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Old 07-04-2008, 04:17 AM
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Default Acaleya's Adventure

Acaleya stumbled into the Dragon Tavern in a pretty foul mood. She had just finished walking though the Sludge Pits and was more than glad to return to the tavern for a rest. She stumbled up to the bar and slammed down some coins.

"Room. Now." The bartender took the money, handed her a key and turned away. She grunted and went to her room. She locked the door, stripped out of her armor and fell face down on the bed.

Cassandra came in a few moments after her and sat down at the bar. Several people wisely moved away from her. "Ace upstairs?"

"Yeah." the barkeep replied, looking at her sideways. "You don't smell of muck like she does?"

"I never get close to my kills." Cassandra's brown eyes glittered with playful malice as she continued speaking. "Ace is good for that sort of thing, the only annoying thing is that she had to bring that Autumn with her."

"I heard that," Autumn the last member of the party sat down next to Cassandra and ordered for the both of them. "You're just mad because she likes me better than you."

Cassandra glared at Autumn but the girl was no longer paying attention. In fast, Autumn was carefully undoing her braided hair. Cassandra opened her mouth to say something else, but instead turned away and tended to her drink.

Autumn smiled to herself, the green-eyed girl loved riling up the Seer. She had never been afraid of Cassandra from the first time Ace had introduced the two of them. It was Cassandra's powers that shared her; not Cassandra herself. She still saw the slightly scared girl who had been introduced to her through their mutual friend.

Autumn's other friends and her sister Neeve especially didn't understand how Autumn could hang around Deadlanders. The two of them did sometimes scare her, but they were interesting and that was enough for Autumn.

"We'd better rest, Acaleya will want to go out again tomarrow." Cassandra said, standing up. The barkeep simply pointed Cassandra on while Autumn paid for their two rooms. Tomarrow would come quickly no doubt.
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Old 07-04-2008, 04:30 AM
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Nice short story I liked it..! it has the begginning of something fine..
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Old 07-05-2008, 01:26 AM
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Default Part 2

Acaleya crept into Cassandra's room while the moon was still moving over the sky. Cassandra glowed faintly green from the earlier exploring they had done. Acaleya smiled as Cassandra glanced over at her. Acaleya placed her chin on the girl's neck and said softly, "It's you I like better."

"See, I knew it." Cassandra said, grinning. "When do we drop her?"

"She's going back home for a while, that sister of hers is trying to make her quit as a Sky Guard. Autumn was complaining about some boy she has to marry. Neeve doesn't like me, but I keep her out of trouble so she tolerates me at least." Acaleya gently kissed Cassandra's shoulder and said, "Budge over, Autumn will probably sleep late."

Cassandra slid over and the two girls immediately fell asleep together.


Autumn came down and sat at one of the tables. A plate was placed in front of her and she grinned at the tavern wench. "I love your what are these things called?"

"Omelets, a elf once gave me the recipe." she replied, grinning as Autumn dug in. Acaleya came down the steps wearing her bone armor, she looked and smelled far better than she had the night before.

"I take one of those for myself as well. Bring Cassie some fruit and porriage." Acaleya said, before the girl could fully move away. With a swift bow, she retreated. Autumn frowned, "You didn't have to do that, you know."

"It's what I do. Plus the girl was staring at my neck, you know I hate it when people do that." She rubbed the thick scar that ringed her neck. Autumn looked away, that was the one thing Acaleya never would speak about. Autumn only knew that it had happened when the girl was little.

"Wait a minute did you call her Cassie! Cassandra hates nicknames, you told me that yourself."

"That's true, but I don't mind when Ace does so." Cassandra sat down slowly, her robes giving her an oddly ghostly appearance. The wench came back and sat both plates down and left before Autumn could thank her. The bone lord and seer wasn't paying attention, they were talking quietly to each other and holding hands.

"You two are-"

"We are." Cassandra said, looking up from fruit bowl. "You don't have a problem with that do you?"

"No." Autumn said, quietly. She looked at Acaleya who met her gaze evenly.

"I told you that it wouldn't work out. Your family would never accept me and they full expect you to marry and stop being a sky guard. You said, you were tired of the adventuring life and you were thinking of settling down-"

"With you! Why else would I spend my time with you, why else would I have to deal with her!" She glared at Cassandra. The tavern had been filling up and several people where looking at them. Autumn stuck her nose in the air and said coldly, "I'll make my own way home!"

