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Old 03-26-2016, 02:08 AM
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Cool Eatster 2016 has started!


"I suppose you’re wondering where all these chocolate nuggets are coming from" says the barkeep, sighing heavily as though it’s a story he’d rather not repeat for the thousandth time. "Basically it goes like this. It turns out the good folk of the Deadlands once tried an experiment with their undead creations, and for whatever reasons, decided to give one of their zombies a brain that works. Why, you ask? Who knows. Some say it was to make a better zombie, others say a humanitarian necromancer wanted to know if the zombies minded being zombies, others say it was a cruel ironing joke, given their usual hunger for others brains."

"Anyway, turns out that the zombie’s first words after being animated were to tell everyone "Hey mate, no worries, I forgive you all for doing this", which sent the gathered necromancers and their attendants into quite the vigorous debate. Zombies showing forgiveness? Totally blew the establishment away."

"Naturally a cult sprung up around him and his supposed exploits, one of which was the ability to manifest chunks of chocolate for the needy out of thin air. I kid you not, everyone stuffed themselves silly on chocolate, and took a moment to reflect on their life, which is why we call it Eatster. Every year, the CoolBro Zombie cult uses their magic to repeat this miracle, and we all eat too much for a few days and remember a pretty cool zombie. Could be worse I guess."


Eatster has arrived, bringing with it a mountain of chocolate nuggets. For a limited time, adventurers in Dragon Tavern will be able find chocolate nuggets of varied quality and value to enjoy, with cool bonuses.

Happy Adventuring,

- The DT Team.

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Old 12-31-2016, 01:27 PM
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You Missed Christmas D:
Trodaa Cas
Ilanus Oyrusricar
Jcanth the Merciless (dead, killed by Trodaa)
Eclipsus (might delete this one soon)
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