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Greetings current and future RPers!

The idea behind this thread is quite simple, yet can be a very helpful tool in this RP community.

Essentially, this thread is open to ALL RPers that would like to post their character profile/character sheet, for others in the community to view.

The default template will go as follows (hijacked from Shedek, muuhahaha!):

FACTION: (Mountain Kingdom, Steel Empire, or Deadlands)




By all means, feel free to add other catagories as you see would fit into your character`s profile. If you already have a character profile in another thread (which I know many of you guys & gals do, including me), then simply cut/paste into the posting and your done!

The beauty of it is that you can always come back at a later time and update any aspect of your characters profile by "editing" your own post.

NOTE: The ONLY rule that I would ask you all adhere to is not using this thread as an OOC or RP thread. Strickly for the character profiles.

Thanks, and hope to see some new characters posted as well!

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Name: Mia Adeimar
Age: 23 (mortal years)
Gender: Female
Race: human (recently undead)
Class: DreadMinstrel (former Agent)

Equipment: As protection,a series of interwoven/stitched pieces of leather & cloth stained black & burgundy. A set of three sheathed daggers, identical in shape & size, strapped across her chest. A steel chain 'garrot' wrapped around her right wrist. A tattered bloodstained violin (holds unique magical properties yet to be discovered). A scroll case complete with several pages of blank parchment, ink bottle, & quill. A small shoulder pouch used for misc items.

Skills: Many of Mia`s skills were learned during her time as an Agent for the Steel Empire. She has master precision with small blades and knows several vital pressure points of the human body. Her skill in extracting information through painful processes became a staple in her structured training. She lacked much charisma, which therefore kept her out of many social circles. She is an avid artist both visually & musically. Her recent run-in with death and the deadland faction has produced other skills she is yet to learn (mainly with her newfound dread minstrel skills).

Appearance: Roughly 5`9, thin frame, pale skin w/blotches of olive tones from her mortal existence, hazel eyes with dark circles underneath. Her undead appearance had deminished much of her once-human features. The most prominent being several deep gashes along the left side of her face, which she tries her best to hide under the bangs of her dark hair. Scars also cover much of her wrists and arms. Her clothes (which overlays her armour padding) consist of a tattered blouse & long black suede skirt with various stitches. Right forearm covered in a black cloth wrap with a thin chain (garrot) around her wrist.

History: Born into wealth, Mia had much of her lifestyle and schooling chosen for her at an early age. She was sheltered from much of the world by her parents and spent time alone teaching herself what she could from books. She also had an affinity for drawing and music, which she continued to develop as a way of escape. Tragedy struck as one of her older brothers, Gabriel, had been killed in battle serving the Mountain Kingdom. This did not sit well with the family and great strife began to tear them apart. Her other [living] brother Crae, had become wrapped up in his own lifestyle. Mia slowly began a downward spiral of rebellion, which lead her away from her home and into the world of the underground.

Her knowledge and cunning had caught the attention of the secretive agencies within the Steel Empire, who saw much potential in the young girl. She was pulled aside and given a proposition that began her "double life" as an Agent.

Years of arduous training and missions for the Agency gave her a sense of accomplishment & purpose, however she also became increasingly depressed & alone. Mia had eventually developed an addiction to various blackmarket medications which began to impose psychological swings, and compromised her position within the faction. Her identity was soon discovered by a highly ranked official and she had to flee to the underground. There, she found little support as many of her comrades-in-arms rebuked her for such unwise & undisciplined actions. She suffered much in the way of physical and psychological scars from her own people.

Confused and alone, Mia sliced up her own arms & wrists, in protest, with the very blades that were given to her by the Agency. Her constitution eventually collapsed as she fell to the ground in a bloody pool. The darkness began to take her as thoughts & visions faded away, but a still small voice awoke her into a new life..."suicide victims do not die in peace, young girl"...

