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Default The Kromulan Adventure (Semi-Open/Story)


Greetings one and all. I was looking for an RP sub-forum for this forum a few days ago but I was extremely busy painting a house with a friend. Luckily I can sit down now and write up a fan-fiction resulting from my four characters and a grand idea I have of their experiences so far. I do so hope you will join in.

The only request I have, which should be obvious due to the "Semi-Open" tag, is that anyone who wishes to join in with any character they deem fit participate with a good story that somewhat matches my own. I respectfully request no short posts, as I will not be making them, upon which I intend to finish this fan-fiction story hopefully with the help of many.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


Another one slain for the Underworld. The skeletal armored figure stood from the remains of the corpse beneath him, clanking metal held together by some unseen force. Figments of bone beneath the armor mixed with putrid flesh signaled that this warrior was beyond hope. Through the sockets in its helmet reddish eyes gazed outward towards the Daggerspine Mountains. The sun was already setting and night would fall soon, the abomination seeming to take note as it mounted a black stallion with light armor.

Melkos Unchanos had been adventuring through the lands of lore for many days now. It would be improper to say he was experienced in warfare, having just been risen from the dead from a previous incarnation and coming to terms with his existence. Becoming a Death Knight had its advantages, but his loyalty only went so far. The one whom resurrected his resting soul had been swiftly killed for the ungodly act, yet his desire for vengeance remained unsatisfied. Killing everything in sight was becoming a pleasure unto itself now.

His mind drifted to remember some of his past life. Before he had peacefully died, Melkos had been known by another name. He had been a successful farmer with a beautiful wife and two sons. By now he knew his sons were grown and well off. He had checked on his wife a few days after his resurrection out of need, finding her having moved on and enjoying her last days. Memories of sharing his life with her flowed through his thoughts, emotions becoming tense and stricken. Melkos realized that if he could cry he probably would have. Shaking the thoughts from his head, he concentrated on guiding his stallion along the path he had chosen.

A few hours later Melkos found himself past the deepest part of a chain of forests he had been riding through. Thus far he had found no foes to no souls to claim for the damned. The stars littered the sky with one of the moons shining brightly overhead. It reminded him briefly of the nights he spent with his two sons fishing at a nearby lake. They had before then never fished at night, he enjoying the role of teacher as he taught him the tricks his father had bestowed unto him. It was then that the clanking of metal and steel caught his attention and he guided his stallion into a clearing. His eyes, in their undead magickal form, could well adjust to the night. He noticed three figures fighting in the clearing thinking offhandedly that if not for the light of the moon they probably would not be able to see one another. His steed snorted, he patting the neck and dismounting to unsheath his steel longsword. Three souls was better than none and adequately made up for his lack of finding anything previously.

Making sure his horse knew to stand to, he continued onward like a specter of doom. Eyes illuminating his helm and figure as dark energies surrounded his form. His armor made enough noise with every footfall to give away his position, yet it wasn't until he has halfway between his stallion and the three combatants that they all took notice. It was a swift look from two, whom seemed more concentrating on attacking a third whom took but a passive glance of Melkos' intrusion. As the third backed off slowly towards what seemed like a lump of feathers in the background, the two pressed onward and struck home a few times getting cries of pain from the defender. It was obvious this was two against one and Melkos had seen enough.

He rushed the cowardly attackers raising his sword and emitting a roar that only a creature of the undead could, slashing downward swiftly as the first of the attackers tried to turn and block unsuccessfully. With one strike he lobbed off the man's arm receiving a cry of pain that was pleasing to Melkos' ears, twisting around once with his sword stretched outward to strike sideways and finish the man off by decapitating him. His helm turned to gaze at the second attacker, the defending barbarian man grasping his spear firmly as the attacker looked at Melkos in horror then down at his chest as the barbarian impaled him. With a swift retraction, the attacker fell to his knees in unspoken pain dying before he hit the ground.

Melkos lowered his longsword and turned his head to look at the defender. Indeed, a barbarian in all respects. More military fashioned with the shaved head and athletic figure. Melkos made out the mans hazel eyes as they turned their attention to him. He wore fitted leather armor, something Melkos failed to take note of during the short skirmish. The spear he carried was ornate and carved with unknown runes. Behind the man Melkos saw that instead of a pile of feathers, the mound he had noted before was in fact a griffin. Probably stonebeak, and thusly signaling that the man before Melkos Unchanos was a Sky Guard.

"Thank you," said the rasp and tired man. He stood and planted the end of his spear in the ground, bowing to his waist in obvious gratitude. "I am Oscar Vladinchi, hailing from Scale Peak in the Mountain Kingdoms. I owe you my life."

