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Old 10-20-2008, 02:44 AM
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'Kay. Fleshing out Elrin a little bit, here.

Name: Elrin Windheart
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Storm Lord

Equipment: A wizard's staff, resembling a traditional walking stick with a crystal orb attached to the head, which he uses as a focus for most of his magic. Speaking of magic, the spellbook at his side contains an abundance of spells, all dealing with lightning, wind, rain, or ice. He's committed a few basic spells to memory, but requires the book to remember most of them. He also carries a concealed dagger in his boot, but rarely uses it, and never speaks of it.

Skills: Elrin is a Storm Lord. A fairly adept one, too. Therefor, he uses magic dealing with the weather, and he shows particular skill in manipulating wind. Aside from magic, Elrin seems to have a silver tongue; he's fairly good at acting, bluffing, and fasttalking. He also has some skill at thievery, although he'll deny it if confronted about it.

Appearance: He stands a few inches below six feet tall. He's fair-skinned, and has dark shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. Wears a dark blue robe. Fairly good-looking, too. He's almost never caught without a grin on his face.

History: Little is known about Elrin's past. He tends to artfully dodge any specific questions of his past, but he does let things slip from time to time. If such slip-ups are to be trusted, he grew up on the streets at Blister Peak until he began showing magical potential and enrolled in the Blister Peak Academy. Presumably, he sees adventuring as a way to escape from the life of poverty that otherwise awaited him.
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Old 10-22-2008, 09:06 PM
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Elrin Windheart is approved.
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Old 10-23-2008, 01:26 AM
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I like Elrin
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Old 10-23-2008, 07:18 AM
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i)Name: Kyle Haury

ii)Gender: Male

iii)Race: Human

iv)Class: He is part of a group which consist of Elite mercenaries battle hardened trough years of missions and wars they have participated in for Glory, Fame, and Gold. Wherever there is a job that pays high they don’t care whether it was attacking a monster or there own kind.

v)Weapons, Equipment, and Tools: Kyle wears an armor made of pure metal which is three inches thick also along with this he wears the same kind of armor metal from his waist to his feet which is enchanted to make it harder for enchanted weapon to pierce his armor and also that can make him less visible, with this he carries a large sword which is almost 6 feet tall and also 1 feet wide. And also a various of throwing knife and hunting knives at his disposal and a loyal pet eagle.

vi)Skills: Trough extensive training he has trained himself not to feel pain and also to move very fast even thou his armor weighs a lot, apart from his training his speed exceptional speed and strength did not only come from extensive training. His friend that was a Sorcerer gave a ring which did increase his speed and strength. And because of this he can move trough and run without making any noise what so ever.. Also trying to learn a few magical spells himself from his friend only granted him to imbue his sword with magical elements but he still can to do this for only a few seconds he still has to master the elements. He tried once to try to learn a spell how to heal himself but failed..

vi)Appearance: He is 5,8 in height with a muscular heroic body developed from wearing such a heavy armor, on his body you can find a lot of body scars that can tell you that he has been trough a lot of battles and wars but the one that stands out is the one at his back that start from his back from the bottom right of his neck to the lower back right side. His face always void of emotion and his eyes are so cold they almost makes him look like soulless.

vii)Character History:

Once there was a family that lived by a countryside, the father was a farmer they had Wheat and Veggies as there primary crop and also they also had animal which consisted of sheep and pigs and apart from being a farmer he was also a part of the militia in there town that guarded her gates and kept her citizens safe from harm, his wife also helped him with the farming and also was a weaver for the town making clothes for people. They were living a happy life it was as if they could not ask for nothing more.

Then even more blessings came the farmers wife bore a son it was one of the happiest moment of there life they called the child “Kyle Haury”. When the child was born into their lives everything went smoother the love they felt for each other heightened to great levels and also they loved their child dearly.

As the child turned four years old his father would take him to the field to tend to their crop and usually when they were resting by the side of a tree the father would teach his son Kyle how to fight with a sword but of course only letting his son only hold a wooden, which made Kyle a bit furious coz he wanted to hold a real sword in which his father always responded with a smile to his burst of emotion and said. ” In due time my son, in due time.” They lived like this until one faithful day when Kyle was already 6 years of age.

On the outskirts of town there were mercenaries hired by the dead clan to attack human settlements so it would cause disturbance and the humans might think there own are attacking them.

It was sunset when the mercenaries attacked the town by surprise the militia had no time to form nor to even fight back most of them did not even had the chance to have a weapon and fight back, most of them tried and were slain along with them was the father of Kyle he was among the slain town villagers, Kyle was almost killed but the leader of the group was amused at how Kyle tried to fight back that he adopted Kyle as his own son and decided to teach him everything he know at first Kyle did not want to and stayed stubborn and fought back, But little by little the leader broke Kyle and molded him into his own image even better.

Kyle grew up cold and bitter without any feelings in short he was heartless and with a taste for blood, he was trained in combat by the age of 20’s he was a well hardened mercenary. They traveled the lands working for the three kingdoms whichever paid the highest at the time.

Traveling from one location to another has earned him a knack to learn new techniques from people who he meets, on one of his adventures he met a mage which thought him how to imbue his sword with elemental magic but he could only do it for a few seconds, also with this the mage imbued his armor with enchants that will protect hima nd gave him aring to enhance his strength and speed.

After growing stronger he killed his own men and the man that was the reason his parent were dead and set off to his own adventures and hang around the tavern to drink and relax after each adventure..
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Old 10-29-2008, 03:38 AM
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(I hope I can still join this late into the story)

Name: Oloo BloodVain
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 17
Lineage: Bonekeep University
Class: Necromancer

Weapons, Equipment, and tools:
Oloo carries a staff that stands tall at 7’0’’ and is made of two branches. The branches of the staff are twisted together with dark magic to hold them in place and on the top they make an almost enclosed circle where a metal pentagram free floats. On his side he carries two silver daggers that have the names of his mother and father engraved into the blade.