Beyond the grave, Mia finds herself striving to live in a world that she should not be part of any longer and highly resents. Her long term exposure to death and her mortal addictions have plagued her mental state and she occassionally suffers from flashes of memory loss, skewed reality, and paranoia. Her only solace lies with the continuing dependency of her mortal drug addictions as well as the music she creates from the violin given to her as part of the minstrel order. The hope that was once within her heart begins to slowly dissipate as the days grow longer and darker...

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Name: My name was once Legacy Meir deGrey...but now I am Q. Soulseeker. Deathbringer and Lifegiver.
Race: Undead
Class: There are many paths into darkness and she stands between the brightness of the burning day and the cold, chill of the dark night. Both human and the monster, the good and the evil. Forever she basks eternally in the nether regions between life and death – being neither, but mastering both.

She is the bearer of the dark magic – both her blessing and her curse. Death some would call it. Others call it necromancy. She calls it survival.

Age: Having loss recollection of her early years, the girl is unsure of her birth date. She appears to be quite young, but looks can be deceiving.

Weapons:A young student of the dark arts, the necromancer has yet to learn the proper use of many melee weaponry. Strapped to one side is a sword she once acquired off a fallen soldier. Though used, it is sturdy and lightweight enough for the young girl to use one-handedly. Tucked in one of her leather boots, she also carries a crude dagger. It is not one of extravagant design, nor does her weapons host any gems; matter of fact, none of her weapons are rare enchanted items, yet the girl still treats them with great care and respect.

Upon her left wrist clasps a silver bracelet. At first glance, the bracelet seems quite innocent – one that might have been given to her as an infant. It carries a pair of tiny bells that give off a cheerful jingle, whenever her hand moves. Barely visible, is an ancient inscription upon the silver band.

Whether or not the bracelet constitutes as weaponry, may the readers stay tuned to future writings to find out…

Armory:To the eyes of many others, the bedraggled cloak Qtchi wears around her petite frame, seems pitiful resistance against attacks: both melee or magic. There is no shield encasing her arms, nor any type of breast-plate…etc… The only armor this necromancer relies on is her ability to move quickly. Often times, she’d rely on her brethren to stall her enemies whilst she conjured up a spell – or escape.

Skill: The powers of the necromancer are varied and vast. With the secrets based on an ancient lineage of dark sorcerers, she (like many other necromancers) has the ability to create light within darkness, to animate the bodies of the dead, and to move with unearthly spread. While all necromancers have these indistinguishable powers, there are actually different forms of necromancy - each with separate select sets of knowledge that only the pupil of that sect learns.

Q is still young and has yet the ability to tap into her powers easily – unlike her ancient teachers. Though she can conjure the dead and cast minor spells, each feat requires a substantial amount of rage, often leaving the young girl drained of life/energy after each event. Life and death had long blurred into shades of grey for this particular young girl, leaving her alone to question her humanity. The voices within her are the very essence of her consciousness and they are constantly conflicting and agonizing for Q. This is due to her final skill. One in which she despises, yet is powerless to ignore.

::Blood Necromancy::

From the blood of others, she can gain temporary powers from her victim. Drinking large amounts also aid in the healing process of battle wounds – often refreshing the young necromancer, letting her be ready to fight with vigor once again. Though powerful, it is one skill she struggles with for the act of feeding itself frightens her…she becomes no better then the monster she feeds off. Not only does a necromancer gain life and power through the blood of others, it also brings to her an essence of another life into the necromancer.

It brings to her, knowledge and a flood of emotions that washes over her, leaving her vulnerable at times to the very same things her victims were....

:: Animated Banner Designer - Click Image for My Work ::

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Name: Mill Wilkinson
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: War Master (captain by rank)
Faction: Mountain Kingdoms
Lineage: Meadowbrook Army cavalry

Equipment: 25 men equipped with tower shields, javelins, spears and longswords. Usually act as cavalry, but are capable of fighting as infantry. One of them carries no shield, but a banner (silver wolf's head with green background) that can be installed to the saddle.
Mill's personal equipment consists of a breastplate and chainmail sleeves. Mail covers his thighs, but it has been cut in two to make riding possible. His helmet has side-flaps and two dark-green "wings". Weaponry is made of a slightly curved long sword, ornamented kite shield and a similar cavalry spear his men use.
A horse equipped with face-plate and chest-plate.

