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Old 04-30-2010, 08:15 PM
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Sirenna waited for eons, before she cautiously pushed the swinging door opened a crack and poked her golden head out. Holding her breath, her eyes searched the area - checking if the scene was clear. For the most part, it seemed the injured man had been hauled off and everything was back to normal. A huge smile filled her face, even as she sighed in relief. Genius really, she told herself, smugly tossing her hair over her shoulder as she backed away from the entrance gently. I knew that girl was good for something!

Upon hearing the backdoor slam hard, the girl jumped guilty and slowly turned with her head ducked - half expecting Bruce would be there glowering at her.

?Just getting towels, I?ll be right there!? She started to call out in a sing-song voice. ?Eh Wit?? Her voice shifted to relief, as the bartender blinked with surprise. Then, realizing where she was, she straightened and rearranged her face to show annoyance.

?What are you doing here??

She stepped away from the kitchen door and daintily made her way to her brother, frowning down at the single mud print formed conveniently within the backdoor. ?Well I?m not cleaning that up,? She said, throwing a towel into his face.

?Ugh, dry yourself before you flood the kitchen kiddo. The cook is still mad at you for borrowing his cheese grater - say why?d you need a cheese grater for anyways?? She started to turn away from the boy, when the woman suddenly remembered something. This time, when she whirled around, a excited gleam lit her blue eyes...

?Say? you didn?t happen to bring the Evaporator with you hmm??
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