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Default Image Pack

I was reminded of this idea after reading the more on new art thread. The idea is simple (though I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement), and is done in a few other online games.

It would be done thusly: The player would download from the site a (zipped) folder full of images and unzip them to a specific location, and change a few browser settings. The server would then tell the player's computer to display the images on the screen instead of the images from the server.

This has several advantages:

Custom imagery-you could simply save a new picture over the old one and it would show that image instead, as only the image name has to match.

Reduced server load-as it only has to tell the player's computer which images to show rather than send the images to the computer, it would save a lot of bandwidth, as simple commands are much smaller and easier to distribute than images. This saves money, which you can use to implement more changes or buy more beer

Faster page loads-As the images would already be on the player's computer, they would have much quicker load times.

There are some disadvantages though:

short term inconvenience-If new images are added, the player will have to save those under the appropriate filename, or re-download the imagepack and restore their custom image pack

Doesn't work with some browsers-Some browsers, such as Chrome and Opera don't seem to allow local images

Can be complicated-It could be complicated allowing the browser to display the image pack on all pages,with certain browsers
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the gm would still have to make more artwork and therefore it would be no more helpfull then them just adding more art.
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