Skills: As a warmaster he has a leading charisma. Uses his weapons with a talent, but isn't accustomed to using ranged weaponry. He is good at training the men and keeping them in line.
A knack for hunting he gained when roaming Moonwood and causing trouble.

Appearance: 180cm tall, athleticly built. Dark and short cropped hair, green eyes. Smiles often.

History: Born near Meadowbrook and raised by a loving family. During his childhood he adventured in and around the nearby forest, gained some friends and went to school willingly. After levy service joined Meadowbrook army at the age of 19 and raised in the ranks until became a War Master. After that he has served in the army, until took a vacation he had hoarded for years. Found some louts which he trained to be his current band of soldiers. They are loyal to death, as he is the one who practically pulled them out of the gutter, equipped them and gave them training and purpose in life. Then there is the fact that Mill has never let his men fight without him being in the middle of the fray.

Approved by Shedek

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i)Name: Kyle Haury

ii)Gender: Male

iii)Race: Human

iv)Class: He is part of a group which consist of Elite mercenaries battle hardened trough years of missions and wars they have participated in for Glory, Fame, and Gold. Wherever there is a job that pays high they don’t care whether it was attacking a monster or there own kind.

v)Weapons, Equipment, and Tools: Kyle wears an armor made of pure metal which is three inches thick also along with this he wears the same kind of armor metal from his waist to his feet which is enchanted to make it harder for enchanted weapon to pierce his armor and also that can make him less visible, with this he carries a large sword which is almost 6 feet tall and also 1 feet wide. And also a various of throwing knife and hunting knives at his disposal and a loyal pet eagle.

vi)Skills: Trough extensive training he has trained himself not to feel pain and also to move very fast even thou his armor weighs a lot, apart from his training his speed exceptional speed and strength did not only come from extensive training. His friend that was a Sorcerer gave a ring which did increase his speed and strength. And because of this he can move trough and run without making any noise what so ever.. Also trying to learn a few magical spells himself from his friend only granted him to imbue his sword with magical elements but he still can to do this for only a few seconds he still has to master the elements. He tried once to try to learn a spell how to heal himself but failed..

vi)Appearance: He is 5,8 in height with a muscular heroic body developed from wearing such a heavy armor, on his body you can find a lot of body scars that can tell you that he has been trough a lot of battles and wars but the one that stands out is the one at his back that start from his back from the bottom right of his neck to the lower back right side. His face always void of emotion and his eyes are so cold they almost makes him look like soulless.

vii)Character History:

Once there was a family that lived by a countryside, the father was a farmer they had Wheat and Veggies as there primary crop and also they also had animal which consisted of sheep and pigs and apart from being a farmer he was also a part of the militia in there town that guarded her gates and kept her citizens safe from harm, his wife also helped him with the farming and also was a weaver for the town making clothes for people. They were living a happy life it was as if they could not ask for nothing more.

Then even more blessings came the farmers wife bore a son it was one of the happiest moment of there life they called the child “Kyle Haury”. When the child was born into their lives everything went smoother the love they felt for each other heightened to great levels and also they loved their child dearly.

As the child turned four years old his father would take him to the field to tend to their crop and usually when they were resting by the side of a tree the father would teach his son Kyle how to fight with a sword but of course only letting his son only hold a wooden, which made Kyle a bit furious coz he wanted to hold a real sword in which his father always responded with a smile to his burst of emotion and said. ” In due time my son, in due time.” They lived like this until one faithful day when Kyle was already 6 years of age.

On the outskirts of town there were mercenaries hired by the dead clan to attack human settlements so it would cause disturbance and the humans might think there own are attacking them.

