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Old 01-16-2012, 05:52 PM
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Default Ranking Ideas

Overall I have to say that I like the Ranking feature in DT; however, there are two additional ranking options that I would like to see.

1) I would like to see an option that ranked characters by their Immortal Rank, and when there are characters of the same Immortal Rank, order them by Immortal Score.

I'm really curious to know how many characters out there are out remorting me. I keep see my character going up the ranks only to fall back down to the bottom again. I'd like to see the bigger picture.

2) Although not as interesting as option 1, I would also like to have a filter to remove inactive characters from ranking lists (I think this has been suggested before in other threads). The logic of this filter could be to hide any character who has not logged in for a month.

If I could see an Immortal Rank ranking list, this is less important to me, but I still think it would be nice. For a new player, it would certainly give a better sense of who the competition is.
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