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Old 01-09-2017, 11:40 AM
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Default EvE Online

Im just gonna put this here....

I asked earlier if anyone played this game on another thread. It got 42 views and no replies. Figured make an official thread for it because i saw an official thread for starbound and a couple other titles. Anyway in eve i am known as Gerald Mardiska i prefer to commit dasterdly acts of piracy, run incursions, run lvl 4 missions in my machariel or paladin, and if i am bored with that i go back to being a bastard in losec or null depending on the situation. I also have an industry alt whose name shall not be revealed. Sometimes i do mining and hauling. My PvPisms are destroyer/cruiser/battleship shenannigans. My Megathron tears it up i used to put carriers down with it. I also like being a bastard in my broadsword. Oh and all t1 haulers must DIE, squishy pieces of crap. (Unless ofc its being used in a "specialized" role). My industrial-isms are well....to...uh.....fly a freighter. I do mining with my skiff but mining SUCKS. Sometimes having a 45m sp mining toon just doesent pay. Anyway thats the short and sweet of it~ish. Whats your story? If youbdecide to hit up on gerald please dont waste my time he is going to be very busy these next few months.
Trodaa Cas
Ilanus Oyrusricar
Jcanth the Merciless (dead, killed by Trodaa)
Eclipsus (might delete this one soon)
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