It was sunset when the mercenaries attacked the town by surprise the militia had no time to form nor to even fight back most of them did not even had the chance to have a weapon and fight back, most of them tried and were slain along with them was the father of Kyle he was among the slain town villagers, Kyle was almost killed but the leader of the group was amused at how Kyle tried to fight back that he adopted Kyle as his own son and decided to teach him everything he know at first Kyle did not want to and stayed stubborn and fought back, But little by little the leader broke Kyle and molded him into his own image even better.

Kyle grew up cold and bitter without any feelings in short he was heartless and with a taste for blood, he was trained in combat by the age of 20’s he was a well hardened mercenary. They traveled the lands working for the three kingdoms whichever paid the highest at the time.

Traveling from one location to another has earned him a knack to learn new techniques from people who he meets, on one of his adventures he met a mage which thought him how to imbue his sword with elemental magic but he could only do it for a few seconds, also with this the mage imbued his armor with enchants that will protect hima nd gave him aring to enhance his strength and speed.

After growing stronger he killed his own men and the man that was the reason his parent were dead and set off to his own adventures and hang around the tavern to drink and relax after each adventure..

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Name: Neztros
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: human
Class: Dread Minstrel and also a bit of sky guard (check history)
Weapons, Equipment, and Tools: He wears simple clothing nothing too heavy so that he can carry different instruments. Usually just a light shirt and a robelike jacket. Sandals are his preffered footwear, and loose pants cover the rest, he also occasionally dons a japanese style straw hat. His weapon of choice is a flute made out of one of his ribs, but he also carries a small set of chimes which he has learned to use for healing purposes. Inside his jacket lies a few daggers and a small brown sack of food which he feeds to his trusty mount Jasmine(A Griffin).

Skills:Averagely skilled with a blade. He's incredible with most woodwinds and strings in the dread minstrel arts. Neztros has been a strategist since birth always thinking three moves ahead. He's a thinker so he likes to plan everything out and test his experiments

Personality: Very relaxed and calm. A laid back sort of guy who despite his necromantic arts is very friendly.(also sort of a perv, but he prefers the term player).

Appearance: Relaxed features. Athletic build. Doesnt stick out much except for his jet black hair, black fingernails and a tattoo of an eye on the back of his neck.

History: Neztros was born in Telathos. He was about five when the attacks started. His parents Damus and Aryess (both Skyguards) tried to keep Neztros away from violence and destruction.So they secretly smuggled him out.He remembers it clearly. The determined expression on his fathers face and the tears coming from his mothers eyes and his.The cold dark and lonely barrel he slept in. He cried until no tears would come, but after a week of his desolate travels his carriage was robbed and ransacked by a man he knew as Zydar. He had a muscular body and a cold yet caring expression on his face. A giant scar hid his left eye, infact most of his body was covered in scars. He took Neztros as his own and trained him fiercly in the ways of the minstrel. Using the dark arts of necromancy Neztros became a weapon. He later found out his parents died. He vowed to have veangence. When Neztros was 15 Zydar died.Neztros buried him and threw him a funeral. He was... alone... again but this time he did not show strife for he knew he had given Zydar true happiness by becoming his... "son". He made his way to dreadlands where he took up residence occasionally moving from place to place. He eventually met Jasmine a Griffin who (through persuasion in the language of the griffins which he learned from Zydar) became his trusty mount and friend. Years later, he was having a drink in dragon tavern when he heard about Telathos. He thought it the perfect chance to go back to the place it all started. His home.
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Name: Crae Adeimar
Gender: male (34 y/o)
Race: human
Faction: Steel Empire (Ajendra Witch Hunter Cabal)
Class: Inquisitor

Equipment: a very well balanced longsword, which he keeps sharpened & polished, hung on his belt. Slung along his back, a large crossbow with a quiver of various coated bolts. Slipped into a custom dual holster sit two identical flint-lock pistols. In his boot, a bronze dagger with several runic markings carved into the handle & hilt. His canvas backpack carries several tools for excavation, encampment, first-aid, and basic survival.