"Do that." Cassandra responded just as coolly. Autumn looked at Acaleya, who simply raised an eyebrow. Autumn ran out, tears in her eyes. Cassandra squeezed her hand once.

"It's for the best." Acaleya said, quietly. "I was getting annoying with her constant cheeriness." Cassandra glared at the people who were staring and they returned back to their drink and food.
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Old 07-05-2008, 01:31 PM
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Aviaquas Icemender recalls...

"Aye, I remember those three. Me abdomen's still slightly concave from the time I tried to flirt with the surly one (what a woman!) I must o' been out in the woods lookin' fer trouble when the whole love triangle thing happened, though. That's me, Ol' Avvie: always missin' the good stuff.

"Anyway, keep catchin' me up on the details. I got nowhere to go and no means to get there."
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Old 07-08-2008, 08:01 AM
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Autumn was rubbing tears from her eyes as she rode. A part of her wanted to turn around go back and beg Ace to ride with her the rest of the way. She didn't want to hear Neeve say, 'Told ya so. You can't trust them.'

'I feel the same way about that moon elf friend of yours but I don't mutter about every chance I got.' Autumn thought, thinking about Narcissa Drey who rubbed the girl the wrong way just by breathing. She clicked to her silverclaw eagle, Lance and flew over the tavern and back toward her home. She paid no attention to Acaleya and Cassandra leaving the tavern and going in the opposite direction.

Acaleya was feeling better as they set out for home. Cassandra smiled at her and she felt she had made the right decision. "You know, maybe we can go find that new cave and do some exploring."

"Sounds good to me." Cassandra said, moving her horse beside Acaleya's. She snapped the reins and moved quickly in front of her girlfriend, laughing out loud as Acaleya cursed behind her. The bonelord looked angry but Cassandra could see that the girl didn't actually mean it. She was just about to turn around when she was surrounded by all sides.

The goblins reached for Cassandra's horse who screamed and bolted. Cassandra gathered up her left over death magic and let it flow out in a circle of death around her. The goblins barely had to time to scream before her magic choked their lifeforce. She smiled as she called her magic back which swelled from all the deaths she had just caused.

Acaleya was using whirling her bladed chain and slicing whoever came close with her claw. Acaleya had trained her horse herself, and it stood almost completely still until the goblins had came close. Nightmare was what her parents had called the horse, but she loved him and has he snapped and bit at any who try to come too close, she loved the horse even more. It wasn't long before they were all laying dead on the ground. Cassandra bent over her dead goblins who turned to dust when she stood up.

"I'll walk for a bit." Cassandra glowed faintly green again and even Nightmare shied away from the death stench that was all around her. Cassandra watched as Acaleya calmed the horse and they continued on their way.

Meanwhile, Autumn was dodging arrows as she tried to get close to the elves that were firing on her. She had known better than to fly near to their settlement, but it was the fastest way. "Dive, Lance." It let out a screech then dived bombed the moonelves. Autumn grinned as she paried some of the bolder elves that tried to stick her precious Lance. She rose high up in the air and laughed out loud when they couldn't reach her. She thumbed her nose at them and went on her way, laughing the whole time.
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Old 07-11-2008, 05:40 PM
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Neeve was waiting on Autumn when she arrived at their home. The girl was still laughing as she landed in a shower of dust in front of the house. Neeve covered her eyes and when the dust had settled glared at her cousin.

"Did you have to do that?!" Neeve yelled. Autumn shrugged, her angry mood coming back now on seeing Neeve. Neeve frowned at looked at Autumn before sighing and saying in a soft voice, "Narcissa was killed trying to come to see me."

"What, but the elves are our allies...you tell me that all the time!" Neeve was shaking her head and Autumn suddenly felt sorry for her cousin. She and Narcissa had practually grew up together.

"But that's where you come in." Neeve grabbed her arm and led her inside. Autumn and Neeve's mothers who were talking softly suddenly stopped when they entered. Autumn stared at the two women, they were like night and day. Both Neeve and her mother had long black hair that flowed down their backs and the same olive skin, but while Neeve's eyes were green, her mothers were a dull brown. Autumn often though she looked nothing like her mother. Her mother had alabaster skin and odd golden eyes. Even her hair was different, her mother hair was cut in a short boyish style that complimented her childish face. She and Neeve favored each other more and mother often did not like to talk about the man that had been Autumn's father.

"What's going on here?" Autumn asked, suddenly suspicious. Their mother's exchanged looks until a man entered the room.

