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Old 07-14-2008, 12:41 PM
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Default New Zones Coming Soon

Just a quick note to let you all know that besides the level 50+ content (which has taken a little longer than we hoped to get finished), we're also planning on releasing another location.

Coming Soon: The Daggerspine Mountains [Levels 10-25]
A forested mountain wilderness which pioneers have been trying to tame for centuries to varying degree. Lots of new monsters, loot and 8 new sub-locations to be found and plundered.

I'm also happy to announce our first level 50+ zone!

Coming Soon: The Blight [Levels 50+]
The Blight is filled the over 400 different Dragons, Undead, Goblinoids and Giantkin, as well as a host of other monsters, making it our biggest location ever! And this isn't even including the sub-locations which are at least twice as big as other sub-locations in the under 50 content. Thats more bosses, more minions, and the surprises don't stop there.

Update: Content Complete for this zone. Still testing 50+ Functionality so not quite there yet, but almost.

As I said earlier, the level 50+ content is well on its way and we're hoping to have it in, in the very near future.
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