Skills: Most of his early training had not been formal, but rather through years of reading & firsthand experience on the supernatural. He can hold his own in melee with dagger & sword. His ranged skills are developing through excessive training within his Order, something of which they take quite seriously. They feel that the further you are from your intented target, the longer you will live. Crae has also collected knowledge on alchemy which he uses to develop resistances, cures, and poisons against the supernatural.

Appearance: Crae stands 6`1, taller than most of his distant family and an average body type. His tanned skin hides several small permanent scars along his forehead. His reddish-brown colored beard & mustache are kept trimmed, exposing several gray hairs. His short, dark brown hair rarely stays in good form for long, but he manages best he can. Slight redness develops under his eyes at times from lack of sleep, due to horrid nightmares that keep him awake most nights.

His wardrobe changes, but not too drastically. He can be seen in dark color slacks, lightbrown longsleeved button shirts, burgundy leather vest (which also adds a bit of armor protection), and a pair of dark leather riding boots with silver buckles. His wardrobe is then completed with a suede longcoat (which is reinforced with several layers of padding & chainmail in the liner for extra protection).

Personality: Crae can come off as brash upon first contact, but keeps himself in check. He is generally considered a perfectionist in many things that he does, but tends to deny that. At times, he can be in good spirits but also struggles with depression at times. His logical approach to many issues tends to keep him focused pretty well on his goals without much external distraction. The values, morals, and practices of his Cabal he keeps in high regard since he is seemily lost without much direction otherwise.

History: Crae`s past was full of ups & downs. He was born into a well-to-do family, however his family`s relationship was anything but close. His older brother had been brutally killed in action by raiders from the Deadlands, during his tour of duty as SkyGuard for the Mountain Kingdom. His estranged sister Mia eventually went missing in her later teen years, however there had been rumors circulating that she was taken by the undead.

Crae`s childhood was rather uneventful. He spent much of his time in study, horseback riding, and dabbled in carpentry. He loved the adventure of the outdoors, but was forbidden by his father to travel beyond the borders of the City. As the years passed on, Crae became restless and his curiousity had overwhelmed his better judgement. One evening as the City was going into the third watch, Crae slipped out of his bedroom window and rode out into the dreadmarshes. There he came face-to-face with wicked creatures and supernatural beings that he could only imagine in his nightmares.

He had been followed by several creatures within the land, none of which were going to allow him to escape. He was attacked from all sides by the local hordes and, nearly being torn apart by his attackers, a patrolling group from the mountain kingdom came to his rescue. Crae was taken back to his home City and treated. During his recovery, he was forced to face rebuke after rebuke from his family and peers. It did little to discourage however, since he came to a realization that his life was meant for so much more.

Crae had pressed on, searching possible career opportunities within the Steel Empire. One sector, which had caught his attention was a churched organized group who`s sole function was to investigate and eradicate the supernatural evils that plagued the Lands. What was considered "evil" however, was very subjective.

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i)Name: Kardagon
ii)Gender: Male
iv)Class: Earth Sage
v)Weapons, Equipment, and Tools)-His trusted Sage staff,a silver helmet and a platemail
vi)Skills: Kardagon is famous for his strategic approaches and effective spells.He's still working on morphing though.

vi)Appearance: (as always) Short,dark hair,exposing his hazel eyes.23 years old.He isnt very tall,but he is strong enough to "get the job done".Another negative side is his appearance.Oftenly mistaken for a female,the Earth Sage is still single.

vii)Character History:Kardagon originates from a small mountain village.After he lost his parents in a blizzard at the age of 13,the sage and his sister went to live with their grandfather Annezos at Tanathos.Annezos is one of the best sages alive and he has decided to teach Kardagon everything he knows.The young sage was eager to learn.Now that Annezos is old and not very capable at anything,he trusts Kardagon and his sister,Malea,to help him.Malea isnt good at magic,but she can cook a mean stake...As Malea and Kardagon grew older,so did their need to help at home.Malea was already mature and capable enough to care for Annezos by herself,so Kardagon signed up for one of the armies in Tanathos.His grandpa completely supports him.Now the young Earth Sage can continue his training,and in the meantime-help others.The last words,that Annezos told Kardagon,are still of great importance to him:"Kardagon,keep in mind that you work with your hands,you speak with your mind,but everything else is done from the heart."
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i have 3 chars and ill post them all soon but heres Gorin

