor)
Location: Mirrorveil City

Fangsy, Imp Prime of Thuule
Level(s): 4
Race: Demon
TOAD: (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Armor)
Location: Fiendish Caverns

Badrakei, Steam Elemental
Level(s): 28
Race: Elemental
TOAD: (Ranged, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
Location: Jukna Steam Vents

Choofoo, Dream Elemental Prince
Level(s): 25
Race: Elemental
TOAD: (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Wards)
Location: Lost Canyon

Isasha the Vortex, Freeborn Djinn
Level(s): 25,24,27,26
Race: Elemental
TOAD: (Melee, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Location: Earthblood Gouger Fields

Dazaam the Choker, Freeborn Djinn
Level(s): 25
Race: Elemental
TOAD: (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Wards)
Location: Earthblood Gouger Fields

Slavemaster Skarriji, Gnorl Chef
Level(s): 24
Race: Goblinoid
TOAD: (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Location: Besieged Dockyard

Crunk the Banished, Troll Grave Looter
Level(s): 16
Race: Goblinoid
TOAD: (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
Location: Haunted Watchtower

The Prime Seedling
Level(s): 18
Race: Goo
TOAD: (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Evasion)
Location: Haunted Watchtower

Yetzergar the Fetid One
Level(s): 20
Race: Humanoid
TOAD: (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Location: Mirrorveil City

Erdanni, Dreamwalker of Carnage
Level(s): 24,23
Race: Humanoid
TOAD: (Melee, Solo, Physical, Evasion)
Location: Lost Canyon

Tratek, Bu's Champion
Level(s): 17
Race: Humanoid
TOAD: (Melee, Solo, Physical, Wards)
Location: Halls of Bu

Innadre, Dreamwalker of Gore
Level(s): 25
Race: Humanoid
TOAD: (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Armor)
Location: Lost Canyon

The Hooded Prophet
Level(s): 16
Race: Humanoid
TOAD: (Ranged, Group, Magic, Evasion)
Location: Temple of Xaishann

Turgigigluur, Claw Lord of the Wastes
Level(s): 27
Race: Humanoid
TOAD: (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor)
Location: Earthblood Gouger Fields

High Priest Rylean, Silverblood Planar Elf
Level(s): 16
Race: Outworlder
TOAD: (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Location: Temple of Xaishann

Chromatanium Tyvel Orb
Level(s): 24,25,23
Race: Outworlder
TOAD: (Ranged, Monstrosity, Magic, Armor)
Location: Lost Canyon

Eradami the Shackled, Silverblood Inquisitor
Level(s): 16
Race: Outworlder
TOAD: (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Wards)
Location: Temple of Xaishann

Massive Silverblood Serpent Queen
Level(s): 16,15
Race: Outworlder
TOAD: (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)
Location: Temple of Xaishann

Prakk, Gremlin Gate Sneaker
Level(s): 15
Race: Outworlder
TOAD: (Hybrid, Solo, Magic, Evasion)
Location: Temple of Xaishann

Fleshbolter, Dredgeclaw Birther
Level(s): 27
Race: Undead
TOAD: (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)
Location: Earthblood Gouger Fields

Captain Leovald of Everglade, Spectral Warden
Level(s): 18
Race: Undead
TOAD: (Melee, Solo, Physical, Wards)
Location: Haunted Watchtower

Enthann the Unworthy, Bound Necromancer
Level(s): 17,18
Race: Undead
TOAD: (Hybrid, Group, Magic, Wards)
Location: Haunted Watchtower

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Not like your post isn't full of typos

Ah have 2 characters parked in Krakesh Rainforest and these are the 6 Sub-locs:-
Jukna Steam Vents (25-28)
Wintubii Hunting Grounds (27-30)
Arcodian Ruins (29-32)

Quintus and Fervex, Two Headed Gargoyle, Construct, Level(s): 31
Pinkbelly the Undergrubb Treasure Hunter, Fae, Level(s): 32, 31
The Three Silent Rethegg Sentinels, Humanoid, Level(s): 32, 30
Immense Ghostfang Ankheg Queen, Insect, Level(s): 32

The Hidden Library (31-33)
Emerald Waterfall (32-36)

