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Old 05-05-2013, 08:50 PM
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Default Motor World - iOS (free)

Here's an amusing "collection" game with a twist:
* https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/moto...580666714?mt=8
Basically, you own a car garage, and you're making cars.
You can mix and match "breed" the cars (not like that) to create new car hybrids.
Even silly stuff like Mix a monster truck with a space shuttle to create a monster shuttle. . . o_O
Or a mini car + helicopter. Up to 1000 cars in total are planned according to the developer

Car list in progress, currently about 100, so it's still fresh:
* http://motorworld.wikia.com/wiki/List:Cars

I'm looking for 3 things:
* You to try the game and enjoy it.
* Enter the code " HNGG410 " at the end of the tutorial. I need exactly 9 more referrals to unlock a rare car, so I can add it's details to the wiki.
* Someone who "just started" the game to be able to fill out the middle column on the car list (link above). I'm a sucker for completion :P

Best of all,. I suppose.
Project 88 - yes, THAT, exists in this game and can be unlocked. (And Doc is a zombie)

The game also has a drag-racing feature, so feel free to challenge me to a duel.
Tip: If you use the 1 or 2 cash option, you will unlock 2 unique race cars.
Tip2: You don't have to spend a dollar on this game, it's free, and you can get "cash" by completing random search events. I've gotten 2 high end workers that way.

I'm currently researching the TANK, so I can breed it with the Project 88 - Can't wait to see the result of that!
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