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Old 06-23-2009, 09:11 PM
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Default Somewhere in the Shattered Highlands.

The sun high in the sky, no wind was blowing, this was a particularly hot day. Insects could be heard time to time, wich was more irritating than usual. Because of the temperature no creatures seemed to be active, a safe day for travelers, that is, and also for adventurers. Even so, Carissa wasn't traveling, simply because she travels at night, when only the moon can light her path. So she was just sat. Sat in a small cavern, only her feet were exposed to the sun's light.

"Well... Thats sad." said Carissa.

"What is sad, if I may ask?"
Asked a voice, that seemed to come from nowhere.

"It feels so lonely here."

"Are you forgeting someone?"

"Thats different..."

Why do you even asked? Though the Reaver. Do you really care...? She closed he eyes, hoping to get some sleep before night.

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