Name: Gorin Strongarm

Gender: male

Race: dwarf

Class: Berzerker

Equip: Gorin has 2 axes wich were a gift to him for finishing his trainning they were nothing spacial and havnt yet had the tast of blood, his armor is yet just ordenary leather nothing to showoff just there to provide some protection, he also carries with him a recipe for mutton that is said to heal all wonds or at least his mother says he as well wears a ring with a ruby wich was his real fathers it is said to glow when some one intends to harm you,along with that small lott he owns some cooking supplies and book for reading by the fire

App: Gorin stand of normal hight with dwarves. He has red tide back hair with sharp bule eyes, his beard matchs his age the smaller a dwarfs beard the younger he is and gorin is farly young he is no more then 18 and his beard just leavs his face, hes pretty fair in the face his body has a heroic build to it with a brode chest and naroww hipps hes strong as a young bull and as cheecky as a crow he a bitt sheepish but that comes from his age hes a green horn just setting out in the world to make his mark to be a Hero.

Skills: he wields 2 blades with some degree of skill but his skill will increase as he ages,he still has trouble using the trade marke of all berzerkers the red cruse it is both a blessing and cruse to berzerkers with it they are near to unstopable and can do near any thing but its costly if not use kept under complete controll the berzerker could kill allies and do a grate amount of damage, Gorin trys to avoid using as much as he can and he prefroms excersies to keep his temper in controll,but thats not all this well rounded dwarf can do no he is a extreamly wonderful cook it said that his food will drive the gods to war for a tast but agin thats what his mother says

History: at the age of 3 seasons he and his mother and father were off to see some family far south of there home to show him to his grand father and retired caln leader wich is his fathers tittle uselly they travle well garded and as a whole family but Gorin twin brothers (Gorde and Corde some of you may know of them were finishing there trainning) they decied to keep low and not draw a crowd so they were only with one garde it was late but they could see a tavern only a few leagus away but unknown to them that a band of ravengous trolls were headed to them. They still were qutie a walk away form the tavern when they were attacked it was quick they were caught off garde the trolls slew the one garude but Gorins father was not so easy with the red cruse upon him he faught savagly yelling for his wife to flee but she would not she laid gorin with some bushes and rushed to her husbands side they both faught with valor that is uncompared still to this day but yet they were just 2 and the trolls many and they fell but bringing many with them. In the morning Brighet Strongarm was picking folowers for her tavern a signle woman who had no need for a man to support her she was happy she found a baby dwarf no note only a ring that was off to the side she took in the dwarf naming it after her father Gorin Strongarm. She taught Gorin every thing she knew about running a tavern form cooking A class food to throughing out drunks form the bar. there came a day where Gorin was 15 wannted to set off and find his past. With a heavy hart she let him go saying " your a strongarm dont forgett it" and with tears she waved him by. Gorin whent into the berzerker class where he was stressed to the limits for three years he whent throught hell but on the day of his graduaton his trainer gave him 2 axes and some world of advice "your not truly a Berzerker till ye prove ye self in battle" and with those words he set out into the world looking for his hidden family and to make his family proud as a strongarm

The brothers are gone off in the world far in wide but what brings them together will bring the world apart
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Name: Lysiris Farandir (Lee-see-ris Far-han-dir)
Heritage: Second daughter of Lord Tasaldan Farandir, one of the advisors to the Elven King of the mountain kingdoms.
Maturity: 19 (Elves age slower. Maturity shows the human equivalent of the age.)
Class: Elven Storm Lord
Tutelage: Student at Hearthfire Hold School. Apprentice to Lord Elandor Firewind.

