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Old 05-29-2009, 12:30 AM
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Default Knight Rising (story)

So I somewhat recently started playing this game, and it's definitely fun. But the thing that struck me most was the lore - those blurbs during character creation contained some amazing back story. So I decided to write a bit about my main character, Aredhrim the deathknight (The Deadlands interests me most). Also, I'm using Ashen's great timeline as a reference for the history in this. Starting with events during the Deadlands turn to necromancy.

The wind howled desperately into the cavern. Two figures stood silhouetted in the twilight of the tombs entrance. Soon, the first entered the threshold. It was a woman, tall and wrapped in a dark cloak, with a naked blade in her hands.

"Vahaksha!" The second figure had stepped forth - a man this time, wearing a similar cloak but carrying no visible weapon - and had called out.

"Quiet!" The woman, Vahaksha, whispered violently. "Calm yourself, Urkurus. Nothing must go wrong - he must wake properly. "

Urkurus nodded, and Vahaksha stepped forward once again. She continued on until reaching a raised platform at the end of the cavern, marked by four pyramidal obelisks at each corner of the platforms architecture. The resting place resembled a throne, if stone had continued to surround the seat. The woman quickly observed the inscription upon the tomb, and then reached into her cloak and brought out two objects: an amulet and a rusty ring.

"Careful, Vahaksha...careful..." Urkurus muttered.

Giving no response, Vahaksha pressed the ring to the throne and the amulet to her forehead, and begun muttering incantations aloud. Urkurus put his hand on her shoulder and joined in. Soon there was a faint glow about them, and their incantations reached a climax. Then Vahaksha quickly removed her hand and the ring from the stone and backed away, along with Urkurus. The stone shook, and the front removed itself from the rest of the structure and broke into pieces upon the floor, revealing the figure inside.

The knight inside was still wearing his armor, and appeared to be sitting on a throne with closed eyes. But suddenly the eyes flew open, shining green orbs among the darkness.

"Vitheka needs your aid, Death Knight. We request access to your knowledge of - " Vahaksha was abruptly cut off as the knight leapt from his resting place, a green aura flowing from the hands that struck into her surprised form.

Aredhrims vision was covered in a dark mist. His every nerve was aflame. In this agonized state, the first thing he saw was a figure in front of him, speaking. It became a focal point for his pain, and without thought he plunged himself towards the figure, wrapping his hands around its neck and squeezing tight. He kept squeezing until his vision and mind began to clear, until the pain began to fade. He returned to clarity hearing shouts and a gurgling noise, then a snap in his hands. He viewed a cloaked woman, dead in his hands. He let her drop to the floor with a muffled thud. There was another figure in the tomb with him, a man, and he was shouting.

"You killed her! You killed her and you were supposed to help us!" Urkurus shouted through his tears.

Aredhrim said nothing, but looked at the man. After a moment the man leapt forward, flinging his hand towards Aredhrim, a coursing jet of energy aimed at his head. The Death Knight flung himself to the side, narrowly avoiding the magical attack. More attacks came, and Aredhrim was hit a scant two times, those being absorbed by the aura surrounding him. He eventually reached the exhausted man.

"I am sorry." Aredhrim spoke before striking the sobbing Urkurus over the head, rendering him unconscious.

The Death Knight turned back to his throne. He bent down and retrieved a blade in a scabbard, which he buckled to his belt, and a black horn, which he kept in his hands. Aredhrim looked toward the mouth of the cavern, sighed to himself, and left his tomb.


Any comments are appreciated, and I'll continue the story later.
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Old 05-29-2009, 01:41 AM
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Fantastic! OH Please do keep writing!!!
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Old 05-29-2009, 02:00 AM
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Thank you for the kind words! I plan on writing more tonight and updating tomorrow.
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Old 06-23-2009, 12:54 PM
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A nice read

trickznstuff Lunar Online
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