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Old 08-27-2010, 12:32 AM
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Default a tip

i don't know how many people will have the patience to do this but it only seems fair to let you decide if you want to do it
when you first start playing your base chance is nice and high but that won't last long and you won't have the skill points to take make up for it yet so there is only one option left.
equipment! but you propable don't have the money which means you need to gamble to get some!
this can be risky but if you are careful you can elimante some of the risk here is how
you earn a decent amount first (i'll leave that for you to decide) then return to the tavern and start gambling
when you gamble only put down 1 coin and keep betting that repeatedly! eventualy you will see a pattern emerge and when you think you have got a good chance bet big.this is still risky and the pattern will reset so there is no full proof system!it still comes down to luckbut it can also pay of big so you can get that better stuff to give you that advantage good luck
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Old 08-27-2010, 09:53 PM
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Thats not a tip its a grand master plan. I agree totally this is a sure way to win whilst gambling in DT.

Also and this is a tip, do not gamble to make up what you have lost. Odds are you will walk away from less. If you made 300,000 and lose 100,000 do not make a rash 100,000 bet to make it up. Just walk away with your winnings and go back the next day.

Always stick the the above posters plan if you want money, its proven to work and earn big bucks, there is no real reason to make crazy bets.

I usually start with a small amount ie 10k gamble in small bets of 500 and so, after 15 minutes if you guess correctly you can be 40k, and so on, after 30 mins you should be 100k if you guessed correctly. Then you can start increasing bets from 500 to 5000, for faster income. And again do not bet to recouperate a loss, just bet sensibly and patiently.
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