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Orisia spent a long while in Gaze's outpost training by the way of various elven methods. On the third week upon his stay the black seer's body disappeared. Gaze suggested that he should move east to the city Riddle Red, the home of numerous thugs and rogues. There Orisia could try to pull some strings to possibly find out were the black seer went, if he wasn't staying there already.

Part II

"Hey! Hey you! Come back! Thief! That boy stole my money!" shouted an enraged portly drunken man. Orisia looked up to see the voice from his place at a bar outside. A boy garbed in pirate like clothing and a large hat with a feather began running towards the city's main exit. Orisia stood up from his place and delicately threw a knife towards the thief's left boot. Not more then scratching the thief's ankle he stumbled as gold coins flew from his red jacket's sleeves. The boy looked at the knife on the ground next to him puzzled.

"You're not an elf!" The boy yelled as if he was in position of authority.

"No but my friends are," spoke Orisia strapping the beautifully crafted blade back to his belt. The drunkard sloppily made his way up to the thief and collected his money. He then lazily walked over to Orisia's previous bar stool and ordered 12 pints of beer. Only being in town for two days Orisia noticed that everyone there was out to only serve themselves. They would only help others at the appropriate price.

"Hey, you look like someone I stole from before," snickered the boy stumbling back up and brushing himself off.

"Who?" questioned Orisia with sudden interest.

"My old boss. Ya, you do look like him!" spoke the thief circling Orisia.

"Your old boss? Is he here in town?"

"Nah, he left on zeppelin for Aerovil. I heard rumor that he's looking for his son. You him?" laughed the young thief.

"I don't know, why are laughing?"

"Well, there's a price on your head set by your daddy..."


"I won't speak more without some encouragement." The boy then folded his arms and looked away.

"What you want money? I have money, you could buy four kegs of ale!"

"No, no. I want that!" The boy then pointed up to the Red Castle that overlooked Riddle Red. At the highest tower sat a large ruby gem which the light shown through casting a red hue on the whole city.

"Surely you would want something else! That's absurd!"

"Uhm...well...no. I really want it. By tomorrow."

"Tomorrow!!" Orisia then shouted so loud that a near by dog stopped barking and retreated to it's owners house.

"Okay tomorrow it is. You have one day to get it for me. If you don't I'll tell your daddy where you are. Or I could just tell anyone here who you are and you'll have more bounty hunters after you then those pretty coins that were in your purse."

Orisia then looked down at his belt and opened up his coin pouches only to see that they were filled with dirt. Looking back up sharply the boy was no longer there. "Son of a..."

To Be Continued...
Orisia - Sanctioned Alchemist

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