Urtrakack, Deepfall Tangle Globe, Goo, Level(s): 36
Serpent of the Emerald Sleeper, Beast, Level(s): 34
Temrek Reedup, Yibyib War Chief, Humanoid, Level(s): 36

Dreamvoid Tunnels (34-37)
The Formless One, Master of the Light Benders, Outworlder, Level(s): 35
Orbship 82 of the Tyvel Science Corps, Outworlder, Level(s): 37
Massive Void Worm Spawner, Outworlder, Level(s): 37

Also discovered the following Sub-locs:-
Skyclaw Ridge Mountains (1-20)
Fiendish Caverns (1-4)
Underground Glacier (4-8)
Den of the Wretched (5-9)
Spawning Pools (11-15)
Hellish Rift (16-20)

Shattered Highlands (1-20)
Temple of Xaivann (4-7)
Sliverghoul Burrow (8-11)
The Blasted Stone (10-13)
Temple of Xaishann (13-16)
Ancient Dwarven Armory (17-20)

Daggerspine Mountains (10-25)

Bravaki Wastelands (15-30)
Silverpalm Oasis (16-19)
Ancient Obsidian Keep (17-21)
Mirrorveil City (19-23)
Lost Canyon (21-25)
Crystaline Bridge Network (24-28)
Highborn Hold (26-30)

Stangwood (15-30)
Silver Stagg Grove (16-19)
Giant Cocoon (18-21)
Alabaster Tower (20-23)
Gloomvale Castle (25-28)
Ancient Cave (27-30)

Ravenwatch (20-35)
Betrayer Point (20-23)
Gnomish Smuggler Den (23-26)
The Rancid Roamer (27-30)
Ramirez's Turf (29-32)
The Long Whisker (31-34)

Crooked Ear, Weaselkin Alchemist, Goblinoid, Level(s): 33
Blackfur the Sniff, Ferretkin Assassin, Goblinoid, Level(s): 34
Captain Whiskerhook, Ratkin Pirate, Goblinoid, Level(s): 34
Reezak the Mutator, Stotekin(Stoatkin) Doctor, Goblinoid, Level(s): 34

Ravenwatch Keep (32-35)
Swirling Shuul Entity Vortex, Demon, Level(s): 34, 35
Lord Eclemenston, Cabal Father, Humanoid, Level(s): 35, 34
Sir Dalendra, Soulchained Ravenguard Lord, Demon, Level(s): 33
Tutakanis of Five Sigils, Demon, Level(s): 35

Dreadmarsh (25-40)
Fork Tongue Clutch (25-28)
Temple of Decay (27-30)
The Vile Keep (29-32)

Brasstail of the Troglodyte Outcasts, Beast, Level(s): 32, 30
The Endlessly Divisible Blob, Goo, Level(s): 31, 32
Grinnin Gygaks the Offensive, Giantkin, Level(s): 32
The Hypno Chunk, Goo, Level(s): 31, 32
Slimy Tendriculos, Goo, Level(s): 32

Sledge Den (31-34)
King Sledgenose of the Den, Goblinoid, Level(s): 34, 33
Gnasher the Hungry, Beast, Level(s): 34, 32, 33
The Catoblepas, Beast, Level(s): 34
Gate Ruiner Xukxul, Troll Necromancer, Goblinoid, Level(s): 33, 34
Murky Wallop of the Old Troll Ways, Goblinoid, Level(s): 34

Earthmaw (33-36)
Skruff the Cave Skroof Chieftain, Humanoid, Level(s): 36
Quetalos the Maw Bound, Skeletal Dragon, Undead, Level(s): 36
Reinbarro the Insane, Portal Mage, Humanoid, Level(s): 36

Will edit when find more Bosses/Sub-locs
Playing as Dresalk Clothscream, Baltron Cragslammer & Aingus Scornthistle
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OK, I get the idea.. screenshots are overkill...I'll merge everything together and see what we've got
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Here are my bosses today that are not on your list. The only way I seem to be able to get the info from the mouseover about the boss is to have it activated then cut & paste it into Notepad and the mouseover data is right at the bottom of the list... any easier method please? (but at least it's accurate!)