"So this is Autumn," the newcomer was saying. Autumn turned toward Neeve but the man spun her around to face him. "So you are my bride to be?" His eyes roamed over her body then up at her face. Autumn's spear was lightly poking his chest.

"Back away or I will skewer you."

"She has spirit as well." He moved like lightning and her spear went flying out of her hand. She turned to grab it but he kicked it out of the way. "My name is Tenolas, Tenolas Dray. What your cousin should have told you was this, my sister was killed because she was in love with Neeve here."

He sneered at Neeve and she looked away; so did Autumn's mother. Autumn's eyes narrowed and she turned to Tenolas, "What does this have to do with me?"

"Have you ever heard the saying an eye for an eye?" he asked.

"Yes, they often spoke of that at Hearthfire Academy. You elves are well known for living your lives by that statement."

He nodded, "Very good, Autumn. Now what does that mean for you?" But Autumn was already ahead of him and whirled around to face her cousin, "Why isn't Neeve going to be your wife! She's the elf lover not me!"

"No, you just like deadlanders." Neeve said, quietly. Autumn was about to launch herself on her cousin when she was held back by Tenolas. Autumn fault for a moment then sagged, the fight gone. For the first time since earlier this morning with Ace and Cassandra, Autumn cried.

"I'm so sorry, Autumn!" her mother cried, trying to reach for her. Tenolas shook his head at the woman.

"Go away all of you!" Tenolas said, coldly. "None of you have any right to comfort her." He handed her a silken hankerchief. She looked at him through teary eyes and took it without a word. He knelt down beside her and said softly, "I am sorry that things ended this way. I am not a deadlander but I shall be the best husband I can be."

"Do I have to give up being a Sky Guard?" she asked, timidly. Tenolas couldn't help but smile at this timid question.

"No, little one. I know that you enjoy flying on that bird of yours."

"His name is Lance, you know." she said, still sniffing. "If you call him bird, he would gut you. He's a mighty eagle, my Lance."

"Get your things, I will wait here." He bent forward and kissed her forehead. She gave him another teary smile and left.

Cassandra was pulled up on Nightmare's back when it started to get dark. She made herself as comfortable as she could. Acaleya wrapped an arm around the girl and Cassandra snuggled close.

"How much longer until we find a nice campsite?" Cassandra asked.

"Shouldn't be long now, I don't think Lord Xerxes will have a problem if I slow down a bit."

"You never did tell me what he wanted you to bring back." Acaleya looked at the seer for a moment. "I guess I can tell you."

"It's a sunsteel spectre with a firey blue stone. He's building something and the spectre is part of it."

"Sounds too much like that storm magic the stormlords use." Cassandra replied. Acaleya shrugged, she did not care for stormlords. She decided not to think about Autumn. 'I'm done with Mounties, they're nothing but trouble.'

Cassandra cried out and Acaleya focused on a small cave which looked a bit promising. "We'll camp outside the cave then go though it, it should take us closer to the entrance of the Deadlands."
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"Please Autumn you must understand why we did this." Her mother tried to explain as Autumn packed her bags.

"I don't understand why! This is all Neeve's stupid fault, if she had simply told Narcissa she wasn't interested, I wouldn't be marrying her brother!"

"He won't accept Neeve as his wife, he blames her for the death of his sister. I know you don't like this, but you were our only choice." Tears rolled down Autumn's eyes as her mother continued to speak. The woman went quiet when Autumn stared at her coldly.

"Do not give me anymore of your excuses! I don't want to hear it, you had no intention of letting Neeve go. The two of you have always liked her better than me."

"That's not true, Autumn. We love you just has much as Neeve."

"Pure BS, Mother. I was not born yesterday. You don't have to worry about me now, I will be Tenolas' wife and I will learn to live as a Moon Elf. But here this, I never want to see you, Neeve or Aunt Iris ever again. You are dead to me." Her mother gasped and Autumn went back downstairs.

"Autumn!" her mother cried. Autumn ignored her mother's horrified cry and walked toward Tenolas. He smiled gently at her and helped her with her bags. Neeve stood frozen as Autumn walked past her to Lance. The griffin squawked when the bags where added but quieted as Autumn talked to it.

"I will follow on horseback, Autumn." Tenolas said, loading his horse with the rest of her bags. She nodded and took to the sky winging her way back to the forest.

(Sorry it's so short, my muse up and left me. And I've been playing too much Perfect World.)
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