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Old 07-21-2009, 11:41 PM
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Her consciousness awoke to find itself curled up into a tight ball and upon raising her head she found herself once again in front of the ebony black doors, the red designs pulsing ominously and emitting a faint thudding noise that had no discernable pattern to it. Trying to make sense of where she was, Aira tried to loosen the fists into which her hands seemed to have been balled, but she found they unfurled slowly as if they had been clenched have a certain amount of time.
Raising her hands to look at them she could see the marks of where her nails had embedded themselves into her palms, the crescent shaped marks now starting to throb painfully, her mouth opened in response as if to emit an exclamation of pain or voice a question when she noticed how hoarse her throat was, as if she had been screaming or shouting for a long amount of time.

The throbbing in her hands suddenly seemed to find a twin as fire seemed to lance its way along the upper half of her back, causing her to gasp in pain. As if in response to the physical stimuli she found the thudding noise that had been faint before was suddenly much louder, as she looked around her again she noticed that the black doors were starting to fade away…

‘Almost as if this was all a dream’ she thought to herself.

A weariness seemed to descend upon her upon her at that instant, as if weights had suddenly been tied to her limbs she flopped to the ground, all strength suddenly gone from within her…

The thudding sound from before was now ominously loud, except now it was accompanied by a myriad of different sounds, small clinks and murmuring’s could now be heard along with the thudding which almost seemed to be like someone was pacing heavily in large boots nearby, somebody wearing chainmail or armour of some sort…

Aira’s eyes flared open at that instant, she found herself blinking rapidly as her eyes tried to grow re-accustomed to the harsh light of day. Hazy images sought definition as she blinked away the tears in her eyes and slowly over the following moments, the tavern stopped swimming to slowly develop into solid unmoving objects that increased in detail and clarity until she could see all around her clearly. Whilst she had waited for her vision to clear, she tried to move both her arms and her legs, finding them both sluggish in responding to her commands but moving nonetheless, her legs seemed to be weighed down by something more than just lack of energy. Raising her head slightly, she found herself lying on the ground beside the stairs half-buried beneath some lizardman bodies, their blood long soaked into her garments and the floor.

Putting her head back down she lay there as she prepared to slide herself out from under the bodies trapping her legs, her hearing now picking up sounds of voices talking and further off in the distance the sounds of animals in the surrounding countryside, a sign of life that she hadn’t heard since coming to the ravaged town.

The raising tones of voices, including for the first time a feminine-sounding voice, prompted her to start moving quicker and as she was sliding herself out from under the bodies pinning her down, a harsh scream emanated from nearby, causing Aira to act on instinct and push the bodies off her in one move, but before she could attempt to stand the pain of her wounds rushed past the initial burst of adrenalin and forced her to remain sitting on the ground, leaning against the stairwell behind her.

Her mouth agape she saw Mia standing some distance away a spear protruding from her, even as someone shrieked in the background. She fell to the ground and said something that carried clearly through the tavern, but the words were lost on Aira as grabbing a broken spear shaft to push herself to her feet, she started to make her way slowly towards where the minstrel lay.
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Old 07-22-2009, 04:57 PM
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A familiar voice rang throughout the stale air, as the minstrel laid on her side, pulling with every ounce of strength to free the blade of the spear from her body.

"Save Her!"

The girl's ears perked up, focusing in on the strange accent of the echoed tone. ”Hurry, before tis too late!”

The Minstrel's hands were saturated with her own blood, as it poured from the wound in her chest; the blade missing her heart by mere inches. An increased amount of adrenaline surged through her body as the determination continued to burn white hot. She grasped the spears shaft tightly and pulled, until the weapon was freed completely and dropped to the floor with a clang. Her eyes, wide open, stared expression at the ceiling, as a wry grin stretched across her scarred, pale face.

"kavëcia dio ghëvëk estrutá...Orion..."

The ancient language was but a melodic whisper through her lips, in contrast to the noisy metal armour of the surrounding soldiers. Mia rolled to her side, and pushed her body upward with one arm. Her eyes passively glanced over the broken violin, as she reached over and pulled the bloodied dagger from the throat of the dead soldier. She turned her attention toward the Death Knight, whom seemed preoccupied as he sat mending his wounded leg. Her eyes narrowed at the sight of him, as she made an attempt to her feet. A surge of pain in in her chest dropped the Minstrel back to her hands and knees, causing her to release the dagger and drop it to the floor.

"jëkván stürga elovv gezaec!..." She hissed, crawling over to retrieve her dagger once more.