Oloo wears a loosely fitted black robe over his body that serves only to keep him warm. His protection comes from his breastplate mad of bones. Forged from a Bone Lord that collected bones from a battle field he custom fitted the armor to him. With his request the Bone Lord added a personal design the armor, making it look like a ribcage. Attached to the shoulder plates is a skull, on his right, the top half of a lizard man’s skull and the left, the front half of a troll’s.

Oloo carries the basic tools for survival in his knapsack, such items as a pan, flint, rope, a bedroll, a canvas tent and other small random tools. However his two most prized tools are Hugh and Callias Kilcannon, both are twin bothers that died on the battle field but with the help of an animator and two other Necromancers were revived to serve him. They retained a lot of there former memories of their past as soldiers and retained their most basic skills, such as being able to wield a claymore and the ability to fight in full body platemail.

Skills: Like all necromancers Oloo has the ability to bind the souls of the dead, allowing them to create wall after wall of unflinching undead. But he took a different path with his dark magic; instead of summoning walls of undead he found the corpses of two twin brothers Hugh Kilcannon and Callias Kilcannon. After finding their corpses he tossed them into a cart and carried them back to a dark temple. There an Animator added the parts that were missing along with flesh, than with the help of other Necromancers they bound their souls to their newly formed bodies. Controlling these two “undead body guards” of his takes most of his concentration; thus, not allowing him to summon hordes of undead like the others. He uses most of his remaining power in his staff, were he focuses the power into the incomplete circle at the top of his staff. There he focuses the power into a solid force that can be used into a few different ways. He can either send the solid mass of energy hurtling through the air as a projectile or center it on the pentagram that freely floats on top of his staff and use it as a make shift club of sort.

Appearance: Standing at 6’2’’ he has an athletic body build which makes him a good runner, which he uses on the battle field for he like to have his body guards go most of his fighting. Over his body are many ritualistic tattoos that are a ghostly white that matches his long flowing hair. Over his tattoos he wears a black robe that has a breastplate made of bones and shoulder guards make of skulls over it. Hugh and Callias on the other hand wear identical full body voidsteel platemail with helmets that have the visor locked in the upright position. Strapped to their backs is a claymore, Hugh’s claymore sticks off from behind his right shoulder while Callias’s claymore stiffs out from his left.

History: Well there is not a lot to say about Oloo. He comes from a family were he is the youngest of seven children; he has four sisters and two brothers. From oldest to youngest they are listed like this dad 53, mom 47, sister 27, sister 24, sister 24, brother 22, brother 22, sister 19, than him at age 17. With a family of nine people it was hard to make a living and the only reason that they even survived was that his family was in the upper middleclass rank in society.

At the young age of 13 he was taken off to attend Bonekeep University. Normally you would have to be 15 years old to attend schooling there but with the help of a nobleman he was granted permission to join. Life at the school was not easy for him, for many of the students picked on and teased him for being there. He never let it get tom him though, for he didn’t have time for it with all the studying he had to do. After class he could be found in the library or in his room doing homework or studying books for classes he was not even attending. When his dark arts teacher saw him doing this he helped him out by providing him with some components to actually put the things he was learning into practice. Looking up to his teacher as a mentor he could be found with him most of the time practicing his arts.

Looking up to him so much, he decided that he would show his teacher how much he had learned by showing him a spell he thought he had learned. Halfway through the ritual something went wrong and he paid a price for it. His hair turned a ghostly white and ritualistic tattoos formed over his body, making him even more of an outcast to the other students. He hid his body under a black robe he bought and always wore a hood to cover his hair; he was ashamed that he could not complete the ritual. His teacher however forced him back into studying the dark arts and he eventually he started to show he hair and his tattoos. The students looked at his with awe when they saw what hade happened to him, for many of them knew that they would have died if they would have been that foolish.

Upon graduation of the University he said goodbye to his teacher and headed out into the world. Not more than a month later he enlisted a Bone Lord and had him forge him his armor from monsters he had slain. After that he wondered around the lands for awhile until he heard of the gravesites of two legendary soldiers. Hugh and Callias Kilcannon, he dug their corpses up from the grave and enlisted the help of an Animator to fill in the missing part and to give them flesh, than with the help of two other Necromancers raised them from the dead. Keeping them in his control took most of his concentration but after awhile they became much easier to manipulate. Wondering the world he used the skills of his two “undead body guards” and his own to defeat many foes but his ultimate goal is to one day serve in the military.

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Old 10-29-2008, 07:55 AM
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I'd like to join too, if it's not too late. I'll be using my Sanctioned Alchemist, the same one I posted in the Character Profiles sticky up top. Since it is the exact same character, is just a link to her profile acceptable, since the fields for that sheet are basically the same as the one here? If not, I'll repost her profile in this thread, or modify it, depending on what you want.
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Old 10-29-2008, 09:51 AM
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I guess shouldn't be too late. Haha... but's it up to Shedek. Though I can tell you for sure that a 17 year old Undead Lich has a high chance of being a nono.

Character Profiles: Lysiris Farandir & Iridris Farandir
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Old 10-29-2008, 02:52 PM
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great character profile Bamboo! I think I`d like to have her at my side! ...for the Empire, of course
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Old 10-29-2008, 04:07 PM
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Oooh...wait...can we defect sides and become the bad guy???


And welcome! I love your character...would be wonderful to meet her in a story
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