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Old 08-31-2008, 08:01 AM
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Default Level 50+ content now live!

To all our high level champions and heroes..

We're pleased to announce that the temporary limit on XP has been removed, and the level 50+ content is now active.

Specifically, you'll find that you can now:

1) Explore the first of three ultimate locations, known as The Blight.
2) Purchase exciting new equipment which you upgrade and personalize rather than replace.
3) Use Ultimate Points to further upgrade and customize your gear and followers.

Additionally, we've redone the XP Debt system slightly, to make it a little less harsh for higher level players. Since doing this, we've taken the liberty of wiping everyone's existing debt.

Last but not least, we've also given out a free advantage to all players who reached level 50 with a character called the Veteran Drinkers Mug. This mug is a limited freeby which we're only going to give to players until the end of September, after which there will be no way to get it ever again. It's just a little thank you to people who've been with us from the early days. If you reach level 50, drop us a line in the forums or wait for us to notice and we'll make sure you get it placed on your character.

I hope you guys enjoy the new options for high level play, and we're more than happy to listen to feedback on it (particularly if you find bugs).

In addition to at least another 2 Ultimate locations in the works, this is just the first of many improvements and additions that we have lined up for the game to make it a broader experience.

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