Melkos thought over the situation, nonspeaking as he stood as before Oscar. Mercy was something left behind in the stone-cold heart of the Death Knight, his arm raising the longsword in preparation for a swift strike. To his surprise, the Sky Guard acted faster and before Melkos could fully ready himself the tip of a spear happened to his skull. Inches from making way inside his helm. Melkos simply stared at the spear, finally lowering his sword and gazing at Oscar.

"I can see you now," said Oscar as he kept his spear in place. "Undead abomination from parts unknown, simply wondering in and desiring nothing but to kill me too." Oscar stanced in preparation to lob the Death Knights head off quickly, "I won't allow it. I have too much at stake to end my journey now!"

The red orbs that shined through Melkos helm seemed to lessen in size, and swiftly his arm raised and he slashed down upon the spear breaking it in half. Oscar gasped, fearing the worst as he started to take a few paces back. Melkos lowered his head slowly and raised his longsword once more, placing the tip in the sheath upon his back and sliding it home. "I was merely putting away my sword," he said in a broken spectral voice. He went to a knee and grabbed the other half of Oscar's spear, handing it broken end first as Oscar took it with caution. "Thank you," the Sky Guard said once again. "I apologize for my rashness."

Melkos grunted and looked towards the down griffin, motioning his head. "What's wrong with that thing?" Oscar turned his head to look, "Oh that?" He gazed back at Melkos, "He's just sleeping. Damn thing never helps me out." A audible squawk could be heard the direction of the griffin as it rose, gazing around and noticing Melkos. It then went back to its previous position, fore-arms covering its head. Melkos tilted his head slightly, "I think it's afraid." Oscar huffed, "I think you're right."

Turning his attention to the Death Knight Oscar leaned against his broken spear, "So who are you? Undead or some kind of sorcerer?"

Melkos looked at Oscar and silently observed him. He hadn't been asked by anyone who he was, least of which by someone he had intended to kill. Through out his travels in this decaying form the only things individuals spoke unto him were curses or damnation's. This, having someone truly inquire as to what he was in his own words, was like an act of kindness. The odd feeling of warmth that came from such acts quickly subsided, replaced with the desire to see Oscar bleed to death. Melkos shoved the desire to the side, preferring to kill him later. Maybe in his sleep. It was the least he could do.

"I am Melkos Unchanos," Melkos responded. "A Death Knight as you undoubtedly noticed." Oscar smirked at that, Melkos continued. "I come from the deadlands, my loyalty to the Sepsus Dreadguard only going so far as to the souls I gift them with." Oscar nodded as Melkos looked up to the sky noting the moons position and the time lost speaking to this mortal. "I should get moving," he said.

Oscar looked at his griffin and then back at the Death Knight, thinking on something. It was a total risk to have someone so devoted to death and destruction being party to him. Yet he did save his life, and he did need held passing through these lands. The thought that Melkos would kill him did cross his mind, but through their short conversation he surmised that the undead creature had some sense of intelligence left to be of use. "I could use your help," Oscar said.

Melkos shook his head, "I ride alone. You were in my path by chance."
Oscar leaned against his broken spear, "It would be easier getting through Daggerspine."
"I will manage," Melkos responded.
"I insist," Oscar pushed.
"I'll kill you," Melkos said sternly.

"Look, it'll be easi-" Then Oscar realized what the Death Knight had said. He went silent for a few moments, the two staring at each other almost tensing for a battle. Oscar cleared his throat, deciding it was indeed best to leave the subject alone. "Alright." He fiddled with the broken end of the spear, "I'll be on my way then. Thank you again."

Oscar waited for a response, but none came. Melkos simply stared at the Sky Guard until he had fully turned to the direction of his stallion. Walking away without a word. Oscar huffed, shaking his head. He looked at his griffin as the Death Knights form merged with the night. "You really fail at helping me," he said as he walked up to the great beast. The griffin merely snorted and chirped innocently, standing proudly as if nothing had happened. Oscar looked angrily at the beast, "Can't believe I paid all this gold to have a mount that hides his face in the ground."

The griffin proceeded to once again hide his face between his fore-claws.
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Default The Kromulan Adventure Semi Open/Story

Looks quite good so far. I hardly noticed the lack of transparency. As I said before, it needs to look less like the current Radakan one though. I am still mostly lacking on suggestions, but maybe change the link color to one like we are using in the forums? The default skin that is. In fact, Ill save you some trouble: #bfa75d.
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semi-open, story

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