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Old 09-28-2008, 04:15 AM
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Default A couple of notes

Just a few notices to let you guys know:

1) We've upgraded the hardware for the game again. It's already done, however some of you may see our redirection page when you logged in for a few days until the DNS updates across the net.

At the risk of jinxing ourselves, we're confident that this server upgrade will make a huge improvement to the game's speed and reliability at peak times, and give us a lot of room to expand the functionality of the game. As always, the roach catchers forum is the best place to post any server 'weirdness' that you encounter to let us know about it.

2) We're putting the finishing touches on a new area, mentioned a while back called Daggerspine. Expect to see this very soon.

3) There's only a few days left of the Veterans Mug free reward for anyone who reaches level 50 by the end of September. So if you're the type who simply has to have everything, and you're close to level 50, I'd recommend using up every available AP left on your character to get over the line. If we haven't given it to you yet and you're over 50, don't despair. We'll be taking a list of everyone at the end of the month who should have it, and will go through one by one and add the mug to your list of advantages.


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