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Old 10-03-2008, 12:23 AM
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Cool Daggerspine Awaits!

On entering the Dragon Tavern for a drink, you notice a group of adventurers huddled around the 'Help Wanted' noticeboard. A small note has been stuck to it, held in place with a dagger. It reads:

"Daggerspine Mountains frontier community needs the help of worthy adventurers to help pacify and clear the surrounding lands to make it suitable for the good people of this land to live in. While we can't promise you great pay, there are many old ruins to explore and villains to vanquish, said to be guarding piles of ill gotten gains, ripe for the plunder. Interested parties should report to the Daggerspine frontiersman settlement..."

The rest of the note has been torn off, no doubt by some overeager adventurer wishing to get the jump on competition by getting there first and making it harder for other adventurers to follow. Still, you're pretty sure you know how to get there, so if you're interested, now's the time!

Dragon Tavern News
  • Dragon Tavern is proud to announce the opening of a new location for levels 10-25, the Daggerspine Mountains.
  • For those of you who don't know, we've also significantly upgraded our hardware recently and done a lot of code optimisation. The action should continue to stay fast in peak usage times, making it a more enjoyable gameplay experience for one and all.
  • We've expanded greatly on other social aspects of the game, such as real-time rankings, which are integrated with the revamped compatition groups.
  • It's with no small amount of satisfaction that we announce we have reached 100,000 accounts for the game since we launched in May 2008.
All this, in combination with the recently released ultimate content for players who reach level 50, including endless locations, weaponry and gear you upgrade rather than replace, and the ability to even give your powerful artifact weapons their own name! The ultimate locations are roughly 5 times as big as the locations you're already used to, so there's a lot to discover, beat up and loot out there.

There's more than ever to do in Dragon Tavern, and this is just the beginning of what we have in store.


- Dragon Tavern


The above is the latest email update we've just sent out -- if you'd like to receive such updates by email, make sure you have your Email Address listed in your Account (you can check via "Account Settings") and that you've checked the box!

- DM.
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