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Old 07-04-2009, 12:39 AM
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Default The Planar Crossroads

The bartender finally relents under the barrage of questions thrown at him. "Oright Oright you lot, I'm gonna tell ya once an once only. The rule about not hasslin the utha patrons still stands... but fa those of you who simply must know... yes there is a magic portal out tha back of tha tavern, and yes, tha gent sitting ova in that corner of tha bar is from there. Now, he's asked that only those of you who 'av proven yaselves in a fight go up and botha him, as it's quite rough on the other side... but because I know you are all a bunch of nosey gits, the place on tha other side just 'appens to be the Planar Crossroads." There's a general roar of disbelief, outrage and curiosity at this point, which the barkeep silences with a few choice words and a dart in the head for anyone who doesn't pipe down quick enough.

"Normally it takes some pretty hefty magic to get there, but sumthin appears ta have gone wrong, an portals are springin up all ova the place. So, if ya think ya got what it takes to survive a bit of inter-dimensional rough an tumble, then make your way over there to the cloaked guy with the squiddy things handing off his face with a couple of pints, and have a quiet word. If he likes what you're made of, he might just show you how to travel through tha portal safely." The stampede towards the squid-faced stranger in the corner sends more than a few drinks flying. It's going to be one of those weeks...

The Dragon Tavern team are please to announce the opening of our 3rd Elite Location - The Planar Crossroads! Available to all characters level 50 or over, this location is our largest one yet, with more monsters, loot and traps than you can shake a stick at (even a big stick!). The Planar Crossroads sit in a dimension between the realms, acting as a central trade hub between planeswalkers in their continent-sized city. The city is usually ruled with an iron fist by a powerful order of warriors, yet there is something strange afoot in the city. Portals to various dimensions and planes are springing up all through the city, allowing beings from all manner of worlds to sneak through, whether good, evil, or just plain thirsty.

We hope you guys enjoy the latest update to the ever expanding game-world of Dragon Tavern, and stay tuned for more game functionality related improvements in the coming weeks and months, as well as even more artwork for the various sub-locations in the game.


- The DT Team


(upcoming update email above, enjoy!)

- DM.
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