Using Pethedine - Lvl 10 Storm Lord

Skyclaw Ridge Mountains

Underground Glacier (level range: 4-8)

Name: Frozen Ferook, Shiverblood Warlord
Level: 8
Race: Outworlder
Type: Boss
AT: Physical
DT: Wards
OT: Group
TT: Melee
Wounds max: 2

Name: Sir Provad, Black Knight Revenant
Level: 6
Race: Undead
Type: Boss
AT: Physical
DT: Wards
OT: Solo
TT: Hybrid
Wounds max: 2

Den of the Wretched (level range: 5-9)

Name: Immido, Tombcrawler Assassin
Level: 9
Race: Undead
Type: Boss
AT: Stealth
DT: Wards
OT: Solo
TT: Melee
Wounds max: 2

Mysterious Fortress (level range: 8-12)
Name: Slitherfork, Snakelord
Level: 12
Race: Humanoid
Type: Boss
AT: Stealth
DT: Evasion
OT: Solo
TT: Hybrid
Wounds max: 2
(OW! OW! OW!..
Base Success Chance+60%
Equipment Comparison-2%
TOAD Comparison-9%
Skills Used+1%
Final Success Chance50%
Random Roll #1 (1-100)73 +1 Wound
Random Roll #2 (1-100)30
Random Roll #3 (1-100)79 +1 Wound
Random Roll #4 (1-100)76 +1 Wound
Random Roll #5 (1-100)60 +1 Wound
Random Roll #6 (1-100)77 +1 Wound
Random Roll #7 (1-100)94 +1 Wound
Random Roll #8 (1-100)61 +1 Wound
Random Roll #9 (1-100)81 +1 Wound
Random Roll #10 (1-100)2
Combat ResultYOU WON
Victory! "Take that you beast..."

You have gained 1063 experience points.

You have found: 240 gold

Forgotten Champions Banner - [E] Value: 1666 gold, Weight: 1
Explore again (8 exploration attempts left)
I think I should have got something more for THAT battle don't you?!)

Name: Chief Three Horns
Level: 11
Race: Goblinoid
Type: Boss
AT: Physical
DT: Armor
OT: Monstrosity
TT: Melee
Wounds max: 2

Abandoned Lab (level range: 7-11)

Name: Thuon, Vasassi Mage Hunter
Level: 8
Race: Outworlder
Type: Boss
AT: Physical
DT: Evasion
OT: Solo
TT: Hybrid
Wounds max: 2

Name: Thoi, Vasassi Huntmaster
Level: 9
Race: Outworlder
Type: Boss
AT: Stealth
DT: Evasion
OT: Solo
TT: Ranged
Wounds max: 2

Name: Thoi, Vasassi Huntmaster
Level: 10
Race: Outworlder
Type: Boss
AT: Stealth
DT: Evasion
OT: Solo
TT: Ranged
Wounds max: 2

these last two attack were one after another with the only difference being the strength of the boss... I'd not gone up a level myself.

Name: Tumox, Cerebrine Baron
Level: 11
Race: Outworlder
Type: Boss
AT: Magic
DT: Evasion
OT: Monstrosity
TT: Ranged
Wounds max: 2

(I actually got 3 bosses in a row here!)

Name: The Diabolical Contraption
Level: 11
Race: Construct
Type: Boss
AT: Physical
DT: Armor
OT: Monstrosity
TT: Melee
Wounds max: 2

Name: Tumox, Cerebrine Baron
Level: 10
Race: Outworlder
Type: Boss
AT: Magic
DT: Evasion
OT: Monstrosity
TT: Ranged
Wounds max: 2

(Five bosses in a 17AP section)

Daggerspine Mountains
Grove of Nelff (level range: 11-15)

Name: Nelff the Half Dead, Chaos Druid
Level: 14
Race: Undead
Type: Boss
AT: Magic
DT: Wards
OT: Solo
TT: Ranged
Wounds max: 2
Denny TheWench ~ Moon Elf Ranger
Pethedine ~ Storm Lord
Slasher White ~ Dwarven Beserker
Silks ~ Agent
Mr Boner ~ Black Seer
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OK this is for my next character Slasher White(I've added the client in the mean time )
Location: Ruins of Al'Balvol
Farodhaun the Wolf, Orc Chieftain Level(s): 8,7 Race: Goblinoid TOAD: (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Armor)
Qurg of the Mist, Orc Illusionist Level(s): 9 Race: Goblinoid TOAD: (Ranged, Group, Magic, Evasion)
Murkleod, Scourge of the Highlands Level(s): 9 Race: Goblinoid TOAD: (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor)