From the corner of her eye, a slender figure stood out against the dim lighting, her cloak moving freely in the breeze. Mia stopped just short of her weapon, and turned her head toward the unknown. A momentary gasp of breath came as the Minstrel's eyes focused past the myriad of amoured soldiers and saw her pale face, large turquoise eyes, and long dark ebony hair.

"angel of death..."

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Old 07-24-2009, 05:25 PM
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Her eyes were troubled as she followed the weapon’s descent towards the ground.

Dimly, a scream registered in her mind - the name fading into the background as the girl stood rooted in her spot, her fingers digging into Orion’s flesh. The man didnae even flinch as her fingers tightened around him. Her hold wasnae painful, but t’was taut as she held herself rigidly - eyes riveted upon the minstrel who swayed upon her feet.

Her own cries faded away and the girl forgot to breathe.

Other sounds seemed amplified to her ears; she could hear the grunts from the soldiers around them… the sound of their armor as the metal clanked together… the bucanefly still buzzing behind her head… the faint steady beats of her own heart…

…and Mia’s blood.

Her gaze was captivated as it seeped from the women’s torn flesh - the thick flow of blood slowly pooled and dripped onto the ground in a soft patter. Beside Orion, the young necromancer stood inert - as if she was naught but a pale statue with upraised hands…

Drip…drip drip…drip…drip drip drip… drip…

A slight tremble broke her stillness as the minstrel stepped closer, bringing the glistening vision within close proximately of the young girl. She could sense the women’s life weakening with each drop of blood and beside her, Orion’s warmth suddenly overwhelmed her.

Life and death… Life and death… The voices chanted within her mind, even as the torn flesh filled her eyes. Parched lips parted and her tongue darted out nervously, licking her lips. The smell of flesh brought her familiarity, but under it, creeping under it, was an ugly, alien hunger that horrified her. Could she…?

Her movements was stiff as she released a hand and stretched it out to touch Mia.
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Old 11-20-2009, 05:03 AM
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No one answered her... try as she might, she could not discern any of the blurred figures that were encircled around her. Her tear stricken face did little to help block out the harsh light which seemed to come from the doorway. Everything she saw was in a sharp contrast. Panic begin to grasp her heart with its horrifying and insinuating tendrils; her voice caught in her throat and she let out a frightened sob.

"What is happening here?? Why can't I see?!"

Through the panic in her mind, a hollow question rang out. The only voice of reason that kept the elf in check, that rooted herself in place. But it was being drowned out...

From somewhere behind her, a sudden hiss cut through the air. Stabbing the girl straight through her heart with fear.

"jëkván stürga elovv gezaec!..."

All at once, it seemed as though the shadows around her begin to move; closing in on her. Unable to bear it anymore, the elf fled, tears streaming from her face. She fled towards the light, the harsh glare all but blinding her.

After what seemed like an eternity, she burst out of the darkness, unaware that she only just ran out the ruins of a tavern. Stumbling through the snow, she kept running. She ran until her legs gave way from under her, sending her tumbling into a snow drift. Winded, Lysiris lay there unmoving, chest heaving as she regained her breath. But fear was not done with her, almost consciously, her mind nagged at her. Telling her that they were after her.

Another sob escaped her lips as she dragged herself to her feet and scrambled on. She knew not where she was going, the harsh glare was all around her occasionally interrupted by huge dark shapes (Lysiris was in reality running through the streets of the dead town).

It took a while, but gradually, sanity regained control of the frightened girl. Her footsteps slowed as she came to realize that she was not being followed, or at least not by some creature of darkness that sought her life. Stopping to lean against a wooden wall, she took a moment to try and figure out where she was but though she had regained her mind, her eyes still eluded her. All she could make out was that she was in a narrow alleyway between two ruined buildings, and that it was snowing. What lay at the entrance and exit of the street was blocked out by the light. Letting out a sigh at her own stupidity, Lysiris inched her way back out the way she came; her hands steadying herself against the wooden wall.

Finally reaching the end, she stopped, unsure of what to do next. Squinting her eyes, she realized that she could block out enough light to just make out another alleyway across the street. She could either cross the street, or continue following the wall as it turned away to her left. Deciding she would prefer the dark shades of the sheltered alleys, Lysiris took a deep breath before she let go of the wall. Stepping out into the open, a sudden gaping hole of darkness appeared before her feet. Unable to stop herself, she let out a surprised yelp before tumbling headlong into the portal...

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