Description: Lysiris Farandir would be what you would call pretty, but not exceedingly beautiful. Her facial features carry the look of an innocent child; but she is far from that. Long flowing hair which reaches just past her shoulders, is most of the time left to the wind. She has deep blue eyes which would seem to glow with their own inner light. However, she is a sentimental being and her mind often wonders when there is naught to do or she is sad.
Distinguishing Feature: Unlike common elves, Lysiris Farandir has nearly white hair that often is seen as slightly blueish. She shares this trait with her mother but the source of it is unknown. Beside her left eye, a tattoo is printed which runs down to her cheek and jaw-line in the form of vines and leaves. She stands about 5ft 8" tall.

Equipment: Usually, Lysiris carries a small spellbook which is also used as a notebook and diary of sorts. She wears an off-white, high necked, mage's robe embroided by gold thread in arcaic runes. Slits run up from either side of her legs from the hem of the robe to just above her knee so that movement is no obstructed. On top of this, she wears an enchanted leather vest. Embroided by silver thread and a coat of arms of her school sewn at the heart. A white travelling cloak covers all, protecting her from the elements. At her waist is strapped an Elven dagger (Slighty magical, longer than the average dagger but shorter than a short sword). Lastly, she wears two family heirlooms given to her by her father. A ring and a pendant. Though obviously magically, she isn't really sure of their nature nor is she able to use these talismans consciously.

Skills: Although not a swordsman nor any better than a common soldier, Lysiris can at least wield a blade better than any peasant. This due to the fact that she has experienced the art of Blade Dancing with Elven Rangers in her homeland. Her strength lies with her control of the element of air as with all Storm Lords. Although reasonably adept at most elements, she seems to have an affinity to wind and ice. However, unlike the average Storm Lord, she is also able to tap into the element of fire. A trait she shares with few other mages including her master. Despite that, her grasp of it is still limited to simple cantrips, her more advanced incantations being much more volatile; to the cost of a whole classroom. She is not overly powerful as she has yet to finish her studies at Hearthfire. However, she has a unique ability to be able to cast spells without the need of a channeler (wizarding staff). Some powerful mages can achieve this feet but there might be a significant decrease in spell power. Lysiris, however, can do this without quite well without the significant loss of power.

Background: At a very young age, Lysiris already felt the pangs of loneliness. The very fact that she was a noble of high regard meant that she never really found a true friend. Although this was not really evident when she was still a child, the parents of her childhood friends may have used them to gain the favours of Lysiris' father. As she grew older, Lysiris' trust of people was mostly reserved for family members, close relations and probably one or two who could still be called friends. However, her father, although a good man, was too caught up in his responsibilities to the King that he often neglected his family. Her mother, a devoted wife and mother, tries her best to help out but all in all, she is just one against many. Naturally, Lysiris would turn to the only other person available whom she trusted. Her sister, Iridris. Right from the very start, Iridris was her pillar of strength, a parent, friend, guardian and sister all in one.

Iridris became the anchor of her life. It mattered not that others tried to use her, betrayed her or sometimes, back-stabbed her. Gwathel would always be there, to comfort and guide her. It all seemed to go well until the day Iridris decided to explore life as a ranger. It meant that she would leave for one of the many outposts, to begin her training. It meant that Iridris would be leaving her. Lysiris' world collapsed around her. It felt like the only supports that held her afloat over the chaos of life was suddenly wrenched from under her. Leaving her helpless and vulnerable. She blamed her sister for abandoning her. It was one of the darkest periods of her life. But it was also a turning point.

From that moment on, Lysiris began to take responsibility over her own self. The fact that she had no one to turn to made it all the more painful when she was hurt. However, little by little, she grew to become more independent. The scars of her life, though not fully healed, hardened her up. It might be possible, that it was during this stage of her life that she was known to become dreamy and ignorant about the world around her. Often time she could be seen staring of into the distance, sometimes talking to herself. Despite all that had happened to her, Lysiris held on. She decided to distract herself from the pains she has endured by concentrating all her being on her studies at Hearthfire as a Storm Maiden.

Character Profiles: Lysiris Farandir & Iridris Farandir

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