Location: Sliverghoul Burrow
The Grub Wall Level(s): 11 Race: Beast TOAD: (Melee, Group, Physical, Armor)
Celma, Witch of Five Warts Level(s): 11 Race: Humanoid TOAD: (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Julthame the Accursed Level(s): 11 Race: Humanoid TOAD: (Hybrid, Monstrosity, Magic, Evasion)

Location: The Blasted Stone
Nigret the Match, Spectral Goblin Saboteur Level(s): 13 Race: Undead TOAD: (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Evasion)
Snoozy Hoff, Spectral Dwarven Guard Captain Level(s): 12 Race: Undead TOAD: (Melee, Solo, Physical, Armor)

This is for Silks - only 3 bosses in 150 rolls!
Location: Mysterious Fortress
Snickerdust, Deep Pixie Ring Leader Level(s): 9 Race: Fae TOAD: (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Evasion)
Chief Three Horns Level(s): 12,11 Race: Goblinoid TOAD: (Melee, Monstrosity, Physical, Armor)
Ulu, Devourer of Limbs Level(s): 9 Race: Undead TOAD: (Melee, Solo, Stealth, Armor)

this is for Mr Bones only 2 bosses in 150 rolls... just not finding the sub-locations
Location: Temple of Xaivann
Cassina of the Chains, Moon Elf Banshee Level(s): 7 Race: Undead TOAD: (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Location: Ruins of Al'Balvol
Tuff Nog the Blue Skin, Ogre Bossman Level(s): 9 Race: Giantkin TOAD: (Hybrid, Solo, Physical, Wards)
Denny TheWench ~ Moon Elf Ranger
Pethedine ~ Storm Lord
Slasher White ~ Dwarven Beserker
Silks ~ Agent
Mr Boner ~ Black Seer

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I doubt you want to deal with the Blight, since bosses work differently there. You can meet bosses just exploring normally, where as going into sub-locations present elite bosses (which take a heck of a lot of hits to take down - usually around 14 or 15). But I can give you the names of the sub-local type places if you're interested.

But actual sublocation bosses:

Shattered Highlands
Silverghoul Burrow (8-11)
The Grub Wall Lvl 11 Beast (Melee, Group, Physical, Armour)

The Forbidden Hall (19-23)
Master Yondishu of the Tengu Lvl 23 Undead (Hybrid, Monst, Magic, Armour)

The Twisted Oak (17-21)
Unstoppable Chattering Squirrel Horde Lvl 19, 21 Beast (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion) (Be afraid of the squirrels! :P )

Vile Keep (29-32)
The Hypno Chunk Lvl 30 Goo (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)

Earthmaw (33-36)
Huge Skitterbug Queen Lvl 34, 35, 36 Insect (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Skruff the Cave Skroof Chieftain Lvl 36 Humanoid (Melee, Group, Physical, Evasion)
Quetalos the Maw Bound, Skeletal Dragon Lvl 36 Undead (Hybrid, Monst, Magic, Wards)
Reinbarro the Insane, Portal Mage Lvl 36 Humanoid (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Eva)
Skugg, Assassin of the Swamp Skroof Lvl 36 Humanoid (Hybrid, Solo, Stealth, Armour)

Crypt of Nieva (35-38)
Five Mouth Fenster, Vixx Demon Lvl 36, 38 Demon (Hybrid, Monst, Stealth, Eva)
Devenus the Eternal Lvl 36, 37, 38 Undead (Ranged, Solo, Magic, Wards)
Old King Nieva, Grand Mummy Lvl 37, 38 Undead (Melee, Group, Mag, Wards)
The Royal Mummy Legion Lvl 38 Undead (Melee, Group, Mag, Wards)
Gigantic Rubyshell Scarab Lvl 37, 38 Insect (Melee, Monst, Physical, Armour)
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sub-locations bosses

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