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Old 07-27-2014, 01:55 AM
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Post Dragon Tavern - It's been a while

To all our loyal players and disgruntled free-loading bums

As many of you have worked out, Dragon Tavern has ended up in a state of 'maintenance mode' rather than much ongoing development. It's been over 6 years since the game launched at this point, and as I'm sure you can all appreciate, that's a long time for any game to kick around.

On having a quick skim over the forum threads, I can see a few disgruntled players voicing concerns that the game is dead and the devs don't care, so we thought we'd post something here in forums to set the record straight about what you can expect (and not expect).

We will keep the game server going. We've gotten the ongoing costs for the game down pretty low (servers, storage, bandwidth, etc). This means with the minimal income that does trickle in (and a big thank you to all players who do chip in a few bucks here and there) is enough to cover the basic running costs of the game.

Significant new content is unlikely. Never say never, but as it stands now, we're not working on anything meaningful for the game. Years ago there were plans and designs and so on, but that has fallen by the wayside due to real life having a say in the matter. Regrettable certainly, and not what we wanted (at one point we had 6 new titles bouncing around the requirements/design stage) but that's the way it goes.

Personalised email responses are unlikely. In the past we used to respond to players emails and forum posts regularly, but that's just not going to happen much these days. This is not because we don't care, but because we genuinely have no time for such things. While we've personally all enjoyed a laugh at the venting rants of people upset by the whims of the random number generator (seriously guys, they make our day. The more incoherent the better), a realistic expectation is probably about a sweep of answering mail once a month or so, with billing related concerns and requests prioritised (not that there's much of that thankfully).

So there you have it.

Some of you may not like what you've just read. Hopefully more than a few of you will appreciate the candidness and honesty shown. Whatever your stance, please keep in mind this is a small group that runs this as a hobby, not some giant AAA studio with separate marketing, customer service and development divisions.

We will keep DT up and running as long as possible, and are buzzed that players new and old still think its fun enough to spend time playing each day (or week, or month), We hope you can all appreciate it for what it is, and continue to enjoy something we put a lot of time, energy and booze into making.


Banzai and Damana Mathos
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Old 07-31-2014, 11:41 AM
magnusandy magnusandy is offline
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Been loving DT since 2010. And will continue to as long as you guys keep it available! It's often the best 5 minutes of my entire day, friends.
Or at least the most minion-slaughtering.

Thank you so, so much for this daily experience.

Long Live Banzai and Damana Mathos!

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Old 08-30-2014, 09:33 AM
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No new content - is a shame, but at the very least make the the existing content (spookery day, turkey hunt, xmas, easter etc) are all activated automatically based on a date on the calendar rather than manually as they are now.
Since nobody is pushing the trigger, that means no events at all.

Basically means the game is on hiatus, on a back end server nobody will look at any more- but the cost of running it on the old p486 is less than it's still bringing in cash wise, so you keep it running. That's all good.

But, devs doing nothing doesn't happen.
We're an expensive commodity to keep around - so I'm wondering,. what are you guys up to, and when can we test it?
No news, is just not acceptable, the way the game is being kept active is nice, but with the state it's in and no feedback for years gives everyone an indication on how the next game is going to be treated once you get bored of it and start working on the next one. Keep us in the loop please - frequent info no matter how small will keep players baited, interested, curious for more, and above all... Loyal.
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Old 09-15-2014, 03:38 AM
Wineman Wineman is offline
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Thanks for the update. I don't like it, but totally understand it.

It would be great if you could automate the events or if possible maybe one of the older active players could volunteer to do it. I used to play MUD games all the time and every one I played had assistants who volunteered to help out with various things. I don't know if it's possible or not, but could be a viable solution for everyone and might get some activity around here again.
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Old 01-19-2015, 05:31 AM
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such is the fate of all games... tbh i used to play daily now i barley look at anything dt related.... i stilk play to kill time.. ob
nce or twice...every 6 months. at the very least thanks for the fun while it lasted
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Old 03-04-2015, 04:17 PM
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I, too, still come back from time to time - mostly to visit the forums and remember the good times I had here. Met a lot of great writers and sadly, haven't kept in touch with most of them. Thanks for keeping us around!
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Old 08-01-2015, 10:05 AM
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Fun game, had to find time to do other things. I am learning to play the guitar at the moment. Someone tried to access my forum account so I decided to come back to log in. Seeing the progress of the other characters in my league, sure shows that people are playing still, and it seems, quite a lot.
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Old 08-02-2015, 04:14 PM
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I, too, have had someone trying to hack my account and failing...

Still playing though (just not as Hwarin Dalthippa as I lost my log in details because it was with an expired email address).
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Old 08-21-2015, 03:17 PM
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Someone tried my account also. IP address was from Switzerland. I'm in the U.S.
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Old 12-17-2015, 09:26 AM
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Wow,new here.
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